By Succie Brown



Her mom enters the room and met her still laying on the bed.

“Aren’t you going to stand up? You have been on that bed for ages”

“Just leave me alone mom” Stacey said.

“How can I leave you alone when you have chosen to become insane, who stays in one position without bathing for two days? Since you came back from the movie theater, you have been this way”.

“Can you stop scolding me and leave me alone? Your adding to my dilemma”


“Fine, suit yourself” Her mom said and leaves her room.

*If this ever repeat itself again, I won’t consider you a friend anymore* Angelo said and more tears falls down her eyes.

“Is he trying to say he didn’t feel anything when I kissed him? why is he indirectly breaking my heart?” Stacey said letting her tears flow.

She looked messy but she doesn’t care about her state right now, all she wants is Angelo and no one else but him.

She did give away everything she has, if at the end she was going to have him.

Stacey sniffs.

“Why did you make me fall in love with you, if you were going to be distant” Stacey muttered with tears.




“Mom, where’re you? I can’t possibly pack the entire stuffs in alone” Stacey said over the phone.

It was raining heavily, thurders and lightens were striking in the sky vigorously, indicating it was a heavy rainfall.

“Try getting the perishable goods Inside the shop, I’ll be there after the rain stops”

Stacey sighs fraustratingly and ends the call, she keeps her phone inside the shop and began carrying the goods inside the shop.

It didn’t take a minute, before the heavy rain began drenching on her.

She was wet from her head to her toe.

She was struggling to carry one of her mom’s goods, when Angelo gave a helping hand.

Stacey looks at him, and when lightens strike in the sky, Stacey’s clearly saw his cute baby face that made her heart beat rapidly.

“I’ll help you get the entire stuffs inside the shop, just wait inside” Angelo said to her.

And Stacey just nods, admiring how cute he was. And she watched as he helped her pack the entire stuffs Inside the store.

And in the process of doing so, she fell for his charms and not only that for his generosity too.

“Thank you” Stacey said after he was done packing the goods inside.

“Is fine, I saw you while driving home, and I figured out you needed a helping hand” Angelo said.

Stacey looks at him and smiles.

“Where do you live? I’ll drop you off, the rain won’t stop anytime soon” Angelo said and Stacey looks at him, falling more in love with him.



“Here, apply it on your body when you get inside the house, so you won’t get sick” Angelo said.

Stacey smiles and takes the eucalyptus oil.


And Angelo nods with a smile.

And after the day they met, Stacey has secretly been stalking him, and that was how she knew he was a student of Empire High.

It wasn’t really her kind of school, but she struggled to pass the scholarship exam, so she can get to see his face everyday, but sadly Angelo didn’t remember helping her that rainy day talk more of remembering her face.


Stacey sighs sadly, and her phone rings. She checked the caller and it was Sabrina, she didn’t want to pick at first, but decided to.

“Not like I can blame her for it” she muttered and swipe the green button.

“Hello bestie, Desiree and Paige visited me at the hospital, and they told me you weren’t in school today. Are you okay?”

“Your the one who is sick and you worry about me. What kind of a human are you Sab? I didn’t bother to visit you in the hospital, but you still called to check up on me”

“Your my best friend Stacey, and I know something must have happened that’s why you didn’t show up at the hospital, I already left the hospital as we speak”.

“You okay, right?”

“Yes, stronger than ever, What about you? Why didn’t you go to school today?”

“I wasn’t feeling too well, but I’m going now, we’re going to see in school tomorrow”

“Alright Stacey”

“Emm Sab”

“Yes Stacey”

“I need a favor from you”

“Go on”

“Can you help me get closer to Angelo?”

“Huh? Why me?”

“Cuz surprisingly, I think he wants to get closer to you, so can you help me get close to him, I really really want to be with him”

Sabrina smiles.

“I don’t want to start any friendship with that Angelo, but for your sake I’ll. I’ll seek to it that you and Angelo end up together”

Stacey squeals excitedly.

“Thanks bestie, I love you so much, see you at school tomorrow” Stacey said and excitedly ended the call.

Sabrina sighs with a smile.

“I’ll do my best to help you Stacey” She muttered.

Seth already went home and even if she was just discharged, she decided to go for her part-time job.

She was about stopping a cab, when a car pulls in front of her. She was still anticipating on who it might be when Angelo came out from the car.

“Angelo” She muttered.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were discharged already?” He asked worriedly.

It’s obvious he has been riding around, looking for her.

“I didn’t want to bother you and besides I don’t have your number” Sabrina said.

Angelo sighs and takes her phone, Sabrina looks at him surprisingly.

Angelo pause for a while, when he sees the broken cellphone she had.

He looks at her, before typing his number in it, dialing it afterwards.

He saved his number by himself on her phone, before giving it to her.

“Now you have mine and I have yours”

Sabrina scoffs and takes her phone from him.

“Is that how you take a girl’s digits?”

“You won’t have given it to me, if I had asked nicely… Anyways are you going home, I’ll drop you off” Angelo said.

“You don’t have to, I’m going to one of my part-time jobs”

“Are you a cat? Do you have nine lives? How can you think of working when you just got discharged?”

“Yes I’m a cat, I’ve nine lives and I’m not born rich like you, so I have to work to put food on I and my brother’s table” Sabrina answers his questions accordingly.

Angelo sighs, if he insist on helping her, she might find out he’s the one secretly helping her.

“Fine, Where’s your work place? I’ll take you there”

“Don’t bother” Sabrina said leaving.

But she stopped walking when she remembered she promised Stacey about helping her get closer to Angelo.

She sighs and walks back to him.

“The coffee shop” She said smiling




Nadia enters her room sobbing in tears, her mom had just released her from the dark room.

Her phone rings and she smiles when she saw the caller.

“Bunny are you all right? I called earlier and Raul said your mom locked you up” The boy said.

Nadia smiles.

“I’m fine”

“I miss you so much Nadia” He said.

“And I miss you too babe”

“Let’s find a way to meet up without no one knowing, ok?”

“Alright, I’ll find a way”

And the boy smile.

“Rather staying with your mom, Why can’t you stay with your Dad? His back in Chicago, right?”

“Yes he is, my mom is a bit more powerful than him, and I don’t want to create another world war 3 between them, so I rather stay with her”

“But your going to visit him, right”

“Yes I’m, he’s my favorite person and you too”

“I love you so much bunny”

“I love you too”

“One-day, I’ll announced to the whole world that your the girl I love”.

Nadia smiles.




“Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes mom. Paige said she has something to tell me, I’ll back soon” Carding said.

“Alright son” Odessa said with a smile as they made their way downstairs.

Vince enters the house, and both Odessa and Carding halted their feets on seeing him.



Both muttered.

Vince climbs the stairs to meet them.

“Good evening Dad” Carding greeted him, but Vince answered him with a heavy pvnch on the face, and he (Carding) falls, using his back to h!t the balusters forcefully.

He winces in pain as bI.ood rushed out from his mouth.

“Carding! Why did you do that to my son!!” Odessa yells at him, but Vince choked her neck.

“You both are nothing but disgrace to me, Who gave you both the right to humiliate my goddaughter and her mom!!” Vince yells chocking her vigorously.

Carding tries to pull Vince away from his mom who was already loosing her breath, but Vince punch him and Carding use his head to hit the stairs sticks, blood gushed out from his head immediately.

“Vince… Please” Odessa begged trying to breath.

“I hate you, so just fking d!e!!!” Vince yells and slaps Odessa.

Odessa fell and her body began rolling down the staircase with full force.

Her body kept rolling still it landed at the end of the staircase.

She lost consciousness immediately and bI.ood circulated around her.

Carding’s eyes widened with balls of tears falling down from his eyes.

“Mom!!!” He screams rushing to where she was laying lifelessly.


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