By Chioma Miracle

Wendy ( pov )

I felt a hard tap on my back as I fluster my eyes open quickly.. and looked up sleepily to the person – Tara

I stared at her with a frown as I wiped the drool off the corner of my mouth.

It was morning already.

“ are you gonna sleep here all day huh?! ” she yelled banging her hand on the table

I looked away and ignored her as I stood up and walked out the kitchen towards the dining to clean the table

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can’t believe I slept off last night on the mini dining in the kitchen

Few minutes I was done I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while Tara stared at me like some sort of movie.

“ make me some cheese and humbunger ” she order as she left the kitchen swing her waist

*I hope Nicholas is fine… I really miss him so much.. I’m gonna go see him later in the day..* I thought as I washed the dishes

I was done and I picked the kitchen towel to wipe my hands

Walking over to the mini dining table in the kitchen I picked up my phone and saw a message pop up from – Lucas

* Meet me at Gordon Ramsay restaurant. 10am *

I signed as I dropped the phone back on the table. I turned towards the gas cooker to make breakfast for Tara.



She sat watching me as I dished her food on the dining.

“ take this trash away ” she said referring to the orange juice on the dining

“ get me strewberry instead ” she added authorityly as she picked her cutlery

“ get that your self! ” I snapped at her angrily

She flashed me a Stern look.

“ Wendy or whatever you call your name.. your just a flirty maid and you must do as I say here! ” she yelled

“ I maybe a maid here but not to you! ” I replied back furiously

She scoffed as she grabbed the orange juice on the table and splashed on my face

Fk! I didn’t see that coming.. I flinched back as wiped my face.. I moved closer to her and grabbed her arms and shook her furiously

“ let me go your bch! ” she yelled as she tried to free her self but she couldn’t

“ Wendy?! ” I heard someone exclaim my name as I freed Tara from my grip

“ Jay.. Jayden…” I shuttred as I walked closer to him and embraced him crying

“ oh my God Wendy… What’s wrong ?! ” he asked curiously patting my back

“ and Tara what are you doing here ? ” I heard Jayden asked

I desengaged as I stared at Tara back to Jayden

Jayden knows her?!

“ long time no see Jayden ” Tara said smirking

“what are you doing here ? ” Jayden asked with a big frown and confusion plastered on his face

Wait… Who’s Tara to Jayden?!.. it seems they have a thing before at the look of something

“ oh baby… Of course I came to see…..”

She was cut short when we heard yelling outside the house… We all rushed out to see a lady dressed in a mini black gown with her hair flowing freely from her hair… She looks beautiful tho.

“ I want to see Damon!…. Where the he.ll is he?! ” she kept yelling as the securities tried holding her down

Just then we heard a low groan… We turned to see a young boy let’s say about – 17

wheeling Damon towards us… Wait… What’s up with this new faces today

First the crazy lady and then this young boy…. I watched with an expressionless face as I watched the show

“ oh baby have miss you so much ” the crazy lady smiled seductively as she walked towards Damon giving him a peck on his lips.

Oh no we didn’t see that coming!!!

Tara grabbed the crazy lady by the hair and gave her a resounding slap!. And a fight issue

“ you don’t dare touch my husband!.. my Damon!!” Tara yelled at while beating her up

“ he’s not yours… He’s mine.. you stole him from me!” the crazy lady held Tara to the ground… Giving her resounding slaps on her face..

While we all watched them like some sort of show.

I smirked inwardly as I throwed Damon a stare who’s face was expressionless as he watched both lady killing themselves because of him.

I walked inside the house towards my room upstairs

I got in and closed the door behind me.. I began removing my wears as I walked towards the bathroom to take my bathroom which I took for – 10mintues

Before stepping out and moved closer to closet to pick a dress

Yeah I saw some new female dresses in the closet which Weren’t there before and I must say they are beautiful! But I’m surprised as to how to got there.

I choose a plain Red gown which had a v cut at the back and rope that tied it…. the gown got to my knee… As it also brought all my curves making it real visible

I walked to dressing mirror and packed my hair neat ponytail and little lipgloss

I picked my black purse on the bed before wearing my black shoes as I stepped out of the room towards the downstairs

“ for Christ sake Tara was my ex!.. and you don’t have the right to make out with her! ”

I heard voices… Wait.. that’s Jayden!!

I took the last step down before they all noticed me… staring at me like some sort of statues

Damon’s gaze on me really made me a bit nervous as I cleared my throat and walked out hurriedly before he gets the whole thing – I was going out

Who knows he might stop me.

Geez!..flowerhorn! I so much hate him and I’m really angry at him.

I wonder where the two crazy bches were.. maybe they have been kicked out cause I can’t even find Tara anywhere.

I checked my wrist watch – 9:55am

I got outside the mansion and boarded a cab to the restaurant to meet Lucas.




Lucas ( pov )

I’m currently at the restaurant waiting for the Wendy.

I must say I so much love her the very first time my eyes set on her and I promised myself to make her mine.

Not minding the fact she got a son.

I poured my self some water on the glass cup as I sighted Wendy coming into the restaurant.

I waved at her as she walked towards me with a weak smile.

Huh?!… Wendy looks so pale! but still beautiful tho… Look at those damn curves

I gluped my glass of water as I stood up and gave a hug as she got to me.

“ hi Lucas ” she said as we desengaged

“ hi baby girl… how are you doing?! ” I replied as we sat down facing each other.

“ I’m fine.. I’m fine ” she replied smiling sweetly as ever

I chuckled

“ but you don’t look so to me.. tell me what’s wrong ” I asked staring with curiousity

Of course!.. I know she’s not fine at all

She adjusted on her seat feeling uneasy with my question

I knew it!

“ I’m fine Lucas… Nothing is wrong with me ” she replied with a smile which didn’t reach the eyes

I signed

“ what would you like to take… Waitress! ” I called

“ no no Lucas.. I’m fine.. thank you ” she said holding my hand down

I stared at her confusedly while she looked away

“ um okay if you say so… So tell me about the new job you got ” I said I poured my self more water

I’m not really a fan of acohols.

She chuckled

“ well the job is quiet okay… I’m working as a maid ” she said nodding her head playful

“ huh?! A maid ?!.. where?! ” I asked curiously

Why would she want to work as a maid when I’ve been offering her a job to work as my PA in my company.

“ actually I’m working at…..” she was cut shot by her phone call

She guestures a pardon towards me as she picked up the phone placing it on her ear.


Wendy ( pov )

I picked my phone it was – Ana.

“ hi Ana ” I said over the phone

“ hello Wendy.. please come to the hospital right now… It’s Nicholas! ” she rushed her words in a sad tone

I stood up in swift

“ Nicholas why?! What’s wrong?!! ” I panicked

“ he fain…”

I didn’t let her finish before dashing out the restaurant without waiting for Lucas who was calling me.

Oh my God please help me.. I pray nothing happens to my son!!… I won’t forgive my self!!




Damon ( Pov )

Jayden kept yelling about me making out with his ex!.

Truthfully I didnt knew they once dated when he was at LA for a company trip.

But who fking cares!

I watched him keep yelling here and there until she came down stairs

Fk! doesn’t know she’s this beautiful..Oh em gee.

Those curves… sxy lips and hot legs.

I was lost staring till I didnt know when she stepped out of the house. I was lost.

Wait.. was that Wendy or someone else??

I signed as I beckon on – Jerry

The houseboy I got to assist me on wheeling my wheelchair

since Jayden has been so busy at the office.

fk this damn wheelchair.. I’m tired on sitting on them!.

I signalled Jerry to take me to my room while Jayden kept staring at me with a angry look.

We were about going when Jayden’s phone rang.

“ hello Ana ” he said over the phone

Ana?!.. who’s Ana?!!..

I shot him a stare while he glared at me. I scoffed

“ what?! Nicholas?! ” he yelled with eyes widen in shock

I wondered what’s wrong as I Arch my eye brows

“ is Wendy there already ?! ” he asked curiously as he smacked his forehead

“ alright…alright… I’m coming.. I’m coming ” he said in a hurry as he hanged up quickly as he moved to me and kssed my cheek


“ I’m.coming baby.. I’ve got to rush somewhere.. don’t worry I’m not really angry with you huh ” he said sweetly as he dashed off before I could stop him.

Wendy?!!.. Nicholas?!..

Is it her boyfriend?!…

I thought with a big frown on my face… I was suddenly getting angry

Wait… Why I’m getting angry for crying out loud.!!!

I heard Jerry chuckled as I shot him a stare as he cowered his face away while I gritted my teeth in thoughts.



Wait did you guys noticed what Damon said… Don’t you find it suspicious

He said :: *fk this dmn wheelchair.. I’m tired on sitting on them!*


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