By Naomi Cindy B.

Jemima Andrade-Kings is a third-generation heiress who was born with a sparkling golden spoon into the Andrade-Kings family, the richest and the most influential in France.

Her competence made her father handover the company to her at the age of 23. She became the CEO under the envious eyes of her stepmom and stepsister.

Skyline Cooperations skyrocketed overnight after she took over, and that earned her the title of the richest lady in France, but even the rich has commas…


Jemima’s ego could probably build a tower, she’s egocentric, and she’s got a ¢razy obsession with herself.

Her staffs hide at the sight of her, she fires them like crackers, she’s the only perfect person existing, no one can ever be like her_According to her .

She’s a single mother though, she has a daughter whom she birthed when she was 18, and for an unknown reason, she hates her daughter.


“Gentle face deceives” this phrase best describes Maxwell Milla, a fresh college graduate who’s a talented swimmer.

His dream is to win the France swimming tournament one day and get himself the needed followers to join the world of celebrities.

He lives with his granny who runs a bar, and his ¢razy tomboy sister who works as an attendant in a jewelry store.

His family is neither rich nor poor, they’re just middle-class, living comfortably.

Despite being from a middle-class family, Maxwell’s ego reaches the sky just like Jemima’s.

“I know I’m not rich, but i’m a limited edition” is his daily watchword. He’d rather die than ask the rich for help.

What happens when these two people with same personality meet?

How’d they meet?

When two metals clash, one bends for one as the saying goes… Who’d bend for who?

Who’d tame who?

Find out in this interesting piece.

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By Naomi Cindy B.


Immediately 7am strike the dot, the sound of a ringing alarm took over the biggest room in the mansion.

Jemima’s lashes parted ways in bed, and as the ringing penetrated into her ears, she squeezed her face and eventually sat up in bed.

She slammed her palm on the alarm to shut it up before sweeping her hair back.

She was about to get down from the bed when she noticed Landon is still beside her.

“Get up @sshole!” She yelled, and his eyes flew open. He sat up in bed immediately.

“What the fk are you still doing here?” Jemima glared, her eyes holding not the slightest speck of friendliness.

“Baby!” Landon smiled and tried kssing her, but she pushed him, and he fell down from the bed.

“Ouch! Jemima!” He groaned.

“Your time is over immediately the day broke, so get the hell out of this mansion!” Jemima said flatly, coming down from the bed.

“Don’t be like this, Jemima we can actually click…

“In your fking dreams !” She cut him off, throwing his shirt and pants on him.

He caught them to his chest, and she began pushing him out of the room in just his underpants.

“Jemima listen, I love you and…

“And you’re mad!” She shot, finally pushing him out of the room.

She closed the door and flipped her hair before slipping her sleeping robe down her slim but curvy body.

Her uniquely enchanting shape is one of the many things that made her popular besides her face and company, she’s really beautifully carved.

She put on her bathrobe and smirked. “Love after a nightstand?, men are jokes” she muttered and entered the bathroom.

She came out an hour later, and as expected, Dolores lay her dress on the bed already.

Dolores is the housemaid, and at the same time, her daughter’s nanny.


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