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“Please just do me this favour” Develene added.

“This isn’t going to work” Marie replied.

“It will, cause all you have to do is to go there and pretend to be me. We both have the same face and could be mistaken for twins. It will work out Marie, just help me” Develene begged.


From rags to riches.

That’s a word we can use in describing Marie Raymond. She’s just a poor girl working as a waitress to fend for herself. But her life turned around when she meets Develene Taylor.

It just so happens that these two look so much alike that they can be mistaken for twins. They aren’t related by blood they just happen to have the same face, it’s like having a doppelganger.

While Marie is poor, Develene is the rich daughter of a business man and it just so happens that this business man wants his daughter to come home and meet her fiance but Develene doesn’t want that.

Asking Marie for help, Marie decides to go pretending to be Develene. All she had to do was to make a bad impression of herself in front of Develene’s fiance.

Marie thought it as a piece of cake and thought that she could easily dissuade Develene’s fiance from wanting marriage but that back fired when he insist on marrying her.

Now Marie finds herself in a dilemma. Develene couldn’t be contacted and her fiance wouldn’t let her leave until the marriage has been certified.

Now the question we should be asking ourselves is this…….

What will Marie do?

Will she get to go back to her own life?

What happens when Develene shows up wanting her identity back?

What happens when an accident occurred robbing Marie of her memory.

You won’t wanna miss this story.



Chapter 1

The Jidden Truth


Marie stood in front of a mirror, starring at herself in her wedding dress.

Somehow it feels unreal, she didn’t know why but it felt unreal to her, like her marriage to Romeo Brooks shouldn’t take place today.


Ever since her accident a month ago, her wedding to her fiance had been pushed forward.

She didn’t know why but they insisted on it. It must probably be because she is suffering from Amnesia.

Due to the car accident she was involved in, she had come out of it safe but had ended up losing her memory.

She doesn’t remember a thing from the past and if it weren’t for her parents who told her a little about herself, she will still be totally lost about it.

Just then the door opened and her mother, Hannah Taylor walked into the room.

“You look like a rich man’s bride” Hannah said moving towards Marie.

“I am a rich man’s bride, after all am getting married to Romeo” Marie replied starring at her mom.

Somehow she wanted her cold mother affection. Today is her wedding and shouldn’t all mother be sad to see their child leave but instead she felt the opposite from her mom.

Hannah walked towards her and held her shoulders tightly.

“Make sure you get married to Romeo. You must marry him at all cost” she told her and Marie nodded.

“I will leave you to continue your thing, afterall today is your wedding” Hannah said and with a cold smile sent her way, she left Marie alone in the room.

Now more than ever Marie knew that something is wrong. Why would her mom insist on her getting married to Romeo?

She once asked them if her relationship to Romeo is one of love and they had assured her of it though Romeo himself let her doubt that fact.

When she had woken up in the hospital room and her amnesia had been confirmed. Her fiance was no where to be found.

For a week she only heard about him from her parents and when he did show up, giving an excuse at being at a important meeting, she felt his coldness towards her.

A coldness that continued even when she got out of the hospital and today she will be marrying a man whose attitude towards her is as freezing as an iceberg.

She has to ask her mom what she meant earlier, having that thought in mind, Marie ran out of the room, searching for her mom.

She got to the stairs and saw her mom going into her father’s study, immediately she got down stairs, careful with her wedding dress.

She was about knocking when she heard her father disscussion with her mom.

“What are you doing?” Hannah asked her husband.

“Trying to see if I can get a hold of Develene” Jerry Taylor replied.

“You know Develene wouldn’t pick up. Have been doing the same for the past three months and still nothing” Hannah said to her husband.

“So? Do you want us to let Marie get married to Romeo?” Jerry asked.

“Why not? After all she came here in place of Develene our real child” Hannah said and on hearing that Marie froze at the door way.

“That’s why I feel guilty at marrying her off to Romeo” Jerry said.

“Its better Romeo marries Marie than for him to marry Develene. Am glad that she sent Marie here to pretend to be her, I never wanted my daughter to marry Romeo and am glad that she’s not the one doing that today” Hannah said callously.

Marie couldn’t take more of it and so she opened the door and barged into the room, shocking the two people she had considered to be her parents.

“Develene” Jerry called but Marie had heard it all and she knew that she is not the real Develene.

“What are you doing here? You should be finishing the last touch for your wedding” Hannah said nervously.

“My wedding? Shouldn’t Develene your real daughter be here getting married to Romeo?” Marie asked.

“You heard it?” Hannah asked and Marie nodded.

“Tell me what is going on? Who am I and why did you lie to me? Why did you make me believe that am your daughter when am not!” Marie yelled at them demanding for an answer.

“You are our daughter Dev……”

“Don’t call me that! I heard what you said and I know that am not your daughter. The accident….the accident robbed me of my memory and so you decide to use me. You decide to make me Romeo’s wife while your daughter is free of that burden!” Marie said and they both looked away in guilt.

“I demand to know. Tell me what’s going on?” Marie added wanting an answer from them.

“I will tell you what you want to know” someone said behind them and Marie turned to see Romeo, the man she’s meant to marry in a few minutes time.

“Romeo you shouldn’t……”

“If am to marry her then it’s only right that she knows the truth” The man she had always thought as a handsome devil said as he walked towards her.

“The truth is that you are not the real Develene Taylor, you are a fake she asked to pretend to be her. Your real name is Marie Raymond” Romeo told her bluntly and for a while Marie tried to assimilate his words.

So everything she had believed in is all a lie. She is not Develene but a replica of her, Marie thought as she went to sit on the sofa before she embarrass herself by fainting in front of everyone.

“Are you still interested in knowing more?”Romeo asked and she nodded.

“I would like to know everything, every little detail” She replied starring at him.

“I will tell you afterall you confessed everything on the day you had the accident” Romeo told her.

“You mean I told the whole truth?” Marie asked.

“The lie you and Develene began was starting to be come real and you felt guilty and wanted it to end and so you confessed the whole thing and due to that confession, I can help refresh your memory” Romeo replied.

“But before I do that, I would like it if you two can leave the room ” Romeo said to Hannah and Jerry.

“Can’t they just stay?” Marie asked. Now that she knows that he is not really her fiance, she doesn’t want to be alone with him.

“They can’t. This is just between you and me ” he replied and immediately Develene parents left the room while he took a chair to have a seat.

“It all began like this……………


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