By Mha Rhy




“Wow daughter you look beautiful” Mrs Gunner complimented as Minnie came out of her room”

She was wearing a denim ripped jeans with with crop top with white sneakers” her makeup was light which sparkles bringing out her beautiful face”

“Thanks Mom” Minnie smile hugging her Mom tightly

“Minnie I hope you limit the level of your ¢raziness a bit” don’t fight with anyone please”

EGOCENTRIC SECRETARY : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“I won’t as long as they don’t pass their boundaries am leaving

Have your breakfast”

“No am late already will eat something at school

*Ok daughter take care of yourself* Mrs Gunner kssed her forehead

*Bye Mom*


Minnie got outside walked to where the cars are parked

*She decided to use the Lamborghini her mom bought for her last week”

*She boarded the car and drive out of the compound*


The students screamed loudly as The DOL drive in

“Donna, Ophelia and Lorraine came out of the car proudly”

“The queens are back*

*Lorraine looks more hot with her hair dyed pink*

*Ophelia looks cute*

*Will you be my girlfriend Donna?*

*Donna will always be the most beautiful among the three”

Donna smile listening to the students comments”

“She loves being classified as the most beautiful girl in crescent”

“The Kings are here* A girl screamed out

“Really??!! Everyone asked and imediately
Five latest cars troop in

“The Kings*

*The DOL smile as their cars parked beside them

“The Kings came out of their car majestically but with the aura of Arrogance

“Kai let me be your girlfriend

*Just one night with you Lucas

*Johnny you look more hotter”

*Chris am here for you baby*

*Mark let me have your number*

“Many girls fainted while some continue drooling

“This jobless people* Kai muttered shaking his head

*Let’s just go inside* Lucas said

“Hi Kings* The DOL said at once with smile

*How may we help you?” Chris ask rudely and the DOL stood still in embarrassment but covered it up with smile


Donna was about to say something when a car horn from behind

*Wow! That’s the latest Lamborghini*

*Heard it worth billion dollars*

The car continue horning but the DOL stood still ignoring it

“Minnie came out of the car licking a sweet*

*Wow! Who is she?

*She looks more beautiful and sexy than the DOL

*The Kings watch Minnie skeptically except for Chris who ignored her presence*

*If you want to die so easily* you can just go to a flowing River and jumped into it” because am sure you weren’t deaf when I kept horning;” Minnie said walking to the DOL

*So?! Donna asked nonchantly

*So? You are asking me that? Minnie asked angrily

*Yes! Do you expect me to say sorry?! Donna rolled her eyes making Minnie scoffed

“You know I don’t plan on showing my ¢raziness on my first day here but i don’t think I can keep to that”especially because of douchebag like you, Minnie said smiling mischievously

” ” How dare you? Do you k_

She couldn’t complete her words when Minnie flipped over her shoulder and hit her body on the ground” Everyone gasped in shock

” Oh Lord! Donna mumbled and blacked out

” Prison food seasoning” Uncompleted warehouse” Minnie said and walked away leaving everyone with their mouth open including Chris..


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