Meet Damon.

A young billionaire in his 20’s. Aura of power surroundeds him. He’s cold hearted and doesn’t give a dmn about anyone or anything.

He’s so popular worldwide!

He’s handsome, words can’t be able to describe his handsomeness. A hottie greek God whom even when on wheelchair,  ladies throw themselves at him. Would even die for a single touch from him.

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He only has one friend – Jayden.



Meet Wendy.

A 22years old single mother, with her 5 year old son. She does all sort of jobs to make ends meet. Some times a waitress. Some times a bartender. Sometime a cleaner at a company etc. She’s really a crazy type. She doesn’t take shts!

She has only one best friend – Ana



What happens when the two hot-headed meets. What happens when Wendy is to work as a personal maid to Damon.

What happens when she finds out she and Damon had a thing in past!

Find out in this thrilling and exciting story.

Are you guys ready?!! Let’s dig in





By Chioma Miracle

? Every time I see your face ?

?My heart smiles?

?Every time, it feels so good?

?It hurts sometimes?

?Created in this world to love, to hold, to feel, to breathe, to live you?

?Dangerously in love?

“ Wendy!.. Wendy!! Can you turn off that music now!!! ” Ana yelled as she stood akimbo watching Wendy who was lost in the music

Dancing different types of crazy steps. Ana palmed her face and signed

She walked over to Tv stand and switched the music off and turned to Wendy who looked at her with a horrifying face.

Ana bursted out laughing at Wendy’s funny face.

“ Why the he.ll did you off that music dumba$s! ”Wendy yelled loudly opening her arms questionly

She spank her forehead and felt really angry for Ana being a kill joy.

She has spent most days looking for job but no to avail

And now she’s trying to dance away her pains of not looking for a job

“ Wendy how can you be dancing huh ?! Take a look at the time ” Ana said pointing at the wall clock in the living room.

Wendy’s eyes drift off to the clock. She smirked confusedly

“ so? what’s wrong with the clock. look Ana I’m not gonna let you free this time for being a kill joy. I’m so gonna strangled you right now GEORGE ANA!! ” Wendy yelled harshly pointing at Ana

who stood staring at wendy as if she’s gone nut

“ bu..but We..Wendy you forgot to.. to…” Ana tried saying something

But Wendy didn’t let Ana finish her statement before dashing towards her

They kept running around the sitting room like little childrens

“ Wait Wendy.. you’ve got to lis…..” but Wendy won’t stop she kept chasing Ana around trying to catch her.

“ Wendy you’ve got to listen to me now okay. you…you’ve got to school and pi…pick Nicholas ”

Wendy frozed instantly on hearing Nicholas. Her 5 years old son.

Gosh how could I have forgotten! she yelled in her head as she dashed upstairs to her room to pick her purse

She rushed downstairs

“ Wendy you need to……” Ana wanted to say something

But Wendy didn’t wait to listen as she already left the house in a hurry towards her son school.

The only person who means the whole world to her.

She’s an orphan. She could remember vividly well when her parents and siblings were killed by some unknown gun men right in front of her.

But she was spared alive to withess the horror that happened that day in her home.

After the burial of her parents. She went to a nearby club and saw a huge party was going on.

She got drunk and had a one night stand with an unknown guy which lead to her early pregnancy

Even if she couldn’t remember the man vividly well. Even when she doesn’t have much income to even carter for herself.

She couldn’t abort the baby and become a murderer.

She kept the little being alive and with the help of her best friend Ana who’s also a orphan like her. They were able to help each other and make ends meet

And she’s very thankful to God for giving her such a lovely friend who’s more like blood sister


Wendy always act like the eldest but Ana always behaved more matured than her

And Ana is a chef in Mr Bigg’s eatery. She’s really a good cook.

Wendy signed in deep thoughts as the cab drove in speed to the school.





She dropped at the school gate and payed the cab driver who surprisingly told her to keep the money.

She was grateful and and thanked the man for his kindness. They exchanged numbers before he left.

Walking into the school compound. She tried searching for Nicholas but couldn’t find him

Where could he be ?! she panicked as she searched around only to find him at the back of the class weeping


Wendy ( pov )

I rushed him to worried of what might be wrong

“Nicholas baby what’s wrong?! ”I asked checking his body for any burises or something

I noticed him stylishly trying to clean his tears.

“nothing mummy. I’m..I’m.. fine.. nothing is wrong ” he replied cleaning his eyes

I knew he was lying cause he also tried pretending as if something got into his eyes

I squatted in front of him as I held his arms rubbing it softly

“Tell me Nicholas.. don’t lie to mummy… What’s wrong ?” I asked staring at his eyes as he looked away and fresh tears fell down on his face

I stood up as I looked at him scared of what might be wrong

I have known my son to be a strong boy what could have caused this.

And he’s too calm to look for troubles

I don’t know what it might be and I wish he tells me

“Mummy…. ” he called slowly as I nod

I placed my hands on his cheeks urging him to continue.

“ Mummy… I was told not to come to school as from next week… I was almost chased out of class today if not the principal who gave me the grace of today…” he sniffed as I wiped his tears away

“…….. Mummy they have been giving me papers to give to you. It contains that you should come and pay my school fees. I didn’t give you cause I don’t want to be a burden to you an…and…..” He couldn’t finish his words as it seemed the tears hooked his throat

I looked away slowly as tears fell from my eyes .

I couldn’t believe he did all this for me. He always come home cheerfully and I was too busy to notice my joy is really bearing alot in his heart

I looked at him and cleaned my face.

sniffs… “ Nicholas baby I promise you will go to school on Monday okay ” ….sniffs

“you will go to school and that’s a promise okay… Mum’s promise okay ”.. ….sniffs

He nod as he embraces me tightly.


We stayed a moment before I cleaned us up and left the back of class we bumped into the principal

“ hi mrs Wendy ” she greeted with smiles

“ Hi ma’am .. how are you doing ? ” I force a smile

“ I’m fine my dear.. hope Nicholas has been sending my messages to you?” she asked arching her eyes brows

I signed deep and nod.

“yes ma’am. he did ”

She nods.

“ you see my dear.. you’ve got to pay his school fees in time okay.. he’s a good kid and also a smart one I have ever seen. he’s also wise and intelligent… please try all your possible best to pay up okay ” the principal said with a sad smile

“ yes ma’am I promise I will soon ” I said not even sure if I will be able to get any job during the weekends since its Friday today

I hope I can and fulfill my promise to Nicholas. I must say I didn’t even know when I made such promise.

I Just wanted to make him better. Gosh!

We talked few minutes with the principal before leaving the school premises and boarded a cab home.



“ Who the fk cooked this trash?! ” Damon roared furiously as he stared at the food in front of him disgustingly

Jayden shot him a stare lowly.

Damon and his cold attitudes urg!!. he said mentally

The maid came running into the dining in a flash shirnking with fears

her hands and legs body shakening with fears wrriten all over her body with her head bent low

“ I…I..si…sir…..” She shutters scaredly with eyes shut. Fear to look at Damon

“ Your fired! ” He yelled at her

“ Jayden! ” Damon called as he shot him a stare

Great! Jayden said mentally as he stood up from the dining chair

He walked over to Damon and helped him seat on his wheelchair.

He rolled him out of the dining towards his room upstairs with the help of the security men.

He rolled him into his room. Jayden turned the door knob and open the room door and rolled in. closing the door behind them.

He rolled Damon towards the bed. He held Damon’s hand as he helped Damon sit on the king’s size bed

Jayden signed tiredly.

“ Jayden…you have to……”

“ not now Damon please I’m tired ” Jayden said twisting his head side to side

Damon chuckled and Jayden stopped and shut him a stare

Did Damon just chuckled!

“ Damon your chuckling ?!” Jayden called unbelievably as he stared at his best friend

Damon quickly changed his face expression into a Stern one.

“ Jayden do well to get me a maid and I’m giving you 48hours to do it! ” ordered Damon

Jayden scoffed at him.

“ Damon do you really ask me to do that ?.. wait do you even need a maid huh ? ” Jayden asked arching his eyes brows while standing akimbo.

Damon simply nod like a child.

“ For Christ sake Damon you have sacked over 12 maids now a week!…. and where do you want me to get one for you?! ”

” Anywhere Jayden ” Damon shrug slightly with smiles

He’s trying to get on Jayden’s nerves.

“ gosh your so unbelievable Damon! ” Jayden cried out.

He hit his forehead as he left the room growling angrily.

Damon chuckled again.

“ Silly ” he cur$ed under his breath as he laid properly on the bed and covered himself with the duvet.


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