Looks like the mayor’s son is the next celebrity rehab star in the making.

The last time I saw him, he and his father were threatening me about going to the authorities after he leaked the sx tape.

“Dean,” I whisper.

He wipes off some powder under his nose and sniffs. “Alyssa.”

In the mirror, I see his reflection eye my body up and down. “You look incredible,” he slurs.

“You look like sht,” I counter.

“Yeah. I guess I deserve that,” he whispers.

I turn on my heels and face him. “No, what you deserve is to have your testlcIes ri pped off by a piranha while being dragged through hot coals.” I shrug. “But hey, not all wishes come true now do they?”

He staggers forward until I’m pressed against the sink. “Look, you have every right to hate me,” he whispers. “I’m sorry for what I did to you. I know how fked up it was.” His eyes open wide and he sways. ”But there are things that you don’t know about. Sometimes there are things that are far beyond our control.”

He must be high right now because he’s definitely not making any sense. I stay silent for a moment because I’m just not sure how to process the words coming from this poor excuse for a pathetic mess standing in front of me.

Finally, he slowly backs away from me.

The door to the bathroom swings open and Jackson walks in.

“You,” he sneers.

At first, I think he means me. But he’s looking right at Dean. Or rather, looking at Dean’s back because he’s still facing me.

Before I know it, Jackson’s yanking Dean by his shirt and bashing his h ead into a waII.

Dean doesn’t fi ght back for the first minute or so. But then the ¢oke must kick in because he starts struggling against him and attempting to defend himself. Both of them are evenly matched in height, but Jackson’s got a solid 30lbs of muscle on Dean. Not to mention, a temper like a raging bull right now.

I’m torn because a big part of me wants to see Dean get what he deserves…but then Jackson bashes Dean’s he ad into the do or of the bathroom and I see bIood trickle down.

Sht. He’s really, really hurting him.

Then it h its me…why the h’ll is Jackson fi ghting Dean anyway? It’s not like he knows who he is. There’s no way he heard our conversation because the door to the bathroom was closed and our voices were barely above a whisper.

The only thing I can come up with is that Jackson’s jealousy got the best of him when he walked into the bathroom and saw a guy near me. If that’s the case, and it must be; then his reaction is excessive and is quickly crossing over the line to insanity.

“Jackson, stop!” I s¢ream.

It’s like he doesn’t even hear me. He just continues be ating the ever living sht out of Dean.

For a second, I think Dean’s down for the count, but he moves and Jackson’s next pun¢h misses him.

And that only makes Jackson’s temper flare up more. I’ve never, ever seen him like this. He’s like a wild animal unhinged.

I s¢ream and chase after them when they both go flying through the bathroom’s swinging door. Not before long, Jackson’s on top of Dean and a crowd of people have gathered around us. Some even stopping to record the whole encounter on their phones.

Jackson’s not missing a beat with his pun¢hes and Dean’s face is starting to resemble ground beef. His body’s starting to resemble a rag doll.

If Jackson keeps this up, he’s going to end up ki lling him.

“Jackson, please stop!” I s¢ream.

“You ruined her life and now I’m gonna ruin yours,” Jackson growls between pun¢hes.


I don’t have time to think about that statement, because some girl starts shrieking, “Someone call the police! I think that’s the mayor’s son.”

My stomach drops to the floor. I try getting between them, but a large arm wraps around my waist and pulls me out of the way.

I look up. What the h’ll is Ricardo doing here?

Ricardo’s smart enough to know he can’t stop Jackson in this state. Instead, he waits for the split second in between Jackson’s next pun¢h and slides Dean’s now unconscious body out of the way and hands him over to two big men wearing suits.

That seems to break Jackson out of his haze.

The girl is still shrieking and going on and on about calling the police but Ricardo takes her phone and snaps it in half. “No one is calling the police,” he booms.

He quickly turns to the three people who have their phones out recording what happened.

He then proceeds to stomp on each and every one of their phones.

I watch as everyone looks at him with fear in their eyes, including me.

The look in his eyes tells me that he’ll accept nothing less. He commands power.

My stomach drops for a different reason entirely then…because I’ve seen that look in someone’s eyes before.

I shake my head. No. I’m crazy. I’m delusional.

“Alyssa,” Jackson says.

I turn my head to look at him, but all I hear are those words that he said to Dean. “You ruined her life and now I’m gonna ruin yours.”

It’s then that I realize.

Jackson watched the v ideo.


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