How I Escaped from The Hands of Kidnappers

A word of caution to all of you and your loved ones.

This incident took place on October 30, 2019 to my neighbor’s son. I hear of kidnapping but this is the first time it is happening to someone very close to me.

This young man lives in Gbagada with his wife but works at Lekki in an oil servicing company.

On this fateful day he went to work as usual but around lunchtime he told his colleagues that he needed to dash to the Bank to carry out some transactions. Due to traffic he left his car and jumped into a Keke Marwa or is it called Keke Napep.

He disappeared thereafter. He didn’t return home that day and was declared missing. This was reported to the police in Lagos.

His parents (my neighbors) didn’t tell anybody in our Estate because they felt he will be back or probably had a quarrel with his wife and wanted some space.

On Nov 5th – 6 days after his disappearance he called his wife using a private phone number. At this time, his wife had moved in with her in-laws (his parents).

He was crying and said he didn’t know where he was but they were about 24 of them in a warehouse guarded by an armed security guard. 10 of them had just been taken away and they are 14 persons left there.

Where are you? No idea

How did you get there? No idea but all he could recall was getting into the Keke with the driver and one occupant. A few meters they picked up another passenger. As soon as the new passenger entered, he said to the young man ‘cooperate ‘ and waved an handkerchief over his face and that was the last he could remember.

Whose phone are you calling from? The phone fell out of the pocket of one of the security guards. The guard locked them in with his phone. So it was the phone the captives were using to call their loved ones.

The phone cut off.

At this point my neighbors knew it was not “lovers quarrel”

They started notifying their friends and neighbors and everyone sprang into action…,reaching out to their connection and network.

We have 2 high ranking policemen in our estate. They both sprang into action.

The police using satellite connections located the position of the private number phone their son used in calling his wife.

The phone call came from Abuja….. Yes Abuja.

The next day Nov 6th, the boy’s father and a dedicated police officer flew to Abuja and met up with the special force dedicated to the operation.

They did their investigation and located the warehouse. They stormed the place on Nov 7th and fortunately their son was one of the less than 6 people left from the initial batch that got rescued.

His wife, parents, siblings, family and friends are so grateful to God.

The police is still handling the matter but the possibility include either ritual kidnapping or organ harvesters.

The parents never got any ransom demand hence the above prognosis.

Kindly be careful. These are perilous times.

Above posted for information purposes. Please be careful and advise family members to be vigilant as well. Christmas is around the corner and in our dear country strange occurrences increase as the year winds down.