ERUKA : Episode 1 – 10


A story written by Amah’s Heart

Episode 1

I checked my phone again for the third time, hoping to see a miss call so that I can call back, but nothing, is not like my phone is on silent, the speaker was loud enough but I still have to check, my heart has being so heavy ever since last night when I left Bazil’ place, he has threaten to leave me if I don’t give him the money he asked for, and I just sent the last money to mother, to be able to pay for my kid sister’s school fees, I was hoping to sell very well today so that I can send the money that Bazil want to him, maybe with that he will forgive me, I love him so much but he is always difficult to please, I do whatever he ask of me, he is a graduate but has not gotten a job yet and he is not even searching for one, and ever since I have being taking care of his needs with my business. Although he has never appreciated it but I kept doing it because my love for him is so real, since I came to this town and start my business which kept growing he was the man I fell deeply in love with and no matter what he does I still love him.

I look around the market and sigh deeply, market has not being so good today, I have being able to sell only three cloths since morning, is not even enough to send to Bazil, this is not what I planned for today, but I know everyday are not the same, tomorrow will be better, I sell wears, both children and adult, mostly female, except if there’s a special order from the men then I will add it, I got my shop on a loan and gradually paid off my debt, business was very good as I began to have customers far and near calling for a supply, I even have to call Julio, my second sister, to come over and assist me with the promise I will help her with her bills as she plans to go to a nursing school, she want to be a nurse.

I opened another slot for Julio in the same market but a stone throw from my shop, so that she can also sell there.

business was moving on fine until I met Bazil and fell in love with him, I started helping him because he has no job and ever since my loads of burden increased, my business is gradually going down because Bazil is always asking for money, sometime I have to give him the money I plan to use and restock my goods, my shop is going empty and I need to call my suppliers, if they supply me I may not have any money to pay them and they may cease my goods like they do to others who refuses to pay them, I just don’t want that to happen, I will think of what to do later, even if is to borrow money to add to my business I will but right now I need to see Bazil

Maybe I should call my sister Julio, she may have some money with her, I will use whatever she sell to buy food and house upkeep, sometimes I wonder what Bazil does with all the money I gives him, because I buy food stuffs and cloths for him, I go to his house twice a week to cook and clean for him, I do all this with my money, just hoping he will just show some appreciation and stop being harsh to me.

I will call Julio to close her slot and come over and stay here while I take the money to Bazil, i hate it whenever he is angry with me, I will just lost my appetite, like since morning I have not eaten anything because of Bazil, if he is happy now my stomach will be open but everything about me today is dull and sad.

Just then my phone started ringing and my heart skip, it must be Bazil, but as I check the caller I frown, it was one of my good customers who happen to like me and I supply cloths for her children, she pays up immediate and never owes.

“how are you Ruka …please do you still have fine flower dress for children, like three pieces…I want to buy for my daughters…if so can you bring it to my house, I will pay for your transport…please, bring everything you have so we can select…

After the call, I breathed out, at least if she pays me I will put all the money together and go and give it to Bazil, I know that will make him happy, I check for the remaining dress I have and packed them all up, I quickly called Julio to come over and she did

“I’m taking this cloths to that my customer at the green estate, madam Kate, and from there I will be going to Bazil’s please, so ones is time to close you pack up and go home…

“Ruka, hope you will not take all the money you sell today to Bazil like you always do, we are running out of sales, very soon there won’t be anything to sell again and you promise to give me the money for the form, we have already talked about this severally and you promise to give me the money to obtain the form for the nursing school, time is going, I don’t want to be left out again this year…

“Please don’t start now Julio, you know I don’t have enough money now for you to get that form, but there’s always a next time…don’t worry I will find away to restock so that we won’t run out…

I left Julio swelling up in anger, how can she start reminding me of the money I promise to give her now that Bazil needs money, her own can wait but I don’t want to loose Bazil to another woman. Julio is just seventeen, so there’s still time for her to obtain the form, if not this year then she will next year, all that matters to me is Bazil, nothing else

As I got to my customer’s place, she was happy as she paid me much more than the bargain price, she bought all the six dress from me, as I was leaving with joy in my heart, my mind was on Bazil, I wish I can disappear to his place at that moment and see him smile.

My customer, madam Kate walk me to the gate and just then a car drove in, and she asked me to wait for her, I was already running out of patient because I needed to go to Bazil very quick, but I obeyed her and stood, a young fine man came down from the car, he wasn’t too tall but he was okay, despite he was good looking and has a fine smile but I can’t admit the fact that he is finer than Bazil, no man is finer than the love of my life.

I watch as they hug, talk about something and laugh, then madam Kate pointed at my side and then the young man looked at me for sometime and nodded to whatever madam Kate was saying to him, I have not met madam Kate’s husband before so I assume that was her husband despite he look more younger, I looked away as they approach me.

“Ruka, this is my younger brother, I was just telling him about you that you are the lady that I buys my children cloths from.

“Good evening sir….

“I’m Dave, I’m please to meet you Ruka, I like to see young, beautiful and bold entrepreneurs like you, who enjoy what they do…not everyone has the strength to hustle up like you are doing…great job Ruka…I will collect your contact from my sister, I love supporting young entrepreneur, business oriented minds because I’m equally a business man, and I may probably need something you can supply me…I may be your next potential customer…hahahaha

I laughed with them and thanked him and also thanked Madam Kate before leaving, i noticed that Dave was looking at me but I paid him no attention the only thing that occupies my mind was Bazil, as I rush up to his place.

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