Jay hummed excitedly as he walked to class, taking out a lollipop from his pocket and unwrapping it before putting it in his mouth.

He smiled and twirled as he walked to class.

Feeling content, he winked and flashed a smile at every student he came across.

Still humming, he suddenly bumped into Miss Ina, who emerged abruptly from a corner.


“Oh my!” she shrieked as Jay caught her by the waist before she could reach the ground. Still holding her, Jay flashed her a sweet smile, which made her cheeks turn slightly red.

“Miss Ina, are you alright?” His charming voice snapped her out of her daze, and she quickly released herself from his grip.

“Oh, I’m… I’m fine… I think…” she straightened her clothes.

“Why don’t you try watching where you’re going, young guy?” Miss Ina chided.

“My dear lady, my apologies,” Jay bowed like a gentleman, while Miss Ina couldn’t help but release a chortle.

“You seem happy this morning… care to share the good news?” Miss Ina asked curiously as he leaned closer to her. She swallowed a lump immediately, freezing in place.

“Turns out I’m quite a jolly fellow… I’m always exuberant, which explains why I’m loved by all… have a great day ahead… by the way, this looks good on you,” he whispered, pointing to her lipstick. He gave her his signature smile before bouncing away. Miss Ina touched her lips, blushing as she watched him leave.



Diego entered the class, his eyes scanning the room until they landed on Kim’s. Kim averted her gaze, pretending not to see him. Diego walked towards her, but as he approached, Kim stood up, indicating her intention to leave.

“Kim, wait… listen to me first,” he tried to hold her back, but she whisked his hand away.

“I don’t have anything to say to you, so listening to you is useless,” she glared at him before marching out of the class. Diego sighed, ruffling his hair.

“Onda,” he called Onda’s attention as she looked up at him.

“Sorry, I can’t help you,” Onda said curtly before he could say anything. Her phone dinged, and she glanced at it.

?”Can you come to the music room?”?

It was a message from Jade. Her heart skipped a beat as she read it. She never expected to hear from him.

“Excuse me… I’ve… got to… go,” she stammered, immediately rushing out of the class. But as she reached the door, she bumped into Verna.

“I’m… I’m sor—” Verna suddenly flashed her a smile, furrowing Onda’s brows.

Verna made way for her, and Onda found this strange.

“Go quickly… before your crazy dogs, whom you call friends, misunderstand me for bullying you… I don’t want to get bitten by any of them this morning, you see,” Verna said, while Onda passed her slowly.

“Don’t think it’s over… my eyes are on you… our dear Onda,” Verna smirked. Onda decided to ignore her, adjusted her glasses, and made her way to the music room.

Upon reaching there, she paused by the door, watching Jade as he played the guitar slowly.

His eyes were closed and he seems to be already into what’s he’s doing. Before she could stop herself, she started drooling admiring everything about him. To her he’s just too perfect.

Jade opens his eyes and his eyes caught a pair of boots staring back at him. He looks up to see Onda staring. She suddenly gasp when their eyes met and looks away immediately.

“You’re here” Jade dropped the guitar while she rubs her sweaty palms together.

“Um…yeah…why…do you…wanna…see me?” She asked developing a cold feet suddenly.

“Why are you always on edge whenever you’re with me?” Jade quizzes back walking towards her.

“I’m…not” She said still looking down her feet.

“I’m sorry” He suddenly said making her snap her head up to him.

“For…what?” She asked while Jade rubs the back of his neck.

“Is it true…that Verna did things to you?” He asked staring at her. A lump rise in her throat.

“Is that why you called me here?”

“Well it’s part of it and also…I heard something and I also wanna clear some things out”

“Seems we have a lot to discuss”

“Um…yeah. And it’s seems awkward also” He laughs funnily.

“You’re being awkward”

“Am I?” He stopped.

“You can just be free with me…like you were before”

“Can I?”

“Un…I’d like that”

“Then…” A smile flashed through his face and he suddenly held her hand taking her to take a seat.

“Sit” He sat her down while he did beside her also.

“I’m not saying this to ruin your relationship but…Verna did bvllied me”

“How? For how long?”

“It’s been for a while…with Kim’s help she stopped but after that incident…she started again saying I…am trying to seduce you” She said slowly while Jade couldn’t help laughing.

“She said that seriously? Really? What was she thinking? I mean is that even possible? Verna can be really thoughtless sometimes…I never took her for that” Jade said tactlessly hurting Onda’s feeling in the process.

“Exactly…there’s no way that would happen…not someone like me” She mutters.

“Onda I’m really sorry about Verna…I’ll try to talk to her…and about the ki_ the incident you don’t have to think much about it. It was something that shouldn’t have happened in the beginning…I’m sorry for causing you trouble” He said holding her hands in his. Onda slowly removed her hands.

“You don’t need to apologize…I should since…it seems to took a toll on you more. As for Verna it’s okay…she promised not to do anything to me anymore…and I’ll make sure not to crash on her again. I don’t want a situation where we’ll have to be caught in a fisticuffs also.” She said and he nodded.

“By the way I heard something strange…Agnes’ party…are you gonna attend? You won’t right? I mean why would you wan_”

“I will” She answered curtly.

“Agnes is my friend…if she wants me there then I should be.”

“But you aren’t the party type. I mean you are_”

“You don’t know me Jade…whether I am or not…what you see isn’t everything. If that’s all then I shall get going…” She stood up while Jade’s eyes follows her.

“Oh,…alright…take care” He said standing up also. Onda turns to leave but then he held her back again.

“We’re okay now right?” He asked. Onda looks down on their intertwined hands.

“Of course…we are” She replied expressionlessly before slowly withdrawing her hand.

“I’ll go now” She said and rushed out of the music room. Jade looks at his palm and sighs.

“Something seems strange…what’s with me…?” He mutters returning his gaze to the door.

Onda ran through the hallway in tears. Even amongst the crowd of people Agnes still manage to spot her. She sensed something strange with her and ran after her.

Onda ran into the restroom and got into one of the stalls. There she let all her emotion out…crying her heart out. Agnes stood outside the stall…listening to her sobs…somehow, it breaks her heart.



“Hey man where have you been?!” Jay call upon jade as he got into the class looking silently disturbed.

“You okay man” Jay gave him a slight pvnch on his chest.

Jade nodded and took a seat not saying anything which was unlike him.

“Come on what’s with this vibe? It doesn’t match” Jay took a seat beside him putting his arms around him also.

“You seems to be in a good mood” Jade said.

“Apparently, something satisfying happened to me recently”

“Does it have to do with Kim?”

“Oh, my! How did you know? As expected you’re my soulmate guy” He nudges him playfully.

“You always lighten up whenever it comes to her…it’s obvious. Aren’t you falling for your best friend?”

“What?!” Jay crease his brow.

“Why act like it’s something new? You telling me you never felt anything different for her?”

“Of course I do…I feel happy whenever she’s in misery” He grins.

“I’m sure you know better…what you feel. You may deny it now but…you do know within you…what the real deal is” Jade said.

“But why are you being super tonguey today? What’s with you? You’re acting differently also”

“I was thinking…” He trailed off while Jay listen with full attention.

“Thinking of what?”

“There’ll be tons of girls to fk on Agnes’ party right?” He said and for a while Jay seems baffled.

“You were thinking of that!”

“Why? You haven’t thought of it?”

“Of course I have…and I can’t wait!”

“We should try threesome don’t you think?”

“It’ll be crazy!” They both grins.

“I can’t wait!”

“Me too!”


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