BETHROED TO A STRANGER : Chapter 21 – The End

?(living the life of my twin sister )?

Written by bella writes ???

CHAPTER 21??????

?kate pov ?
I stood by the window gazing out into the night

They had been gone for a long time now and they werent back yet

Have been thinking and wondering where they could be,what they were doing,could he have taken her to the villa

He had promised me that it would only be me that he would take to that villa

Why ?why is ryan doing this to me,i thought as tears fell off my face

He is the only man that have ever loved,we both grew up together and though i didnt tell him how i felt i knew for certain that he loved me too

But everything changed when that stupid decree of his arranged marriage to natasha came out

If it hadnt been brought out ryan would have married me and i would have been his wife and not that stupid natasha

Earlier today when i held him in the water i felt my body react,he is the only man that it has ever react for

I love that man a lot and damn natasha for coming into our lives,i thought as i angrily threw the glass and also its content on the floor

I sat on the floor crying a lot and just then his mother walked in

“Whats wrong kate”she said as she knelt in front of me

“I hate natasha,i hate her alot”i said as the tears fall off my eyes

“You shouldnt be crying okay,what you should be thinking about right now is how you would get your man “she said

“I saw him today,i saw the way he starred at her,he looked at her with love,something have always wanted in all my life”i said

“And you will have it,you will,all you have to do is to find a way to get her out of ryan life”she said

“How?how can i do that ?”

“One thing ryan hates most is what?”


“Then you find out what she is not telling him and then tell him”she said

“You mean she is keeping a secret”i said

“Yes she is”

“Tell me if you know it”i said

“I wont tell you,find a way of knowing the truth,that is the only way i can help you get my son”she said

“Tell me something,if you knew she was keeping a secret why did you let her marry ryan,why didnt you just tell ryan the truth “i said

“Its not in my place to tell ryan,i had expected her to do it but she kept shut till my son fell so deep for her,i couldnt not just go to ryan and tell him the secret,one he would feel bad and maybe worse and two he would hate me for telling him and am someone who wants to see her son happy”

“And so my mouth is shut,shut until you someone finds out the truth and tell him and that person is you” she said

“Cant you at least give me a hint?”i said

“No kate,just figure it out yourself ,its not so hard to do,afterall i figured it out myself too”she said before walking off

For a while i sat down thinking of everything she just said

She is right?i need to find a way to get rid of natasha and the only way to do that is by finding out her secret

?natalie pov ?
“Where are we now?”i said

“My villa”he said

I stood in front of the house starring at its beauty

“You built this yourself “i said?

“Yes i built it myself,do you like it “he said as he held my hand

“Yes i do,i like it”i said as i held his hand

“Would you like to see it “he said

“Yes i would”i said as i pushed his wheel chair in

“Wow its so g©rgeous”i said

“I knew you would like it”he said

Just then the guards brought in our bags

“Why are they here”i said

“Have decided that we spend time here for a while,just you and i alone”he said smiling at me

That smile of his meant something?what could it be,i thought as i starred at him

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