7 months after our wedding, he was granted visa into the US, I was pregnant.

He was happy, I was happy too but on the other hand I was sad because the marriage was still young and I needed him beside me.

He actually disflowered me.

I stayed up every night crying in the bathroom or toilet, sometimes in the kitchen. He was oblivious of this and he was not sensitive enough to notice the sudden change in me. I guess he was overwhelmed by the excitement of the approval of his trip.

He promised he’ll start preparing how I’ll join him immediately he get there but I should also give him small time to gather some money for house and comfort so that I will be comfortable when I join him.

He promised me everything but that didn’t change the fact that he was leaving the exact time I needed him as my husband, friend and companion.

He left for US when I was in my second trimesters. I was left alone in our rented apartment. No one to hold on to during the midnight cravings, the touch and care I wanted at a particular time. I told my sister to come and stay with me.

I gave birth to my twins, a boy and a girl. He told me he had been working on our entry into the US. He’ll send me papers and documents to show he is really doing something. I was hopeful.

I was trying everything at my own end too but anytime he sends me papers and I go to the embassy here to get my visa approved so that I can finally go and meet my husband. The consular would look me in my eye and deny me.

It had happened three different times.

The thought that I’ll be leaving Nigeria anytime had made my business to suffer because I wasn’t putting too Much attention to it, my store was getting empty without restocking.

I was getting worried. Parenting twins alone was killing me, I needed my husband, the children needed their father.

3 years of trying to get to my husband went down the drain. My husband was not happy about it too. He did everything he could to get me over but everything went futile

I thought I had not gotten the process right until I discovered the shock of my life.

Another time my visa was denied. I started crying in front of the consular, I left his office and was still crying. A woman approached me and asked if I have anyone in the US to check up on my husband and I said no. She asked for all my papers which I handled over to her. She wrote down something and gave them back to me.

She collected my number and told me to go home and take care of my twins.

I was shocked.

“How did you know I have twins” I asked. She smiled and said she had seen them one of the times I do come for interview.

I left the embassy worried and sad.

Later in the midnight, a message came in from a strange number.

“Hello, my name is Nisa from the embassy, we met earlier. Please call this number and tell her from Nisa. She will do anything you want, she is in the US. Let me know when you do that because I have another news for you. Don’t reply this message it won’t deliver”

I read it and did as she says.

I called the lady and explained what I want her to do for me. She asked for his address and name, she also told me to describe how he looks like, and I should send his picture if it is okay by me. She sent me a mail which I forwarded everything to.

“I’ll message you in 3 days” she said.

I dialed Nisa’s number, it wasn’t reachable but left me an option to leave a voice message which I did.

For 2 days, I didn’t hear anything from both Nisa and the other lady. The third day, the lady in the US messaged me that she had spoken to Nisa and had given her the information she asked for.

“What information please?” I asked in the mail. She didn’t not reply the mail up till today.

Then I started wondering what was actually going on, are these people ghosts or what, hope I am not getting myself in trouble, hope these people are not trying to harm my husband. I didn’t hear anything from either of them for two weeks.

It added to my worries. I called my husband but he was sounding fine, I was tempted to tell him about everything that had happened but I was also scared not make him lose trust in me or get angry for giving strange people his information.

Three weeks later.

A message came into my phone from an international number.

“Hey Mrs ……., I am sorry to tell you that you can never enter into the US in this life because your husband had reported you at the embassy that he did not know you and you are trying to use his information to get into the US, all the times your Visa was denied, it is not because your papers are not completed but because your name is on the blacklisted names.

On the other hand, your husband is married to an Australian here with a kid. He lives in her house”

Ade, this is the reason for my partial stroke

By Adewrites.