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“By the power bestowed in me, I Lord Rodriguez, crowns you, Lady Enya, Queen of Brok.” He said to everyone’s hearing.

Enya stood up, holding her gown a little high in order to work freely.

She turned so every one would see her. ” Hail the Queen of Brok!” The royal guard announced.


” Long Live The Queen! Long Live The Queen!! Long Live The Queen!!!”


Lord Rodriguez and Lady Enya sat on the royal table with other invited royals as they ate for the ceremony.

Lady Enya’s coronation is said to be one of the biggest in England.

Rodriguez had planned it all. He did whatever it took to make it wonderful to both her and to every one.

Now, everyone knows of Lady Enya, both near and far bears her name in their lips. Isn’t that destiny speaking??

Other queens and princesses from other nations dinned with her. Enya has never felt this happy in her life.

She didn’t want to bother herself with the information about Anna. She acted like every thing was normal and alright.

She didn’t show any anger or hatred for her. She smiled it all out. Today is meant to be the happiest day of her life.

A day she is courted to the man of her dreams.

She even made sure her sisters ate and drank to their fullest, also asking them if they needed more.

Her mother, Lady Moreen, wasn’t the type who eats a lot, but today, she was eating more than anyone else.

Enya couldn’t stop smiling at her. She wouldn’t blame her either, it’s always been her dream to see her daughter engaged.

And now she isn’t just engaged, she is married to one of the well known King in the continent.

” Eat more mother, there are so many still untouched.” She would tell her mother who kept eating.

” Do not tell me you are filled,” she said to Arwen who kept eating a spoon of her meal after five minutes. ” you are not going anywhere without having extra plates.”

” You know I don’t eat too much. ” Arwen told her.

” So does mother, but look at her now, she eats more than anyone here. So eat up now, and stop pinching on the chicken. ” She said, noticing how Arwen bit on the meat.

She looked at Anna, who faked a smile on her face. ” And you too, eat to your satisfaction.”

Though she didn’t want to let it bother her, but it did after all. She can’t stop looking at Anna…

Anna has always been the closest person to her since they were little.

She was the most preferred compared to Arwen. She always sees Arwen as the least because she wasn’t into anything.

Nothing mattered to her except the library. She never spent a time with them.

Each time they decided for sisters moment, Arwen would give one excuse or the other to leave.

All this, Enya felt disgusted around her. And not just that, she also took interest to hate her.

But now, things seem to have changed a lot. Her once time enemy has turned to be not just a sister, but a best friend.

And the closest thing she ever had, has turned to be the one person who wants to have her dead.

” I’m so happy for the both of you,” Lady Moreen said, wiping the food stains on her mouth. ” And to you, Enya, I am so proud of you.”

” Thank you, mother.”

She looked at Rodriguez. ” Please, Your Highness, take good care of my daughter. She might be annoying sometimes, but… you’ll get use to it.”

He looked at Enya who blushed in embarrassment. ” Guess I already am.”

King Neheb excused himself and with Rodriguez they both went out for a walk while Lady Moreen chatted with her daughters.

She doesn’t know what was currently going on between her daughters and Anna’s earnest plans to destroy the marriage.

” I am so proud of you, Enya, and I will keep saying that over and over again. Anna, Arwen you two are next. I will keep putting you two in my prayers that you will find some one like His Highness.”

” Not interested, mother, at least not now.” Arwen said.

” You keep saying that all the time, do not worry, I will find a husband for you.” Enya said to her.

” And I will still not marry him.”

” We all keep saying that, and at the end we find ourselves betraying us. It’s common.”

” So, I will be expecting the good news soon.” Lady Moreen said.

” What good news?” Arwen and Anna chorused.

” Getting pregnant and having babies.” She answered.

” Mother… do you have to expect that so soon?”

” Of course, I want to become a grand mother already. It’s been long I carried a child, don’t you want me to carry yours?”

” Sure, I do. But…. ”

” But what?”

” Nothing. ”

” Enya…”

She looked away, not wanting to say a word about it.


Later that night, Arwen had given Enya sign that it was time to have it discussed.

Enya took a different direction which still led outside the mansion while Arwen took the main entrance door.

” All you write in the letter, are they true?” Enya asked after a while.

” Yes, why will I lie to you over a situation like this? I saw this with my own eyes, and I heard it too.”

” Okay, you talked about a voice. What voice?” She asked.

” A woman’s voice, and I suspect it’s a sorceress. They were holding the meeting against you. Since the day you left, she’s been with this woman all the time.”

” Have you tried to see her face?”

” No. I will end up getting caught. For now, the only way I can get to know about her plan is by evesdropping on her conversation.”

” Is His Majesty aware of this?” Arwen asked.

” Yes, I told him. ”

” And what did he say?”

” At first he was angry I didn’t let him know about it earlier and you know… trying to decline his proposal… that wasn’t funny.”

” Thank goodness my letter came on time or you could have done some thing you’ll end up regretting.”

” I know doing that is the wrong idea but, I was only trying to save him.”

” Challenging destiny all because of your sister? Come on, sister, this isn’t some thing you should have a good heart.

Marriage is by luck and if you let it slide away, it will slide away from you. I’ll only advice you this, be careful, don’t give Anna the chance to get into your marriage.”

” She is consulting a witch against me, this is magic, Arwen. No matter what, she will still get to me as far as magic is concerned.”

” There’s nothing greater than love, Enya. As far as you love Rodriguez and he loves you too, then I doubt she’s going to have her way into your marriage.

Please, do not worry about this. I will keep writing to you daily if possible. Whatever new thing I discover, I will let you know as soon as possible.”

” Thank you…”

” Oh, please don’t thank me, I am only doing the best for you.”

Enya held her both hands, ” Even at that, you deserve my thanks. I will forever be grateful for every thing you’ve done for me. I promise. ”

” The only promise you can make to me is, staying alive. ” Enya nodded her head. ” Mother told me about the book.”

” What book?”

” Great-grandmother, Lady Lola.”

Enya smiled. ” It’s my favorite book. ”

” Never thought you’d pick interest in books. ”

” Me too. I’ve been reading a lot about Brok’s history, I can’t believe I read them all. Now I see you and Anna are right, the library is one of the best thing. ”

” Finally, she listened to me. ” They both laughed. ” Least I forget, we know what Anna is planning. ”

” She isn’t just after my life…. ” Enya said.

” She’s after your marriage. ” Arwen completed.


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