BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 30, 31 & 32

*****EPISODE 30*****


Released?” he said and stared at the TV probably wondering why he had not listened to today’s news, I had wondered the same earlier.
“How come?”
“He was actually innocent sir, the real murderer was caught”
His eye brows raised in surprise.
“but that is not the problem. He called me just as I got home seeking forgiveness and wanting to know where I am
“He what? Haaa, people have no shame. So what did you tell him?
That you would be going back there?” he asked not even giving me the chance to answer it one
at a time.
“No sir, how could I? I told him never to call me again”
“I wish I could strangle him for what he did to you” he said as he jumped up angrily
“Strangle who?” this came from Prisca’s mother and she had a worried look on her face. Before I knew it, Prisca was already in the sitting room looking puzzled and I knew I was the topic once again and sighed internally.
“Can you imagine? Belina’s father is already out of prison cos they found out that he really did
not commit the murder and he had the guts to call Belina asking for forgiveness”, Mr. Jegas said looking like he was about to search my father out and beat the living daylight out of him.
They were both quiet but their facial expressions were not palatable. I quickly lightened up the situation. “It is not really a big deal, I told him that I don’t want to see him again and I meant it”, I said.
Prisca looked white suddenly,
“Hey, someone called me today and asked of Belina and I said you were at work, before I could ask who it was, he had hung up.
What if that was your father. He could trace you here” she said and while we were still processing that, we heard a knock at the door. We were all puzzled cos no one should have
been able to get to the door without us opening the gate.
We were so scared and so we all went to the door even though dad told us to stay behind. We opened the door and speaking of the devil, we all stared at the plastered face of my dad.

Richard turned around on the bed thinking about the one person that had stuck to his head like a virus. Try as he may, he hadn’t been able to purge her out of his brain. He thought
about what she had been through and found it hard to believe that someone could go
through all that and still be able to carry herself with dignity like nothing had happened. He admired her courage and determination to bring the best out of her life and still found it
amusing that she could look exceptionally pretty even when she was going through hell. He had felt at ease with her so much that he felt a part of her instantly.
He started comparing her with Tonia and mentally kicked himself out of it. Just then, he heard a knock and he was still wondering who could be visiting at 10pm when he opened the door.
A scream from him followed, “No you are dead”, he yelled trying to close the door.
Tonia opened the door back, “I am not dead, Richard”
“No… you, you are. You are dead.
Oh my God, I am going crazy” he yelled holding his head
“No Richard, touch my hand and see that I am real”, Tonia said stretching forth her hand
“No, you died 3yrs ago, please go, go, go…” he said and forcefully closed the door and locked it instantly. He immediately ran into the bedroom shaking all over

“What the hell do u think you are doing in my house?” Mr Jegas yelled at my father
immediately he set his eyes on him.
“Sorry for bothering you sir, I just must see Belina today”, my dad said without jittering.
“Well you would be sorry if you don’t leave now. How did you get past my gate by d way? Did you jump it?”
“Of course not, I met it open so I just entered”, he replied stiffly.
Prisca’s dad laughed slightly, “Mr man, you better get the hell out of my house before I call the cops to arrest you for trespassing”, he said glaring at him.
“Darling, wait”, Prisca’s mum was saying putting her hands on her husband’s shoulders.
“Stay out of this Lizzy”, he shot back at her.
Prisca and I who had been standing silently were both taken aback when we heard him call
his wife by her first name and by that we knew that his temper had risen to a dangerous degree.
Mrs Jegas was not put back, she went to stand between the two men at war facing her husband.
He stared at her angrily for some seconds and just like magic, he started relaxing then she said, “come on, he is her father. Allow him”.
He glared at my father then allowed him in. I kept my face carefully blink showing neither
happiness nor anger at the sight of him and said, “what do you want sir?”
“I need you to listen to me and when I am done, you can decide whether you would forgive me
or not”, he said pleading with his eyes.
Prisca held my hand tenderly and nodded. I led him to the couch and even though he did not like the public discussion, that was what I offered him.

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