[I love her but the dem0n in my heart won’t accept her]

Extracts from the story

“I’m leaving!”

“And who says you’re allowed to?”

“You have no right to boss me around!”

“I have all right to do!”

“You don’t!”

“I own you, so I do!”

“You can’t own me”

“Of course I can. As long as you remain my bride!”

What happens when you wake up to find out that your personal assistant is your supposed betrothed bride whom you hate so much?

What will be your reaction when you find out that you’re the bride to a bossy heir who hates you?



© Author Isabel

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the Author’s imagination.

Kim Je Na is the only heir and CEO to one of the biggest brand selling company in Seoul, Korea. He’s hot, rich and a very handsome dude but an Introvert.

He hates people from low standards. He’s rude and acts very bossy. He becomes entangled with Park Hye Ji who is a 21 years old lady.

Park Hye Ji cares alone for her old father and does a lot of part time job to make ends meet.

Kim Je Na wants to get revenge on Park Hye Ji just because of a one night incident. He gets to employ her as his Personal assistant but hates her with passion.

He suddenly gets the biggest shock of his life from his guardian, who tells him that Park Hye Ji is his supposed betrothed bride and he must start living together with her because of a secret.

What happens when Park Hye Ji tries to turn everything around by wanting to change the bossy and rich heir?

What is the secret bonding them together?

What really happens when Kim Je Na starts to fall endlessly in love with his Bride?

Get to know this in BRIDE TO A HEIR


I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her.



My name is Je na. The only heir and CEO to a large Korean conglomerate.
I’m 25 but an introvert.

My mum died when I was three and my dad died when I was seventeen leaving me to a great amount of wealth.

I hate things of low standards. The staffs of my company all hate me because I ain’t cool with them.

I literarily hate them but I am a womanizer. I love women but I’m not in love. I hate anything pertaining to the love stuffs.

I love being around women and there we were…
At the same particular club with my friends and my side chick.

I left the office earlier because of clubbing and there we were. I need to get to the hotel but I’m so weak to drive.

“Je na, it’s late, ain’t you going home?”
Sunny asked me.
She’s is my particular side chick

“I’m kinda drunk!”
I said as her face turned gloomy

“How do we get to your house?”
She r0manced my chest with her hands

“Why don’t you get a driver? Should I call one?”
My closest friend Kim Tan asked me

“Do that!”
I waved my hands at him

I never tried listening to the conversation any more.
I only knew he called the driver and gave the particular address of where I was



The alarm on my phone chimed out loudly as I quickly removed the apron tied to my waist.

I walked up to my boss as I gave him the apron. She accepted it full of smiles

“Hye ji, can’t you spend just a minute?”
She said in smiles

“I’m sorry ma’am, I wouldn’t want to get to my place of work late”
I said bowing my head

“Place of work? But it’s late! Why don’t you just go home?”
She said worriedly

“No ma’am”

“Okay, chagaseeyo!”
She said bidding me goodbye

“Yes ma’am!”
I bowed slightly as I rushed out of the shopping mall with my bag

I have another part time job to do!
I can’t afford to waste any minute
I just can’t!

I was about to walk towards the subway station when my phone rang.
It was a strange number

I picked it up immediately
“Yobuseeyo! A driver? Yes, I’m available! Send me the address”

It’s another part time job. They’re in need of a driver. I just need to go but I hope I won’t be late to my place of work tonight!

I decided on taking a taxi to make it faster.

I got to the address given as I came down. It was a club
I called the number as I stood by car

It got picked up immediately
“I’m here, the driver”

The person assured me to be outside in five minutes
I waited for about 25 minutes and almost got frustrated

I was about to walk in myself when a damn handsome looking guy came out of the club with his girlfriend I think..

He was just so handsome..
They walked towards me
“Are you the driver?”
The guy said in a cute voice
His voice is beautiful too

“Yes, where’s your car?”
I said as the b!tch beside him eyed me

He pointed to a white car as he threw the key to me
What’s this?
He’s rich too!

He walked towards the car as the girl held him by his arms

I stared at the car as I kept wondering
“He must be so rich”
I whispered to myself

“Excuse me?”
He said as I came back to my senses

I walked towards the car as I got behind the wheel.
I drove away at a high speed

I kept looking at them through the front mirror
He kept kissing her as she r0manced him

They weren’t even concerned about a third party!
I tried coughing but they didn’t stop with their rubbish..

This is absurd!
I’m not here for porn!
I’m just a driver

I couldn’t take it anymore as drive to the other side of the road making them hit their head on the couch!

I did that purposely!
“Hey! Are you crazy?”
The guy said coming out if the car..

I came out of the car too
“You guys are the crazy ones here! Trying to act porn in a car while I’m here!!”
I blurted out

“Can’t you mind your business?”
He said as his face formed in a frown

“Aisssh! Just look for another driver! Pay me”
I said stretching my hands forward

“You must be an idiot! Why should I pay you?”
He said folding his arms together

“I drove you half way so pay me 20,000 won instead of 40,000 won!”

“I don’t want to!!”
He said smiling

He was only handsome for hell

“You’re crazy, go eat your money! Crazy jerk!”
I said removing my bag from his crazy car
Arguing with him won’t take me anywhere
Besides I’m late!

“Did you just calk me crazy?”
He said in bewilderment

“Go suite yourself!”
I said slamming the door to his car very hard

I walked away fast!
He’s just handsome and rich but he lacks manners
Who does that?!

He made me got late tonight without even paying me
He’s a Jerk!!!

Note: There are some Korean words used in this chapter because it’s a Korea setting.

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