BRIDE TO A HEIR SEASON 2 Episode 21 – 40

BRIDE TO A HEIR [SEASON 2] Chapter 21 Authoress Isabel [A_NEW_HER] I’ll call on the dev!l and the demon to possess your heart not to accept her because you’re mine! Kang Mi Rae ~~~~~~~~~~~ PARK HYE JI I woke up with a start as I rushed into the bathroom. I rushed back out the same … Read more


BRIDE TO A HEIR [I love her but the dem0n in my heart won’t accept her] Extracts from the story “I’m leaving!” “And who says you’re allowed to?” “You have no right to boss me around!” “I have all right to do!” “You don’t!” “I own you, so I do!” “You can’t own me” “Of … Read more

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