Written by Chichi Tonia.

(Not Edited).

There was a king whose name is was Ikenna. king Ikenna was the ruler of umuije kingdom, he is married to queen uloma, and they have a son prince emenike who is an only child of the king.
in the kingdom they have a custom, which is to made a human sacrifice every seven days to the river goddess of umuije, every seven days, isionwu the great native doctor of the village will gather the whole villagers and from there he will pick the person that will be sacrificed to the river goddess, and the king will tell the warriors to grab the person and they will take him or her to the river with isionwu following them to perform the sacrifice. When they got to the river, they will tie that person’s hand and leg. isionwu will do some incantation, after that he will tell the warriors to throw the person inside the river and there the goddess will feed on the person.
This continue everytime, the villagers became very scared, because they do not know who will be the next victim.

There was a poor widow in the village named nneka living with her son agunnaya, Agunnaya is an handsome hardworking man, always helping his mother in the farm and be selling some crops like yam and cocoyam in the village with his mother, because that is what they use to survive, agunnaya was still small when his father died of snake bite, which was fifteen years ago since then his mother have been the one taking care of him, until he came of age and be helping his mother in many things.

nneka: my son, when will you get a wife because i want to carry my grandchild before i die.
Agunnaya: mama u worry too much, when i see one i will settle down.
nneka: that is what u have been saying for the past two years now, you know that u are my only child, you suppose to have a wife by now, please go and get a wife quick because we might die oneday, nobody knows who will be the next to be sacrifice.
Agunnaya: mama why are you talking like this, nothing will happen to us you will be alive to carry your grandchildren and besides we will not be use for any sacrifice, whether they like it or not.
nneka: anybody can be the next person, who are we to question the great goddess, she choses who she want through isionwu our native doctor, last seven days ago the chief’s daughter was sacrifice to the goddess, the other time the queen’s nephew was also sacrifice and nobody knows who will be the next person to be sacrifice in two days time, o gods of our land please spare me and my son not to be use as a sacrifice.
Agunnaya: nothing will happen to us, i have the believe that we will not be use as a sacrifice to the goddess.
nneka: i just hope so, because i cannot afford to lose you.

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