By Succie Brown



“You were at fault for calling him a freeloader Desiree” Paige said. She’s talking to Desiree on the phone.

“I know. But he sure knows how to hold a grudge. He doesn’t want to accept my apologies”.

“Picking on him every time, is way different from calling him a Freeloader. He must be so hurt, because he does every single chores in your house, while you sit comfortably at home, doing nothing”.

“It was a slip of the tongue, I didn’t mean to say it. My Dad won’t talk to me either, unless Bryan forgives me, and that little rascal is being hard-headed”.


“Take him out on a date” Paige said.

“What? Are you ¢razy? Who will take who out on a date? He’s not my boyfriend so why should I take him out on a date?”

“Is not meant for only couples alone, ok. That poor guy have been dedicating his whole life to your dad’s convenience store. He needs a break”.

“Whatever. I’m not doing it, never” Desiree said.

“Suit yourself then. I’ve been talking to you for ages, I need to talk to my boyfriend now” Paige said.

“Go ahead, stupid girl”

Paige giggles and ends the call.

She did her into a pigtail style, before going to Grey’s room, but Carding wasn’t there.

“Where did he go?” She muttered.

She heard some rustling sounds from the kitchen and she chuckles.

Paige enters the kitchen and sees Carding cooking. She smiles before walking to him, wrapping her hands around his waist from behind.

Carding smiles.

“Are you done talking to Desiree?” He asked.

“Yes I’m” Paige said resting her head in his back, making Carding smiles.

“What’re you cooking?” She asked and Carding face her.

“Nicoise salad, with poached eggs and bacon” Carding said.

“Can I taste it?” She asked excitedly.

Carding nods and feeds her some bacon.

“Wow, it so delicious”


“Yes. I can’t cook something as delicious as this. But your born with a silver spoon, right? So how did you know how to cook”.

“My mom didn’t raise me as a spoilt brat”

“Aah, I see why you aren’t the rude, annoying kind of guy. Is so yummy. I love you” Paige said eating more of the bacons.

“Do you love me because I gave you food. You always say you love anyone that gives you food”.

“You still remember that?” Paige asked with a smile, coiling her hands around his neck.

“Of course I do. Every single words you say is always stucked in my Head. Your so important to me” Carding said.

Paige smiles.

“Your important to me too Carding”.

“Don’t do it again?”

“Do what?”

“Telling anyone you love them because they gave you food”.

“Why? Will you get jealous?”

“Yes, so jealous that I might want to beat up the person” Carding said with his hands on Paige’s waist.

Paige laughs.

“Including my family”

“They aren’t included, Only them are expectional, say those three words to only me, and me alone” Carding said caressing her @ss softly.

“Alright noted” Paige said and Carding gave out a handsomely smile.

“I Love you so much Paige”

“I Love you too Carding”.

Carding kss her lightly and Paige frown.

“What with the light kss for?” She asked.

“I need to concentrate back on my cooking Paige. You won’t want us to burn down the house, right?”.

Paige turns off the cooker and Carding creased his brows looking at her.

“Problem solved. Let’s just kss still forever” Paige said cutely.

Carding chuckles and hoisted her up, and Paige galdly locked her legs around his waist, kssing the sensitive part of his neck.

“Since when did you become this naughty”.

“Since the day you became my boyfriend”.

“Let’s kss hotly before my parents gets back” Paige said.

“Hotly? Do you want to destroy my lips?” Carding asked.

“Blame yourself for having a sweet tasty lips. Kss me already” She whines.

“Fine. You don’t have to act like a witch” Carding said with a smile, before kssing her.

Paige gave him more entry into her mouth, and their to.ngues collide with each other, as they sucked and tasted the sweet flavors of their lips.

It was just like eating bread alongside with jam… So soothing and delicious.




“Ouch!! Why did you hit me Desiree?” Paige asked. Both were already in class, alongside with the CAD.

Angelo and Dylan already knew both Paige and Carding were dating, Cuz Carding never hides anything from them.

“Because you keep looking at Carding, as if you met him for the first time” Desiree said.

“And what law states that is a crime when you look and admire your boyfriend”.

“Look at her showing off that her boyfriend is handsome”.

“If it hurts you, Go ahead and get a boyfriend” Paige said and sticks out her tongue.

Desiree hits her playfully and Paige laugh.

“Are you and Bryan in talking terms now?” Paige asked.

“He’s still mad at me… Don’t even talk about the idea of taking him out on a date, thinking about it gives me goosebumps, eww”

“It’s soon going to turn love, trust me”

“Say that again and I’ll cut off your lips, then Carding won’t see a lip to kiss anymore” Desiree said and Paige laughs.

A junior students enter the class and walk straight to Paige.

“Good morning senior Paige, The creative art teacher wants to see you” The girl said innocently


“I dunno” The girl said.

“I’ll be back Desiree” Paige said and leaves the class.

Carding saw her leaving and looks at Desiree, giving her an eye signal on where Paige was going.

“She’ll be back” Desiree said and Carding nods.

Classes were about to start, but Paige wasn’t yet back.

Nadine and Barney enters the class laughing with each other. Nadine looks at Carding but he gave her a hateful look.

Dylan immediately left the class, when Barney tried to talk to him.

Carding went over to Desiree’s seat, when he was no longer comfortable with the fact that Paige wasn’t back in class yet.

“Where did you say she went to?” He asked Desiree.

“A junior students said the creative art teacher needed to talk to her” Desiree answers.

“The creative art teacher” Carding muttered and leaves the class, Desiree followed too.

Nadine and Barney looks at each other and smiles devilishly.

Carding and Desiree went to the art lab, since that’s where the art teacher always stays.

“Why is it locked?” Desiree asked when she couldn’t open the door.

And but saw smokes coming out from the base of the door.

Carding without wasting time, breaks the door and his eyes widened when he saw Paige lying unconscious on the floor, with the whole place jam-packed with smokes.

“Paige!!!” Carding screams.

He quickly carries her, trying to wake her up, but Paige never opened her eyes.

“This won’t do Carding, let’s take her to the school’s clinic” Desiree said to Carding, who was already crying, seeing Paige unconscious.



“Why did you do that to Paige!!!!” Carding yells at the junior student.

His eyes were filled with so much anger. It was a mixture of anger and tears.

“I wasn’t the one whose locked her up senior Carding, I was just following orders”.

“Who sent you to deceive Paige? Start talking before I plunk out your eyes!!” Carding yells at her.



“What are we doing here Carding?” Nadine asked, when they got to the school’s basement.

“I have something to show you Nadine” Carding said smiling.

“Huh? Aren’t you going to look for Paige instead? I noticed she’s isn’t in class” Nadine said.

Carding smiles and caress her hair.

“I’m sure she’s save wherever she is. Go in Nadine, I have a surprise for you” Carding said smiling enchantingly.

Nadine smiles and went inside the basement and immediately she entered, Carding locked the door from outside.

“Carding. What’re you doing? Open the door” Nadine said from inside.

“No one messes with my girlfriend and go scott free” Carding said. He pressed a button and Teargas began circulating around the basement in which Nadine was in.

“Teargas. Carding do you want to kll me!!” Nadine screams, already coughing and sneezing so hard. Her eyes were getting wet and she was finding it hard to breathe.

“You used vaping smokes on my girlfriend, so I’m just returning the favor… But in a triple way” Carding said leaving the basement.

“No, No, don’t leave me here… Carding!!!!” Nadine screams out, coughing and she could feel her lungs getting destroyed by the smell of the Teargas.


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