By Succie


TAGS – High school, R©mance, suspense and unexpected Events.

“You!, what have you done to Cora and Leah!!!”. Ryan yells as he looks at her in the laptop.

“Relax, Ryan, I just gave those two look Alike, the taste of their own medicine”.

“Your Evil, give Cora and Leah back”. Clark yells.

She smirks and said.

“Relax Clark, I know you love Cora alot, but if you want her back you have to save her, and the same goes for you Ryan, you also have to save your precious Leah”. She said laughing.

“What do you mean, where are you hiding Cora and Leah!!!!”. Ryan yells as tears falls down his eyes.

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She smirks and said.

“Do you see this old and condemned cars, which will soon to be grounded by the grounder machine, your precious Leah is in one of those cars, unconscious of what is going to happen to her, and you can’t be able to know the particular car she is in”. She giggles.

And Ryan held his fist in anger, as his eyes turn red.

“You are a mon$ter,,,,how you could you do that to Leah”. Clark yells at her inside the laptop.

“Tsk tsk, my dear Clark, you shouldn’t be so cooked up about Leah being in danger, because your treasure, Cora is in danger too”.

“What do you mean”. Clark asked shaking in fear.

“Do you see this 50 tankers, it all filled with water, and it happens that your Cora is in one of those tankers, but which of them could she be in”.

And both Ryan and Clark jaw drop as there was tears in their eyes.

“Awwn, I feel so bad for the two of you, but instead of sobbing in tears, why not try to save the precious lives of your look Alike girlfriend, because in 30 minutes time, they are gone forever”. She said and laughs so wickedly.

And Ryan and Clark without hesitation runs out from the school dorm, to save the lives of their girlfriends.


Have you ever been in a world, where you have someone who looks exactly like you, but yet you both aren’t Twins?

Well meet Cora and Leah, they are two differents people who look exactly like each other, but both were never born Twins.

Cora is the rich daughter of Emily Tiva, and her mom happens to own half of Genie High School, which was a boarding school for both boys and girls.

Cora is arrogant and rude, and everyone in Genie High, fears her, well except for the handsome Ryan, who Cora happens to have a huge crush on.

But Ryan hated her so much, because of her rude and wickid personality.

Clark is also a handsome guy, who likes Cora so much despite her bad personality, but Cora didn’t care about his feelings, who she wanted was Ryan.

Leah is the look alike of Cora, who look exactly like Cora. She lives in Daegu and was raised in a Catholic church orphanage since she was an orphan.

And her God- mother, who is a mother superior, wanted her to be Nun, and even if Leah didn’t want to become a Nun, she has no choice but to agree to it.

This two look Alikes are unaware they are the reflection of each other, because Cora lives in the big city of Seoul, and Leah stays in a small town in Korea.

The question is how will these two look Alikes meet, and what will be their reaction when they see each other?

Will they become friends?

Or rather become enemies…..

What if Ryan or Clark becomes the reason for their depute?

And what if this two look Alikes are held hostage in the hands of the person they least expected.

LOOK ALIKES, BUT THEY AREN’T TWINS…….when the unexpected happens.

So grab your porn corn as we enter into this story filled with r®mance, suspense and unexpected Events.



By Succie

Chapter 1

Cora enters the cafeteria with Audrey behind her, Audrey is her best friend, or rather her hang bag.

That because, Audrey always follows Cora around and always does everything Cora tells her to do, and it was Asif Audrey worshipped Cora, due to the fact that Cora was the reason she became popular in Genie high school.

Cora scans around the cafeteria and walks up to two students who were eating.

“Get lost”. Cora said coldly.

While Audrey looks at them and scoffs.

“But Cora, we were came here first, and we were just about to eat”. One of the girls said.

“And does it look like I care, I want to sit here and that final”.

“But Cora, they are other seat around”. The second girl said.

While the rest of the students who were present at the cafeteria just watch without saying a word.

Who were they to interfere in the almost Cora’s words.

“You heard her right, Cora wants to sit here,,,,,,you both are on scholarship, what if she have you both expelled”. Audrey said folding her hands.

And Cora face her.

“Did I ask you to speak Audrey”.

“No you didn’t Cora”.

“So why did you bunch in”. Cora asked coldly.

“Am sorry Cora”. Audrey quickly apologize.

Cora sighs and faced the two girls again.

“Are you both still here!!!” She half yells at them.

And two girls quickly left.

“So annoying”. She muttered and flings her long hair to the back and sits down.

And Audrey quickly sits with her too.

“You are really the queen of Genie high Cora, does stupid girls quickly stood up immediately you yelled at them, am so proud of you Cora”. Audrey said smiling giving her a high thumbs up.

And Cora looks at her without returning the smile.

“What are you sitted here for Audrey”. Cora asked.

“Why Cora,,,,do you need something”. Audrey asked still smiling like an idiot.

Cora sighs and said.

“Do I always have to remind you, go to the cafeteria Lady and get me something to eat”. Cora orders.

“Okay Cora, so what do you want for lunch”. Audrey asked smiling.

And Cora throws her a deadly look.

“Oh I know is Tteokbokki ( Red rice cake ) Right”.

“Just shut up, and get a wiggle on Audrey”. She half yells at her.

Audrey nods and quickly left.

“Gosh,,,,she so annoying, why did I even make her best friend”. Cora muttered.

She looks around the cafeteria, as her eyes search around for Ryan.

“Where could Ryan be,,,,is he not eating at the cafeteria today”. Cora muttered and sighs.

She brought out her phone and began looking at the different collection of clothes online, since she was a fashion freak.

“Hi Cora”. Clark said with a smile as he sits opposite her, making a face to face contact with her.

Cora removes her eyes from her phone and looks at Clark.

“And what the heck are you doing here”. Cora asked with a frown.

“You should learn how to smile Cora, Smiling makes you look more beautiful”. Clark said smiling at her.

“I don’t need you to tell me that Clark,,,and why will I waste my smile on someone like you huh”.

Clark sighs and said.

“What do you want to have for lunch Cora, is going to be on me,,just name it”. He said smiling.

Cora scoffs and said.

“And what are you trying to imply, that you are more richer than me,,,you might not be poor or on scholarship, but your family can’t be compared to mine or even to Ryan’s”.

“And what does Ryan have to do with this, must you always call his name in every of our conversation”. He said looking sad.

“And why not Clark,,,you can’t even be compared to Ryan, so stop trying to talk to me Clark”. Cora said standing up to her feet.

“Where are you going”. He asked.

“Am going to the dormentry, I just lost my appetite thanks to you”. She said and made a step to walk away, and Audrey approach her with a tray of food.

“I got your lunch”. She said smiling.

“You can throw it away Audrey”.


“I lost my appetite thanks to someone”. Cora said and throws Clark a deadly glance before walking out of the cafeteria.

“What did you do this time Clark”. Audrey asked him.

“Nothing Audrey, I just said I was going to treat her for lunch, and she got mad, why does everything I do or say to her, annoys her so much Audrey”.

“You already know Cora right, she has always have this anger in her, and it got worst when her mom decided to get married and bring in her new husband and step daughter to leave with them”.

“But she doesn’t get mad when it comes to Ryan”.

“That because she has a crush on him, and you know that already.

And Clark pouted out sadly.

“Since Cora already turned down your offer, why not treat me for lunch instead”.

And Clark looks at her.

“Well am Cora’s Best friend, and whatever you do for me, also means you are doing it for her too”.

Clark Chuckles.

“Why Audrey, are you and Cora Twins”.

“No, we aren’t, but am the only friend she has, so it kind of mean the same thing,,,so will you buy me lunch”. She asked as she pouted out her mouth.

Clark looks at her and smiles.

“Fine I will, since you are Cora’s Best friend”.

And Audrey smiles.



The early morning sun shines on her face, Leah groans as she turns to the other side to prevent the sun from entering her eyes.

She smiles in her sleep when the sun was no longer touching her face.

Then the Bell of the church rang, and she quickly stood up from the bed. She looks at the clock and gasps.

“Oh no,,,,am late for the morning Mass, mother superior will surely get mad at me”. She said as she quickly enters the bathroom.

She didn’t even wash her body properly, and dashed out from the bathroom, and quickly puts on her Habit and her Rosary and dashed out from the room.

Her feet could be heard, as she runs nor-stop to the church, and luckily for her she lives in one of the church’s dorms.

She quietly enters the church, since the dairy mass prayer was already going on.

Leah looks at mother superior and she throws a scornful look at her, and Leah quickly face somewhere else, she was going to get it from her, and that was for sure, Leah thought inwardly as she continues praying with her Rosary.


After the morning Mass, Leah was tip toing out of the church silently and her name was called by mother superior.


Leah bits her lips, and turns to her faking a laugh.

“Mother superior,,,,the morning Mass was excellent today right”. Leah said giving her a high thumbs smiling.

And when mother superior looks at her without a smile, she quickly stop smiling.

“You didn’t sleep on time again last night and that why you couldn’t wake up on time to be at the church early right”.

“I was reading mo…”

“Don’t you dare lie to me”. She yells.

And Leah quickly bits her lips.

“You are going to be a Nun soon, and yet you are still good at lying, I know you were up last night watching those ungodly Korea idols, how will you be accepted as a Nun in the church, if you keep misbehaving Leah”.

“Am so sorry mother superior, I promise you it won’t happen again”. Leah pouted out.

“You are sorry, but you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, if this repeat itself again, you will be out on the street”.

“Mother superior, you can’t……..”

“Then don’t force me Leah”. She said and walks away.

And Leah sighs.

“I think you should disobey her again Leah”. A voice said.

And Leah looks around the church and sees Mina coming out from where she was hiding.

“Mina”. Leah calls with a smile.

“So she wants to kick you out, then disobey her again, and once she does that, you can come and live with me outside this church”.

“Mother superior might act so cold, but she won’t ever think of kicking me out, and I love her so much too, and am never going to leave her”.

“So that why you accepted to be a Nun”.

And Leah nods with a smile.

“Yes Mina, after my parents died, she took care of me, she dedicated her own time just to look after me, so that why am repaying her by accepting to be a Nun”.

Mina sighs and said.

“You can repay her with other things Leah, not becoming a Nun, you don’t even go to a normal high school but a Nun teaching school, thanks to her, you have always done everything she wants, come on Leah you also have your life too, don’t you want to experience new things”.

Leah looks at her.

“New things like what”.

“Like falling inlove, having a boyfriend, getting your first kiss, go on dates, sometimes getting jealous or hurt by the one who love, and also having sx”. Mina said.

And Leah quickly covers her mouth.

“Did you have to mention that, we are still inside the church”. Leah said in a whisper, looking around

And Mina jerks her hand off.

“Why Leah, you are 18, and if you had attended a normal High school, you will be in your final year in high School”.

“Well, I don’t need all of that, I already accepted to be a Nun Mina, and soon enough I will become one”.

“Then what about what you want Leah”.

“Am going to stop does silly dream of mine once I become a Nun”.

“What if Leah”.

“What if what Mina”.

“What if you are given a chance to escape from being a Nun, and you finally meet someone you love, and you loves you so much, will still think of going back to being a Nun”. Mina asked.

And Leah just look at her, and take in her lips without saying a word.



Cora was walking to the class , when her phone rang.

She sighs when she saw the caller, and took a while before answering.

“What do you want”. She asked rudely.

? Is that the way you talk to your mom now ?. Emily asked over the phone.

“If you don’t have anything to say to me, I just going to hang up”.

? Tomorrow is Arianna’s birthday ?


“I want you to be at the house, we are throwing a small get together for her?

“Am busy”

? Tomorrow is weekend Cora, you should be there for your sister ?

“She is not my sister mom, she is just the daughter of your stupid husband”.

? Don’t insult your step father Cora, is high time you accept as your dad”.

“Over my dead body mom, you know what, you can do whatever you want with your new found family, I don’t care”. Cora said and ended the call, looking so angry.

Cora was about to enter the class when Cassie mistakenly bumped into her.

“Watch where your going”. She yells.

“Am sorry Cora”. Cassie apologize.

And when Cora looks at her, and discovers it was Cassie, she boiled in anger.

Cassie was one of the persons she hated so much in Genie high, and why?.

Because Cassie was the only one Ryan talks to.

Ryan was someone who doesn’t talk to anyone in school, he doesn’t laugh with anyone, or even cares if the person next to him is dieing,,but when it comes to Cassie, he cares alot, and always wants to protect her.

And that why Cora hated Cassie, she has been crushing on him for a very long time, but Ryan didn’t care,,,, thanks to Cassie.

“Are you blind or something huh”. Cora yells at her in anger.

“Am sorry Cora”. Cassie muttered looking so scared.

And Cora held her hair in anger and Cassie groans in pain.

“A scholarship poor freaking girl like you should know your place, since you don’t have money, you should at least know how to walk, and didn’t I tell you not to show your disgusting face to me again huh”. Cora yells.

“Am so sorry Cora, please let go of me”. Cassie pleased.

?She is at it again

?Oh no poor Cassie, Cora is going to bully her for sure.

?Where is Ryan, he is the only one who can save Cassie now.

The students who were inside the class muttered to one another, but no one dares to interfere.

“Please Cora let go off I beg of you”. Cassie said in pain, as Cora keeps holding her hair.

“I was in a bad mood today Cassie, but since you decided to show your disgusting face to me, am just going to vexed it on you, come with me”. Cora said as she drags Cassie alongside with her holding Cassie’s hair, and Cassie was screaming in pain.

?Oh no,,,what is the jezebel going to do with Cassie, where is Ryan.

?I feel so bad for Cassie, the Evil Queen of Genie high has started her madness again.

And the students were all panicking, but no one was making a step on saving Cassie.

Soon, Ryan enters the class, his Head phone was around his neck, making him look so handsome as always.

“Ryan,, good thing you are here”.

And Ryan just look at her.

The girl read his facial expression and said.

“Is the Evil Queen of Genie high, she is bullying Cassie again, you have to help her Ryan”. The girl said.

And Ryan without further question ran out of the class in search of Cora and Cassie.

And the students were so happy.

Ryan keeps looking around for Cora and Cassie, until he went to the school roof top and sees Cora trying to push Cassie off the Cliff, laughing while Cassie was crying begging her not.

“Ohh, poor Cassie, are you so scared”. Cora said in a mockery way.

“Please stop it I might fall, pleaseee”. Cassie cries out looking so scared.

“What do you think you doing!!!!!!!”. Ryan yells.

And Cora looks at him, and her heart skips a bit, as Ryan walks up to her.

“Let go off her this instance Cora!!!”. He yells again.

And Cora quickly let go of Cassie and Ryan carries her down from the Cliff.

“Ryan I…..”

“Don’t you dare say a word to me Cora, who gave you the right to hurt Cassie”. Clark asked with a cold face.

Cora scoffs, she flings her long hair to the back, and folds her hands looking at Ryan.

“I have every right to Ryan, she is just a scholarship student, a poor freaking girl, if she doesn’t know how to walk properly then am going to teach her how to”. Cora said rudely.

“And do you think you are more better than her”.

“Yes I am, am the beautiful queen of Genie high, and she, she is poor and a nobody ”

“She may not be beautiful or rich as you Cora, but at least she has a beautiful soul,,but you, you maybe beautiful and rich, but your heart is full of evil, you are just like the devil’s advocate, let go Cassie”. Ryan said and faced Cassie.

Cassie looks at him, and nods her head slowly.

“You shouldn’t always be on her side Ryan all the time, our parents both own this school together, and they are close friends too, don’t you think you should rather be on my side than hers”. Cora said.

But Ryan just look at her and walks away holding Cassie’s hand.

“Devil’s advocate!!!!, Thank your stars that I like you alot Ryan else you would have regretted ever speaking to me in such manner”. Cora ranted out, looking so angry..


“Are you okay Cassie”. Ryan asked as both off them sits in the school field.

“Yes am fine Ryan, and thanks for saving me from Cora”.

“Why do you always let her bully you Cassie”.

“You already know how Cora is right, she has this anger issues which I can’t handle, and you already know why she keeps getting mad at me right”.

“Why”. Ryan asked looking at her.

Cassie scoffs and said.

“Are you seriously asking me that,,,,,,,Is because of you Ryan”.


“Yes, everyone knows she has a crush on you, and since am the only one in the entire school who you talk to, she hates me”. Cassie pouted out.

Ryan at her and caress her hair smiling.

“If she hates you, then you should hate her too, come to think of it, she is one of the people I hate so much in this world”.

“But she likes you Ryan”. Cassie said with a smile.

“I don’t care about her feelings Cassie, and besides why will I like a girl like Cora, she is the queen of Evil”. Ryan said as he lays down on the field.

Cassie looks at him and ask.

“So what kind of girl do you like Ryan”.

Ryan sighs and said.

“I don’t know Cassie, I have never thought about that, because I don’t have the time to think about stuffs like that, but if am to like someone, is going to be someone totally different from the Jezebel that calls herself Cora”. Ryan said looking at the sky, and Cassie looks at him and smiles.

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