DEEP HATRED (Episodes 21 & 22)

This interesting story is written by Queen

Episode 21

Rayna’s Pov
“Wake up sleeping beauty” I heard Daxton’s voice said. I opened my eyes a little and closed it back immediately. Damn! I was so tired.
“C’mon princess wake up, I made breakfast for you” Daxton continued. I sighed and used the pillow to cover my ears. For once I wanted to rest well, being a mother of three little kids ain’t easy at all.
“Daxton! Please two more minutes”

” Okay, I guess I will have to take the chicken pasta and meatballs away ” He said and I sprung up immediately.
“HEY!” I yelled and cover my mouth realizing my voice could wake the twins. I snatched the tray of food from him and started doing justice to it.
Isa ran inside the room leaving the door open
“Mummy mummy, happy birthday” She said and I smiled. I looked at Daxton whose face palmed himself.

“Isa I told you to keep it a secret! Now you’ve ruined the surprise” Daxton complained carrying Isa.
“I love you ” Isa said and we both laughed.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful, amazing and wonderful wife and mother” Daxton said and pecked me. Isa also gave me a soft kiss on my cheek”

“Thanks hon” I appreciated then continued doing justice to the food including Isa.
After eating I dropped the empty tray on the table while Isa ran out after greeting the sleeping babies. Any minute from now one of them would start a fuss, I just hope it’s not Axton. That boy is a bag of trouble just like his father.
I stood up ready to take my bath but Daxton pulled me back making me land on him.
“Today is your birthday, why don’t we stay up the whole day?”

“Yeah and give me triplets this time around, nice try Daxton” I said and stood up but he pulled me back again. My hair was on his face so I had to brush it away.

“C’mon I won’t score my goal this time around” He smirked already removing the strap of my nightie.

“Yeah, Daxton I need to take my bath before my angels wake up” I said but Daxton wasn’t listening. He pulled my night gown down to my waist exposing my sensitive part of the body. He leaned on me and gave me a passionate kiss which I returned, I smirked mischievously and quickly ran into the bathroom.

After taking my bath, I walked out of the bedroom to see that Daxton was carrying Axton already.
“I knew it” I said and walked to Ayna’s cot, the angel was still sleeping.

” He is sleeping already, all he needed was his wonderful father”
I scoffed and went to my dressing room, I was surprised seeing a blue gown. The gown seemed really familiar but I couldn’t remember.

“Beautiful right” Daxton said walking inside my dressing room wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Hmmmm” I replied and turned to look at him.

“It looks so familiar” I saif pointing on his chest
” Remember while you were pregnant, you felt so bad that you couldn’t wear pretty clothes and remember how much you loved this gown but felt disappointed that it couldn’t fit you and it was the only model available…”
I gasped in surprise
“DAXTON” I whispered screamed and hugged him so tightly.
“Today I am going to make you so happy Rayna, I promise you” He said and cupped my chin.
“You’re a year older but you look younger each day…. Damn I’m so blessed” He said and smirked.

“I’m really surprised that you, Mighty Debbie is calling me, especially at a restaurant. Today is your sister in law’s birthday hope you don’t forget” Taylor said and sat down.
I put down my shades and observed him
“How is your wife and Son?” I asked

“They are great” I replied
I passed him some pictures I took secretly of “innocent” Lora, he looked at me suspiciously and took the picture.

“Debbie you are making me feel like an assassin, giving me a picture of somebody to kill” Taylor joked and we both laughed.
I explained everything to Taylor and he sighed deeply.
“Debbie, if there is anything I know about my sister she is really soft hearted and won’t be able to see the truth that is, if Lora is really up to something. Have you tried checking her name online or something”

” I tried but I didn’t see any results. That’s why I was hoping you could help me search her name in your office”
“Well Debbie! What you are asking for is really not easy, I have to see my boss first…”
I interrupted him
“Your sister’s life may be in danger” I said and he became shocked.
“Why why would you say such?”

“Because I have a bad feeling about it” I said and he stared at me for seconds probably thinking of something.

Today is the perfect day to execute my plan, I will have to get rid of Debbie because she is going to be a perfect hindrance to me.
I frowned as I heard silly giggles coming inside the kitchen, it was Isa’s. I so hated that girl. Her innocence and free lifestyle makes me so mad.
Today is Rayna’s birthday and I have to prepare all the dishes. I will use this opportunity to poison Debbie. But she won’t die like that, she will wake up cold dead tomorrow morning and nobody will suspect a thing. Kate has already settled the doctor’s part. So I am safe.
“Aunt Lora! Aunt Lora! Please give me some milk” Isa said playfully and gave me a sweet smile. The smile made me so mad.
“Get the…” I stopped myself immediately and smiled at her.
“No milk for you today Isa” I said and she frowned but the smile came back again.
“But Aunt Lora why? Today is mommy’s birthday”
I rolled my eyes at her and opened the fridge then brought out a jar of milk.
“Here, make sure you don’t drown” I said sarcastically.
“Aunt Lora a jar of milk can’t drown” She corrected and giggled strotting out.
I hope Kate asks me to finish her because I can’t bear it anymore.
Even the love between Rayna and Daxton is so sickening. Why can’t they understand that they have kids already? Can’t the love fade away.
Acting like fools
I looked at the mirror admiring the gown and touched my stomach.
Daxton got out of the shower and gasped.
“Even after 3 children…Rayna please marry me again ” He knelt down in a proposing manner.
“Yes I will” I said and giggled.
He stood up and carried me up, our lips were about meeting when a knock was heard on the door.
Lora’s head was popping out of the door.
“Sir! Ma! The guests are already here”
“Okay thanks” He said and dismissed her. I looked at him confused.
“Guest?? Daxton don’t tell me you are throwing a birthday party for me” I asked.
He put me down slowly

“I know you don’t want any party that’s why I just invited friends and family, that’s all. Just a dinner party babe” He explained.
I rolled my eyes and folded my hands
“Is that why you didn’t allow me go downstairs since morning?”

“Yes babe” He said and folded his arms around me.


I walked downstairs carrying Axton while Daxton was carrying Ayna, everyone sang the Happy birthday song while I walked downstairs.
“A small party right?” I asked Daxton.
We reached downstairs and the greetings started, I hugged mom and she didn’t waste time in collecting Axton from me. She unbuckled him from my front and carried him, while Jenifer rushed to collect Ayna.
“Mummy mummy” Isa said and jumped on me. I carried her immediately
“I’m feeling jealous” Daxton said and she passed herself to him.
He exclaimed.
“Isa what is this? You’ve become fat”
“No daddy”
“Yes Isa”
She frowned and hit him gently.
“Ask mummy. She is always cooking delicious food and I can’t stop eating” She said and I laughed.
“She got it from me” Daxton said and kissed her on the cheek.
Everyone sat down at the dining table. Daxton was sitting between Debbie and I while Isa was sitting beside me.
“I wonder why my brother is not here” I said and Debbie chuckled nervously.
“He will be here soon, I guess he had some work to do” Debbie said and I looked at her confused. Not feeling like asking other questions I stay silent.
Lora came in assisted by some workers that Daxton hired and started dishing out the dinner. Debbie’s phone rang and she excused herself to take the call.
Lora bowed her head and smiled after serving the food, then excused herself
“Mummy I want to sit beside my daddy” Isa said and got of the seat.
She sat on Debbie’s seat.
“Mummy please pass my food” Isa said.
I was about passing it but Dad stopped me.
“It’s the same quantity, no need” Dad said.
“Isa say the prayers” Daxton said and everyone closed their eyes and said Amen to her prayers.
Debbie came in and was surprised to see Isa on her seat but she didn’t mind.
“Isa is stealing my brother from me” She said jokingly and we all laughed.
“Happy birthday mummy” Isa said and passed me a kiss.

I said my goodbyes to our guests after the dinner party. Axton and Ayna are in their room sleeping.
Daxton and I decided to use the free time to watch a movie.
I put Isa to bed and watched her sleep, I was about leaving her room when she called me back.
“Mum, my stomach and head hurts badly” She said.
I was shocked that she was already crying.

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