By Chioma Miracle


I got to dad’s Mansion and met him standing at the parking alot with his two hands being tucked into his two Pockets

I came down from the car and walked towards him while the two securities standing behind him on seeing me bowed and left immediately.

“ hi dad” I said with a small smile while he glared at me

“ coward ” he cursed lowly as he rolled his eyes at me while my face turned sore.

I felt weak and useless instantly.

“ how’s many shares do you secretly own at Damon’s company ? ”

“ 70 percent sir ” I said in a low tone as my heart kept beating with pains and anger

I tried my possible best to keep calm.

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He scoffed away before looking back at me.

“ I need the documents by noon tomorrow ”

“ sir? ” I said confusedly as I stared at him

“ I ordered you to keep buying shares but you disobeyed me ” he growled

“ I warned you to never let Wendy and Damon meet but you failed in doing so you good for nothing dumb-a$s!” he yelled at my face as I shut my eyes talking all the insults being laid one me ”

“ I’m doing all this to secure a better life for us and you as well but your just being so ungrateful and a disappointment!” he gritted his teeth

“ get out of my sight! ” he said looking away I opened my eyes and stared at him for awhile before turning and leaving immediately

I got into my car and banged it close loudly as I ignited the car and drove off the mansion .

Why does dad treat me this way?!

But I always try to make him happy.

I’m just scared of Damon. He’s too hot to handle!

Geez! Maybe indeed I was a coward! A weakling!




Doctor Anthony pov

After taking few details on Nicholas. I turned to Ana who was standing beside me but seemed absentmindly as she stared into the space on the floor

“ Ana ” I called but no response

“ Ana!! ” I taped her as she gasped and few seconds signed deeply

“ I’m sorry doc .” she said with a small smile which didn’t reach the eyes

“ what’s wrong ? … You Know you can always talk to me about anything ” I placed my left hand on her shoulder

She looked at it and looked away with a sad face

“ nothing doc. everything is fine seriously ” she said shrugging while I removed my hands off her shoulder and tucked it into my pockets

“ I suspect Victor might have wronged you but whatever he did. Please forgive him ” I said with pleading eyes

“He’s been a good boy. I know none of us of is perfect but I trust you will make a good decision for yourself ” I added

which she stared at me for awhile and nodded her head

“ thank you ” I said with a smile

“ how’s Nicholas now ” she asked with a worried look while i signed sadly

“ getting worse… I’m sorry to say… His heartbeat is getting more lower ”i replied with a sad tone.

Ana was about to fall but I was quick to catch her.

“ be strong ” I said lowly as I helped her stood well.

“ but doc. isn’t there something we could do doctor please … Don’t let anything happen to this poor boy please doc ” Ana said getting more teary

“ I wish I could do something but let’s hope on God. There’s nothing he can’t do ”

Ana open rang up immediately as she brought it out of her purse and picked it up before placing it on her ear



I checked my phone screen. It was – Wendy

“ hi Ana. How are you ? ”

She asked over the phone

“ I’m fi..I’m fine Wendy ” I replied trying to overcome my cranking voice.

“ hmm what’s wrong Ana.? ” she questioned

She seemed to notice something was wrong

“ no-nothing babe ” I replied faking a smile

“ are you sure ”

“ yes! ”

“ hmm okay… I’m coming to the hospital tommorow to see Nicholas ”

“ uh… Um really ? ” I asked as tho I didn’t hear her

I was just too confused on what to make her not to come.

She must not see Nicholas in this state. It will break her.

“ uh.. um okay ” slipped from my mouth


“ alright take care. Bye muah. Love youu”

She hanged up while I looked up to doc Anthony who was staring at me

“ it’s Wendy. She’s coming tommorow ”





I felt bad the way I talked to Ana .

I was just too angry to control myself

Fk! What have I done?!

But it wasn’t my fault. She was making out with another guy openly!

Like kssing him passionately like he was her life.

And it seemed like she never wanted me but him.

Geez! I’m going crazy right now!! What do I do ?!!




Tigress POV

“I think it’s high time I get Damon all to myself before someone does.”

“ I think it’s high time I play my games ”

“I can no longer wait before someone else steals him away from me!”

I took the wine and sip it little before dropping it back on the dining table while I cup my face inhaling before dropping my hands on the table

“I wonder who that bch is to Damon” I frowned

“I must find out and get rid of her quickly ”

“My hunch tells me she might be an obstacle ”

Dmn you wh®re!

“ Watch your back cause I’m coming for ya ” I smirked evily

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