Everyone was taken to the police station including Jake. Queen mama and her gangs were locked up in a prison while Chioma in another separate one.. Jake was in the counter trying to call his father but it wasn’t connecting, some minutes later his dad called him..

“hello daddy, are you OK?? Hope you are not harmed”

“no I am not, why are you asking ??”

“dad the same people who attacked you also attacked me too, dad am in real pain as I talk to you now. Thank God, He exposed them, the person who sent them which was Chioma also came to report them to the police and she was exposed. Now they are all in cell dad just come to oriri police station and see for yourself”

“who is chioma, am not with my vehicle presently, but I will find a way to that place”

” OK Pls be fast dad” Jake said before ending the call


“God what have I gotten myself into” I said with a teary voice, inhaling the bad odour of the police cell.

“I never knew I was helping a fool, those evil gang conspired against me and he instantly believed them. What will I do now, my sister and uncle had warned me over Jake but I refused oh God help me I know this isn’t a small case and I may not survive it” I said with tears rolling down my cheeks …

An hour later, Chief Madu located the police station with an Honda accord…

“dad thank God you are here ” Jake said hugging his father.

“Good day officers” chief madu greeted

“weldone sir… Good afternoon” the police officers in the counter greeted…

Immediately the DPO came out of his office and smiled broadly on seeing chief madu…
“chief chief you are welcome let’s go to my office” he said leading the way while Jake followed..


“chief madu you can have your seat”

” thank you officer, I heard your team apprehended the people who are after my family”

“exactly chief and even the ruthless girl who came to set them up meanwhile she was the one who paid them to assassinate you and your son”

“what, why will she do such a heartless thing, who on earth can kill omeluora one of itolu??” Jakes father bragged

“sir I think your son here should be able to answer that question”

“Jake you have started again, just take a look at you see what you have done to yourself”

“dad it wasn’t my fault, is it bad to date someone and later move on with another person, that was why she came for revenge coupled with what you did to her family long ago”

“long ago?? Do I know this chioma of a girl???”

“of course dad, don’t you remember that family you locked up because her uncle beat me up for no reason”

“Ohh Now I remember, those wretched family” chief madu exclaimed

“exactly dad, I think that is also part of her revenge” Jake added

“Hmmmm, no one messes with omeluora and go scott free I know how to handle people like her”

“so chief what’s your take on this, do you suggest suing her to court or do you have any other thing in mind?” The DPO asked.

“Hahaha DPO taking her to court is a waste of time, because I will definitely win the case… Church rats like her should just be silenced secretly what do you think” chief madu said in a low tune

“Hahaha chief that’s right so what about her remaining team members” the DPO asked.

“are you the one asking such a stupid question, waste them and give them out as specimen to medical practitioners… Those idi0ts dealt with me”

“no problem chief, we will do as you say and believe me you will here from us soon”

“ehn lastly don’t kill the chioma of a girl, I just want you guys to deal with her seriously to the extent that death will be a very good option for her. I will sponsor you to get capable strong men somewhere else where they will be dealing with her” chief madu said

“that’s a very good idea dad” Jake said smiling broadly

“no problem chief, you will here from us in less than two days” the DPO said giving chief a hand shake.

“yea, DPO take this little token for a start, just call me when you need more but make sure you carry my orders effectively” chief said giving the DPO a sum of 1.5million naira

“chief all this for me??? ”

“that’s just a little token, just do as I say”

“thank you very much Chief, consider all your orders done”

“good… We will be on our way now”

“OK.. No problem let me see you people off” the happy DPO said

“dad I really like what you did, that girl has been threatening me” Jake said on their way home

“hahaha son you should trust in me and behave like your father, that girl won’t live to tell her story” chief said increasing his acceleration

“it’s still because of this same girl and her threat that I called mum two weeks ago on a midnight”

“I remembered vividly, so she threatened to kill our family??”

“yes she did, she told me face to face”

“hmm she will definitely pay for that”


“Paulo am hungry?”

“sweetheart same here too, so where do you suggest we go have some lunch?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know”

“ok why don’t you ask chioma maybe we could all go together”

“wow that will be a good idea.. But wait a minute I haven’t seen chioma for three days now”

“you don’t mean it?… Well try calling her”

Chimma put a call to chioma but it was switched off…

“all her lines are switched off”

“Haaa I hope all is well with her, later in the evening we will go to her lodge”

“OK what about jake??” chimma asked

“he went to his village but will be back any moment soon”

“OK let’s go find a place to eat” chimma said holding Paulo’s hand while they walked away


It’s been three days I have been here without food nor water, I was neglected like an outcast. My stomach made a strange sound for the 15th time that day, I was d–n hungry and thirsty.

I felt my muscles getting weak and worms eating up my intestine but I just had to endure because I had no choice. I regretted the day I knew Jake, I regretted this feelings called Love, I had already moved on before I lost chinedu but deep down me I had strong feelings for Jake but the person I gave my heart is a m0nster..

How will my uncle or sister feel when they hear of this, how am I sure they would even find me. The worst part is that I don’t even know if I was going to live till tomorrow because those heartless criminals were taken away yesterday night to where I never knew, neither did they come back and it was already getting dark. I was still meddling in my thoughts when the cell gate was opened, I raised my head to see two hefty men in black coming towards me..

They tied my hands and legs I tried shouting because they didn’t look like police men but my mouth was closed up with a thick tape and tied her eyes. They carried me out of the station into a vehicle and drove away.


Chioma was taken deep into a bush which couldn’t be tracked or easily discovered till they got to a very old thatch house where she was kept in a room. The gang of four hefty heartless guys arranged another room where she will be dealt with till death is her next option.

“odion that girl make sense die” Chuks said

“no be lie guy, we can’t miss this opportunity but hope you know no be today ooo cus boss Kalu still dey arrange plans for that girl”

“hey everyone assemble here” their boss kalu called out while they all went to meet him

“the place is already in set, we have over three full beam fluorescent lights, over their is our little torture chair, three red hot iron, sets of pen knifes, pliers, salts, ice producing machine, little clubs, and many other things.. Our mission starts tomorrow but now I think she needs food, she look too exhausted for my liking because if we start with her like that she may die within two rounds of torture so odion give her this bag inside it contains all she needs and don’t forget keep close eyes on her.” Kalu their boss said

Odion did as instructed, he went to the room chioma was kept and met her crying seriously, he switched on the fluorescent light he was with and placed it on the floor…

“hey stop that cry, I know you must be hungry, take this and have a nice meal” he said throwing the bag at her.

Chioma was actually crying not because of food but the fact that she won’t see the sky, her sister, uncle and friends again… And she wished her dear mum was just alive to come to her rescue. She never wanted to eat that food but the worms in her belly kept disturbing her. She dragged the nylon bag and opened it to see a plastic plate of very cold rice and a sachet of pure.. The rice doesn’t have classification, it was neither white rice, fried rice nor Jollof rice. But that doesn’t concern her as she devoured the tasteless food in less than three minutes…

” Hahaha hungry girl” odion said while he was about to leave the room….

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