By Naomi Cindy B.


He placed the cup of coffee on the middle of her head!


“What do you think you’re doing!” Jemima shouted, standing up fast, but immediately she did, the cup fell from her head to her dress, and the coffee poured on her dress in the front.


“Oh! Oh jeez! Fk!!!” She screamed.

“Sorry about that, but you told me to place it on your head, was just following orders” Maxwell said simply, and she slowly looked up till their eyes met. Her eyes were raining fire.

“You don’t know sarcasm? You ruined everything id!ot!” She shouted at the top of her voice.

She was expecting him to say sorry, but he kept standing, looking at her as the coffee spread to the far end of her blouse.

“Seriously?” She smirked angrily.

“Any problem?” He asked freely, and she walked angrily to him.

She raised her hand on him, but he caught it before it could reach his face, and she gasped.

“If it were you, would you have said sorry? I doubt it” he whispered, their faces so close as he kept holding the hand up.

“What!” Jemima’s lids shook.

“You can decide not to hire me anymore, that won’t make me die, and…

“And who told you I’m not gonna hire you” she interrupted with an interesting smile, taking her hand from him.

“Cool” Maxwell replied, and she continued smiling as she called Lina in.

“Huh! Your blouse!” She gasped when she saw the stain and the coffee on the floor.

“Call the cleaners to clean this ness, and arrange a new dress for me” Jemima ordered.

“Oh…sure ma’am!” Lina replied hurriedly, rushing into Jemima’s inner office.

Jemima and Maxwell kept standing, glaring at each other till the cleaners came in.

They were still glaring when the cleaners finished up and left, then Lina came out of the inner room.

“The change of clothes is ready, ma’am” she said, and Jemima smiled again before walking in.

“What happened here?” Lina asked Maxwell.

“Nothing much” he smiled.

“Can you stop smiling?” Lina pouted.


“You look more handsome when you do that, I might fall for you” she replied, and he blinked.

“By the way aren’t you Limited Mell on IG? I’m following you back to back” she said, and his eyes widened.


“Of course!” She came closer and showed him her IG.

“Whoa” he smiled.

“To me, you’re better than CleoSpeedy or Lincoln, they’re seen as the best only cos they’re rich @sses, I hope you win the tournament cos no better swimmer” she said, and they stuck hands.

“First time I’m meeting a fan for real” he said.

“Fan for life” she winked, and they smiled at each other.

The appearance of Jemima made them stop it.

She changed into another dress already, body con gown this time.

“Lina, pack your things and leave your office” she ordered, and her eyes widened.

“What! I’m…I’m.. fired?”


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