DEEP HATRED (Episodes 19 & 20)

This interesting story is written by Queen

Episode 19

Everywhere was blank and empty. I was lonely. I stood up from where I was lying. I walked in the direction of where the light took me. I came out and closed my eyes immediately because the sun shone brightly on it. The scene I saw outside was saddening, everyone I loved look sorrowful, cries filled the atmosphere.
A grave was dug in the midst of everyone.
Why didn’t anyone notice I was here already? Everyone dressed in black and standing under a black umbrella. It was raining but I felt nothing like water touching me.
I walked to mom who was sobbing and consoled by Dad.
“Mom what is going on? Who died?” I asked but she didn’t reply me. Daxton walked in the scene carrying a child and holding Isa. A coffin was brought in and dropped on the floor.
“Daddy” Isa cried and hugged Daxton crying and clutching on his trousers.
“Aww my baby” I smiled and attempted to collect him from Daxton, he was still too small to be carried with one hand. It is very strange when I tried touching him but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.
Things were getting scary, the coffin was opened for the last time and sorrowful wails filled the air. Even Daxton was also crying. I walked to the centre where the coffin was. I looked at who was inside and my eyes widened. The realization dawned on me instantly, I am dead.
My baby, my other child was beside me in the coffin. She really looked beautiful I looked down at my legs and saw I was bleeding.
“NO NO NOOO!!!” I screamed and woke up from my scary dream.
“Rayna please stay with me” Daxton said. With one heavy push, I screamed and another baby cries filled the ward. Breathing heavily and tiredly. I knew I could now rest. I closed my eyes slowly.

“Doctor will she be okay?” I asked watching the nurses carry my babies out. How happier could I be. Although, I was a bit worried about Rayna, I don’t want to lose her.
“She would be okay. Your wife is a very strong woman. I was really scared we really lost her” She said.
“Oh thank God. Can I stay here with her?” I asked.
“Oh no no! We have to clean her and she needs no disturbance for now. Don’t worry she is going to be okay” She smiled and tapped me on the shoulders. Then we walked out together not before taking a last look at my wife.
I walked slowly into the hospital. There was a hijab on my face for disguise. I’m taking revenge on Rayna today. Selene should have been here but she is heavily pregnant. I found out Rayna was brought here since yesterday afternoon and she has given birth already.
I walked inside the toilet and met the nurse I assigned to do the job for me waiting.
“Where is the baby” I asked removing the hijab
“Ma! She gave birth to twins” She replied.
“WHAT?? I want both of them” I said. She looked at me surprised and started stammering.
“I will pay you double 10,000 dollars for each baby” I said and the expression on her face changed from surprised to excitement.
“Sure ma! I will bring the babies now. If you want three, I will get them for you”
I laughed at the greedy nurse and asked her not to worry about the third child.
“Okay I will bring her now” She said and walked out.
I smiled evilly and folded my hands. Rayna it’s time for you to pay.

Nurse’s Pov
I walked inside the room where the new born babies were kept. A nurse was standing where Rayna’s babies were.
“Erm Sarah! Mrs Caine had woken up and I was asked to bring the babies”
“Okay let me help you carry one”
“It’s okay, I can manage to carry both. Continue your job” I said and carried the cots with both hands.

Debbie’s Pov
Everyone of us jumped in excitement when Daxton broke the news to us.
“Time to post on Instagram and WhatsApp ” I said and dipped my hand in my pocket but surprisingly my phone wasn’t in my pocket.
“Where did I keep it?” I said touching my back pockets.
“Gosh did I forget it in the toilet? Oh God this can’t be good. God why am I so forgetful?” I said and rushed to the toilet.
I entered in the toilet and saw a lady on hijab, she looked very familiar but whatever, I came for my phone. I kissed my phone and ran out of the toilet
On my way I bumped into a nurse.
“Oh I’m so sorry” I apologized and saw she was carrying two cots, a baby in each. I looked at her suspiciously and she noticed it.
“Erm I’m I’m taking them to their different moms” She said. “Oh okay I’m really sorry” I apologized and watched her leave but I called her back again.
“Why are you going in the direction of the toilet? The maternity wards are not in the toilet” I said and I could read nervousness in her eyes.
“Wait wait wait” I said and walked to her, I looked at the babies and blinked twice.
Why was I just seeing it now? One had Daxton’s face which I concluded immediately that he was a boy and the female looked like the baby version of Isa. These are Daxton and Rayna’s twins.
“Who are you? These children are twins and they have the same mom. What do you want to do with them?” I asked her and she realized I had caught her already. She brought out a knife all of a sudden and stabbed me then she pushed me with so much force that my head hit the concrete wall. I touched the back of my head and saw blood dripping from my stomach. She ran away in the direction of the toilet but I followed her still even though I was weak, I brought out my phone and tried dialling my brother’s number, I could feel my blood dripping on my neck. I went down and dropped the phone on the floor, I only hope brother picks the call immediately.
Brother please pick the call

Debbie just came into the toilet now but luckily she didn’t recognize me. What if she sees the nurse and realizes her brother’s children are being kidnapped?
No no I have to cancel this mission. I can’t risk anything for now. What if the nurse chickens out of the plan and brings everyone to the toilet? I would be arrested and that’s going to be another issue. I will have to leave now, I will leave through the window because I can’t come out from here.
I climbed the toilet seat and jumped out of the hospital.

Nurse’s Pov
Quickly after stabbing the woman, I entered the toilet and saw nobody there.
“Ma!” I called and looked at all the toilets but she wasn’t there, she was gone. Did I just stab someone for nothing? Did I just kidnap two babies for nothing? Did I just risk my job for nothing? No no no this can’t be happening. I dropped the cots and ran out of the toilet, this is not good, not good at all. That bitch just put me in serious trouble. I have to kill that lady. I have to kill that woman because if she doesn’t die, she might tell everyone I tried kidnapping the babies and also stabbing her. I will not only lose my job but also be imprisoned. What would I tell my father?
I walked to where she was lying down and attempted to stab her but someone stopped me.
“Hey” Her brother, the father of the twins yelled at me and ran forward. I tried stabbing him too but he pushed my hand away and the knife dropped on the floor then he slapped me really hard. I held my cheek while he picked the knife and carried his sister.
I sobbed and realized that I was a real devil and now I was gone, I would be imprisoned and daddy won’t be able to take it. The news would worsen his health and the neighbors would make mockery of him. I can’t live with that, I will rather die
“Your babies are in the restroom” I said and quickly collected the knife from him and stabbed myself.
“Doctor will she be okay? She was badly hurt when I saw her” I asked touching Debbie’s hair.
“She will be okay, and the nurse is also okay”
“Daddy!!” Isa squealed and ran to me.
“My darling” I said and carried her on my laps
“Daddy will Aunt Debbie be okay?”
“Yes of course! Now do you want to go and see your mommy and the babies”
“Yes daddy yes” She replied excitedly.

I paced around the living room waiting for Kate to be back home, Daxton has forgotten about me. Well! This will help him remember.
The door opened and I saw Kate walking in but no baby.
“Did you drop the baby somewhere?” I asked. She explained everything that had happened earlier. I screamed out my frustration and threw everything in sight away. Luckily, this is not England, Dad won’t be around.
“Sister I can’t bear this anymore, every minute I am dying inside knowing that Rayna is still happy. This is not about Daxton anymore now, I despise her so much. I DESPISE HER SO MUCH” I yelled.
“Calm down Sel…”
“Don’t tell me to calm down, even you can’t help me. I will help myself” I said.
“Selene what will you do?”
“I will blow up the hospital tomorrow morning. I will make sure Daxton leaves the hospital, then kill Rayna and her kids”
“Selene that is insane. Okay! What if Daxton doesn’t leave the hospital?”
“Then he will die with her, since I can’t have him then nobody can, NOBODY CAN” I yelled and used my finger to turn off the candle light.
“Nobody can”

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