By Gbemi Writes




Marie made her way to the top floor where she knew Romeo will be waiting for her.

She knew he had been furious seeing her as a new recruit in his company but she didn’t care.

After all she had made it into the company by her efforts and not by using her position as his wife.

When he had left for the business trip a month ago, she had began her plan of looking for a job.


Knowing that cooking was her forte, she submitted her applications to all kind of restaurant in the city but they all rejected her.

And when she was giving up hope, she heard Blake, Romeo friend talking about it on one of his visit to the house.

Unknown to them, she had applied and had gotten chosen over ten other applicant.

She deliberately used her real name to get into his company so no one would be able to link her to Romeo and it worked, except for Blake who knew her as Romeo wife, no one else knew and she liked it that way.

She clasped her hand nervously thinking of ways to confront Romeo if he proved difficult when she noticed her ringless finger.

In the kitchen they were expected not to put a thing on and since she had claim to be single on her application form, she didn’t bother wearing the ring and besides Romeo who is her husband is not wearing the ring too and for the month that he has been gone, he was pictured weekly with a new girl in his arms.

She had read the newspaper to know more about his movement since he doesn’t call her and she had read about his playboy antics knowing it to be true.

Though their marriage is a loveless marriage, she had expected him to be at least faithful but since he isn’t, she will just have to keep on claiming to be single.

As soon as the lift doors open, The secretary stared at her approach and Marie could tell that Romeo asking to see her angered his secretary probably because she is his lover, Marie thought as the secretary grudgingly escourt her to Romeo office.

She stared at Romeo who was looking at her angrily.

“Just what kind of game are you playing?” He barked at her angrily.

“Am not playing any game. Am working” she replied angrily too

“And what did I tell you about that? What was my opinion about it?” He asked.

“I know what your opinion is about my work but I just couldn’t seat back and do nothing.

I told you already that I want to work and now that I have a job, am not throwing it away” she replied.

“And what if I force you to leave? What if I make it unbearable for you and make you quit” he threatened.

“That will be an unfair thing to do. I worked hard and got the job and if you should bully me into leaving then you are being unfair” she told him not caring if she made him angry.

“Seems like my one month trip has gotten your tongue more sharper, have you forgotten what I told you I will do if you defy me?” He asked softly.

“By claiming your right and sleeping with me? I know you wouldn’t do such thing in your place of work” she replied and immediately she was pushed to the wall while he towered over her.

“Don’t tempt me Marie” he warned softly and she could see the determination in his eyes.

She had to tread carefully if she want to get out of this without any problem.

“You are being unreasonable Romeo. There is nothing wrong with me working” she said softly.

“Really? You call working in the midst of men nothing ?” He asked and for a while she was lost until she realised what he meant.

“If you are talking about the other chef, its nothing, they are just a fellow worker” she told him.

“I don’t care! I don’t care what they are to you but I do care about my reputation. I wont let my wife love affair ruin what have worked hard for. So quit!” He told her smoothly.

“And did you consider your reputation when you were pictured with all those bimbos during your one month trip” she told him hotly even as she stared at him.

“Don’t be stupid! If am around a lady, the press takes it up and have a field day about it, I thought you were wiser than that ?”

“Yes! I am wise and that is why I also filled my status as single in the application form. To the company and everyone around me, I am single and that’s why am not wearing my ring. What can you say for yourself?” She asked starring at his ringless finger.

He let go of her and moved towards the window.

“I forgot it at my apartment in Paris” he confessed.

“So typical of you right? Well I don’t care what you do with your ring and you shouldn’t care about what I do with mine and most importantly, am not quiting!” She said hotly and he turned to stare at her.

“Your reason for not quitting, is it because you are dating one of those chef?” He asked looking at her suspiciously.

“You really are impossible! I won’t give an answer to that, think whatever you want, after all am nothing to you” she said before sauntering out of his office.

Feeling very furious, he picked up his phone wanting to call the human resources team just so they will fire Marie when he stopped.

She’s right, he is being unreasonable. If she works in his company using her real name then there is nothing that connects him with her.

He should be happy by that thought but somehow he isn’t.


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