Episode 11

Chloe was still panicking, Chelsea hasn’t woke up Mrs Ava brought their food

She pleaded Chloe to eat “at least take something, she’s going to be fine”

“I can’t Mrs Ava,why hasn’t she woken up yet? “She turned to Max ” I think we should call the doctor again, something must have gone wrong”

”Calm down, she fine”he said

Chelsea opened her eyes slowly looking at the light, she stood up holding her head “where am I?”


Chloe rushed to her”are you alright? Where does it hurt?”

Chelsea $lapped her hand off her and look away

” Chelsea your sister has been worried sick about you” Mrs Ava said feeling concerned

” Are you hungry? What will you like to eat?” Chloe asked

“Get out!”she said rudely ” I don’t want to see you”and she pointed to Max “you too”

Chloe sigh and stood up from the bed leaving the room sluggishly, Max followed

“She’s going to come around” he said assuring her

” Why don’t you listen to your sister before jumping into conclusions”Mrs Ava said

” She lied to me nanny”she said almost crying

“But she must have had a reason” she said

“That still doesn’t justify the fact that she lied”she said

” She’s the only family you have remembered so listen to her and solve things”she said and stood up

They both waited patiently downstairs, Mrs Ava came downstairs a little later

“She’s calm now,if you want you can go speak to her” she said

“I’ll go” Max said “it my fault I should explain things to her”

” No I should go I’m her sister I know her better,she will listen to me”Chloe said and went to the room she was in

” Chess”she called opening the door slowly, Chelsea was staring outside through the window from her bed

Chloe sighed and walk towards her,she took a seat on the bed “Chelsea I’m sorry”

“I want you to explain to me Chloe,why did you lie?”she asked

” You see Chess, your treatment requires a lot of money and Max was willing to help if I agree to this, but trust me I’m not doing anything bad”she said

” Why didn’t you tell me from the beginning?” She asked

“Because I don’t want you to feel bad like you are feeling right now”she said

” What about Kyle?”she asked

” He knows about this and he agree to it” she said

“Are you telling the truth?” She ask and she nodded

“I’m sorry for lying Chelsea,I’m sorry for hurting you” she apologized

“It fine” she reply and they hug each other


………The next day……..

The doctor came and examined Chelsea

“To avoid future problem I think we should perform the surgery soon”he said

” Alright we will prepare everything needed”max said

” We need to examine the donor to see if he is in perfect health for surgery”he said

” We will inform him thank you doctor”Chloe said and the doctor left

She turn to Chelsea ” Did you hear that everything is going to be fine”

” I think you should go see your boyfriend and tell him about the changes”max said that she nodded.

” Chess I will be back” she said and left the mansion,she drove to Kyle house

She got down excited”Kyle”

“Chloe! What brings you here?” He asked walking towards her
” How have you been?”she asked

“Fine and you?” He replied

“I’m fine too,” she said “Kyle there’s been a change in the surgery scheduled”

” Why? What changes?”he asked

” It won’t be after I give birth it will be soon”she said

” Well I have something to tell you too” he said

“What’s that?” She asked

“I don’t want to donate anymore”he said

Chloe smile lightly ” you are kidding right?”

“No I’m serious Chloe”he said

“But why? Did I do something wrong?”she asked feeling scared

” No”he replied

” Then why?”she half yelled

“I want us to break up” he said and Chloe became dumbstruck


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