By Succie Brown



“Your taking the baby back?” The caretaker of the orphanage home asked.

“Yes” Edward replies.

“But I thought you wanted to leave her here?”.

“Not anymore. She’s going to give happiness to my wife, So I need her back” Edward said.

He went back to the hospital with the baby and sees Helena awake already. And she smiles joyfully, when she saw the baby Edward was carrying.


“Is that my baby?” She asked smiling and Edward nods.

“Can I carry her?” Helena asked and Edward gave the baby girl to Helena.

Helena smiles looking at the baby girl.

“She’s so beautiful. I finally have a baby Edward” Helena said with a smile, kssing the Baby softly.

“Yes you do” Edward muttered looking at Helena.

Helena stopped smiling, when she saw the Amulet necklace on the baby’s neck.

“What this Edward?” Helena asked looking at the necklace.

*Shit. I forgot to take off the necklace* Edward muttered inwardly.


“I got it for her” Edward said.

“But is way out of our budget. It’s really an expensive necklace Edward. How were you able to afford such an expensive necklace?”

“How I got it doesn’t matter Helena, What matters is that you finally have your own Baby”.

Helena smiles.

“Yeah. Your right”.

“Have you thought of a name for her?” Edward asked.

“Paige. I’m going to name her Paige” Helena said smiling, caressing Baby Paige’s little face.

Edward only looks at her.


“I hope you will be able to forgive me Helena when you find out that Paige isn’t our real daughter”.




Angelo came down from the car when he arrived at the pork restaurant where Sabrina works.

Since Sabrina wasn’t in school today, and didn’t pick his calls, he came to verify why she wasn’t in school.

He enters the restaurant and met Stacey there. He didn’t want to talk to her, but he has no choice but to.

“Hi Stacey” He said.

Stacey looks at him and quickly hugs him.

“Please don’t choose her over me Angelo. Love me instead. I love you so much Angelo, love me instead. I’m going to give my life and whole body to you if that’s what it’s going to take. I love you a lot” Stacey said hugging him tightly.

Angelo push her away from his body. He looked around, but there wasn’t any sight of Sabrina.

“Where’s Rina?”

“Are your ears clogged? Are you trying to say you didn’t hear what I just said!!!” Stacey yells at him, as more tears falls down her eyes.

“Where’s Sabrina?”

Stacey moves closer to Angelo sobbing.

“Angelo, please love me. I love you so much. Love me instead of loving Sabrina. You met and helped me first, so you should love me instead, please” Stacey said crying.

“Simply because I helped you that rainy day doesn’t grantee that I should love you”.

“You… You remembered?” Stacey stuttered.

“I’m not suffering from dementia (lack of thinking, reasoning or remembering) so I remembered. But I wish I didn’t help you that day, maybe you won’t have been so obsessed with me”.

“I’m not obsessed with you Angelo. I-I-I love you… I love you so much” Stacey said forcefully trying to kss Angelo, but Angelo push her away.

“I don’t love you Stacey, is Sabrina I love. I love her so much and you have to accept that!!” Angelo yells at her.

“I won’t allow that to happen Angelo. You’ll never get to be with Sabrina because she’s slowly dying!!!”

“What do you mean by that Stacey?”

“Is all because of you, I did all of it just so I can have you”.

“What the heck did you do to Sabrina!!!!” Angelo yells at her, getting impatient already.

“I’m sure with what I did, her cruel stepdad will have dealt with her mercilessly”.

Angelo turns to leave and Stacey held him.

“Please don’t go Angelo, don’t go to Sabrina, just love me Angelo. Love me instead, and we’ll go to another country, get married and have our baby” Stacey said holding him tightly.

Angelo jerks her hand off and leaves.

“Angelo!!! Please love me instead!!!” Stacey screams crying.



Angelo halted his car with great force immediately he got to Sabrina’s neighborhood.

Since he’s being here before, he knows exactly where her block was.

“Sabrina!!!” He calls out and knocking on the door, and sensing that Sabrina might be in danger, he breaks the door.

He enters and his eyes widened when he saw the state Sabrina want.

The whole room was filled with her blood, some of it were dried already. Little Seth was sitting beside her unconscious body crying.

Angelo quickly rushed to her.

“W-what happen to Rina?” He asked crying already.

“My Dad came back home last night and beat her up Angelo. My sister is dying” Seth said crying.

“Don’t cry Seth. I’ll take her to the hospital” Angelo said trying to be strong, Cuz seeing Sabrina in this state, is making him crazy.

Angelo was about carrying Sabrina when Jackson enters the house.

“Who’re you? Are you one of her f**kmate? Your the one who got her pregnant, right!!!” Jackson yells.

He tried punching Angelo, but Angelo was quick to hold his hand. With so much Anger inside of him, he bounce on Jackson, punching him aggressively.

He didn’t know he could punch someone still today, Guess Sabrina’s the key to unlock his other side.

He stopped punching Jackson when he sees he was already weak. He tied him tightly with the protector of the window.

“I’m back for you. I’m going to make sure you spend the rest of your worthless life in jail for doing this to the girl I love!!!” Angelo yells at him, as more tears falls down his eyes.

He carried the unconscious Sabrina and leaves the house with little Seth.



Carding, Dylan, Paige and Desiree rushed inside the ward where Sabrina was admitted.

Her whole body were bandaged, and she was getting a bIood transfusion, since she losted so much bI ood.

Angelo offered 10 units of his bIood to her, since he was a type O.

Paige and Desiree broke into tears seeing Sabrina’s face and body, it was filled with countless bruises.

“Her Dad is a monster, how can he beat up an innocent girl to this extent” Dylan said. Carding was just patting Paige who was crying.

“So Stacey lied to Sabrina’s stepdad that she’s pregnant?” Desiree asked.

“Yes. And is all my fault why she’s in this state right now” Angelo said caressing Sabrina’s hand.

Desiree looks at Paige and both headed towards the door.

“Where’re you both going?” Carding asked.

“Nowhere Carding. We’re just stepping out, there’s a bird will need to caught” Paige said and leaves with Desiree.

“Don’t worry Angelo, she’s going to be fine” Carding said and Angelo nods sadly.



Desiree and Paige jumped out from where they have been hiding, when they saw Stacey approaching them.

“Should we give you a trophy for being the worst friend of the year?” Desiree asked.

Stacey looks at them and scoffs.

“Seeing you both here. I guess she’s still breathing” Stacey said emotionlessly.

“Wow, Your so unbelievably Stacey. Sabrina almost died and you aren’t feeling remorseful for what you did. The poor girl don’t even know Angelo loves her!!” Paige yells.

“But it still doesn’t change the fact that she took what should have been mind. I’d kill her if I have the chance” Stacey said and Paige angrily slaps her.

The slap turned Stacey around and Desiree caught her.

“I hate bad friends the most” Desiree said and slaps Stacey and she rolled over to Paige.

“I use to consider you a friend, but not anymore” Paige said and kicks her face.

Two teeth flew off from Stacey’s mouth and she falls to the floor bleeding, and her eyes were seeing stars.

Paige and Desiree brought out horsetail whips from their bags and Stacey’s eyes widened.

“W-what are you both trying to do?” She asked looking so scared.

“Beating out the Demon in your body” Both Desiree and Paige said at once.


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