Sha Ron

Chapter 21

Molly and Vicky sat down and read books at the school library. They had been reading for twenty minutes and didn’t want to go back to class. Their physics class is so boring and they love reading on their own rather than listening to the endless words of the teacher.

“And her prince charming kssed her lips and… oh my gosh! This fantasy is the best ever!” Vicky commented.

“You are so annoying, Vicky. Don’t tell me you have been reading a novel while our exams are around the corner, this is why you never pass any of your exams!” Molly mentioned.


Vicky snatched Molly’s textbook away from her and opened the ro.mantic part of the novel right in front of her so she would read for herself.

“Oh, please! I don’t have time for this, I need an excellent remark on my terms report. Just give me back my textbook!” Molly said, shoving the novel away.

“You have seen me that want capital F in my report card! Anyway, that doesn’t bother me, I never liked the idea of going to school if not for the fun!” Vicky laughed.

“You are crazy!” Molly took her book and shook her head, this friend of hers is thinking like an old woman from the 90s.

“Of course, you guys are crazy friends of a crazy slvt!” A voice said from behind them.

They turned to see Rebecca, the friend that betrayed them, the green snake in their midst before Sophia got bursted.

“Oh, here comes the ungrateful bitch! I think you are the crazy one, it is very obvious that you have lost your mind a long time ago!” Vicky returned, lifting her chin up stubbornly.

“We will have to do some research on that, whose parents are criminals? Whose sex video was released? I guess you all know who the crazy one is now!” Rebecca mocked.

“Sometimes, I wish I could just rewind the hands of time and tell Sophia who you really are, she would have put you in your place and you won’t be in this school!” Molly boiled up.

“Is not such a big favour to be in this school, if not that the ownership has been changed, I won’t be in a criminal’s school. What would I be learning there? How to steal and fúck random men I guess!” Rebecca laughed at them.

“Can you even afford the cheapest school in this country? You are just a useless frenemy!” Vicky almost went to h!t her.

“Vicky, I think we should get out of this place, there’s this awful smell that I have been perceiving ever since this big head came into this library” Molly said.

“Yeah, you are right! Eeeew, let’s go” Vicky added and they walked away leaving Rebecca frowning after them.

“It’s you two that’s smelling!” She shrieked.

Molly and Vicky were heading to their classroom when they met the male versions of Jezebel on their way. Justin’s friends, Tyler, Franko and Greg, they sure have something to say to them because they came towards them.

“Oh no, not this time! I hate these guys and I know they are coming towards us” Vicky murmured.

“They are in a lot of trouble, let’s just run, I got no single strength for their sassy tongues!” Molly said, holding Vicky back.

“No, that doesn’t make sense at all, they will know we are escaping from their wrath and they will always cease every opportunity to ridicule us in this school” Vicky stood her ground and refused to go another way.

“I can’t really stand the smirks on their faces, those guys really have something up their sleeves” Molly murmured.

Vicky didn’t stop walking towards them, she didn’t duck into another path and refused to fumble when they blocked their path. Molly swatted her fear away and faced them too with a raised chin.

“Wow! Team Queens! When I came into this school, they were five beautiful girls, popular, arrogant and never considered losers, but what’s happening now?” Franko smirked.

“There’s only three of them, isn’t that ridiculous? They are more like the fallen angels!” Tyler laughed.

“Shut up! What right do you guys have to joke around with us? What about you guys, I remember you guys were five too, what happened? And I know why you all are being so mean, because we refused to accept you guys as our boyfriends!” Vicky said.

“Oh, sorry honey. We can have fifty of you guys in a minute, what makes you think you are so special? Let me warn you, if you keep proving to be stubborn, we will be forced to do to you guys what Justin did to Sophia!” Greg voiced out.

“So my guess is right, he did that to our friend? Why didn’t he die in the plane crash, he’s the only one that should have died in that accident, he deserves it!” Molly remarked.

“Whatever, just dare us and see the stuff we are made of!” Franko scoffed and they left them.

“I can’t believe what I have just heard. So that night at the party, and he was the one that took her inside and he practically erased his face from the video just to give her a bad name and save his face!” Molly wailed.


“I wish I could see Sophia, I wish… oh goodness, she must be suffering so much wherever she is fighting to forget that night and her parents, I just hate the fact that I can’t help her!” Vicky mumbled.

They stood there for a while before they found the legs to walk back to their class.



Cynthia woke up and was astonished to see herself still in Mr Smith’s bed. He actually let her stay there after sex? This is a big surprise. She stood up and went into the bathroom.

She took a quick shower, dressed up and carried her bag to go when he came into the bedroom again. “Good morning, sir” she greeted.

“You were amazing and sweet last night, I heard there’s a party at the clubhouse, we will go together, wait for me to get dressed” he requested, who is she to refuse?

She nodded and sat down to wait. He dressed up quickly and they went back to the slvts hotel. The party was planned for all day and night, so it was lively and lovely when they joined the party.

There are a lot of performances from the slvts, some of them performed nked dances, strlpping and lap dancing. The men splashed money on them and enjoyed their drinks.

Frederick had to stoop so low and pretend to be a customer to come into the slvt hotel to investigate. He didn’t know such a foundation existed in his country until yesterday night, he found out about Mr Smith, he dug him up and understood what his secretary had meant.

When a strlpper came to give him lap dance, he had to endure it to make sure he found out who Mr Smith is amongst the men. There weren’t any pictures of him he could find online, the man knew what he’s doing, always behind the mask.

He settled for less alcoholic beverages for an hour and thirty minutes before he finally saw him introducing himself to one of the new customers, he guessed.

He also pretentiously went to him. “Hello, I am new here and I feel delighted to be entertained so greatly by your girls, you are doing a good job, Mr Smith” he offered his hand.

“Oh yes, welcome. I’m glad you like what you see, my priority is your happiness. Make sure to book one of them, they perform magic in bed” Mr Smith beamed and shook hands with him.

“I will, they are too beautiful to be avoided. They received the best training” He goaded.

“Yes, you can say that again” Mr Smith said and left.

Fred watched him closely, he was patient until Mr Smith entered his car to go home. He followed him. Maybe they found out that a car was following them, because they suddenly sped off and changed directions until he lost them.

“Oh fk! How could I lose them just like that? I was close to catching that murderer. I must get you!” He muttered and drove home sadly.

When Flying Dragon told him that a red car seemed to be following them, Mr Smith wondered who it was that was tailing them.

He had ordered his driver to take action and make sure the guy lost track of which road they took.

“Flying dragon, I want you to get me information about that guy and let’s know why he was following us, okay?” He said to his right hand man.

“Sure sir”

Miss Lola made sure so many girls are booked by the rich men, but she didn’t let Cynthia get paid for it. After Mr Smith allowed her to go, she told her to call the other girl, Pearl, so they would wait for her in her hotel room.

She was about to go inside to join them when she was certain the party is going as planned and there were no problems, when a handsome American dude that would have done so well in the Modelling industry came to stand before her.

“Hello, I am…” Fred brought out his ID, Miss Lola almost panicked when she saw that he’s an investigator.

“How can I help you?” She asked calmly.

“I learnt you are the one assigned to manage the operation of this foundation, is that right?” Fred decided to take it easy on the lady.

“Yes, is there a problem with that?”

“I also learnt that you are a lesbian, and Mr Smith is the boss, he funded this foundation and by so doing, raised you” he went on.

Miss Lola nodded and looked around uncomfortably, who is this guy that knows so much about this foundation? She wondered.

“I just want you to cooperate with me, I guarantee you your safety because I won’t let anyone find out that I am in contact with you, I am running an underground check on this Mr Smith because he is a prime suspect of a high level of crime” He said shoving his hands into his pockets.

Miss Lola looked him up and down and didn’t know what to make of him. “I don’t think I can do that, Mr Smith has a way of discovering things, and if he discovers that I betrayed him, he won’t spare my life for sure”

“Please, I really need your help. Just tell me everything you know about that man and give me information about any of his plans, I promise to protect you. How would he find out if you didn’t tell him and I don’t tell him or did he install CCTV cameras here?” Fred pushed.

“I don’t know if I can help you, please, just go” she begged, avoiding his questions and his scary gaze.

“This is my card, I trust you will want to help me after thinking thoroughly about it, just give me a call when you finally change your mind” He said and left when he took the card.

Miss Lola watched the man enter his car and drive out before she gazed at the contact information on the card, she shook her head and slid it into her purse.

She went into her room and her lips curved in a smile when she saw Cynthia and Pearl already waiting for her in her room.

She vndressed quickly and joined them in the bed. “You don’t have to do anything, just relax and enjoy, we will do all the work” Pearl said to her.

She looked at them and accepted, “okay!” She lay down on the bed and waited for them to get started.


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