Nnenna’s campus series

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Remember my childhood so vividly,

We were young,

It was raining.

Mommy was pregnant with Rudy back then,

She only had one umbrella,

She had me and Damien by her side.

We both ran into the umbrella and she hugged Damien closer to herself.

She walked briskly away smiling at Damien,

“Don’t worry,

Don’t get cold,

We will soon be home”she fluffed his hair as he nodded looking up to her face.


I clung to her trying to get the same attention from her.

I wanted her to look at my face,

I wanted her to fluff my hair,

I wanted her to hold me so near to her body,

I wanted to feel the warmness of her skin,

She didn’t even spare me a glance,

She hurried away holding onto Damien’s arm,

I tried keeping up my pace with them but couldn’t so I gave up following them,

I stopped walking and the rain hit on my head.

It touched my skin and I felt cold instantly.

She didn’t even look back to stare at me,

She just walked on smiling at him,

I shivered as goose pimples filled my skin cuz of cold.

I remember that day vividly,

It’s so fresh in my memory even though I was just five then.

I scoffed taking a deep breath.

Miss me?

Why all of a sudden?

Have she suddenly forgotten about how she allowed me sleep without food just to provide food for Damien?

“You’re a blockhead and he’s the bright one,

So he’s got to eat and… “She collected my food and gave it to Damien who gulped down my own portion of soup within a blink of an eye.

Have she forgotten that also?

Had she forgotten how she yelled at me just because I and Damien had a misunderstanding over my own drawing book?

Had she??

Must I remind her all about that on the phone?

Have she forgotten how she told me that she wished she never gave birth to me at all?

She wished I didn’t come into her womb.

Did she forget that also?

Why does she miss me?

Recalling everything I’ve forgotten got me so super angry.

I was boiling in utmost rage that I felt like klling her with my two hands if she was close to me.

I felt like chopping off her neck if she was ever close to me.

I brought down my phone from my ear and gulped hard trying to calm my temper.

“What’s wrong? “Ben asked me.

I ignored him going straight into my room.

It was a really a sour night for me cuz I cried most of the night,

Her pale voice sounding so real and the past haunting me got my mind entangled on whom to believe.

I slept like a log after many hours of crying and by morning,

My eyes were swollen,

I hopped out of my bed and washed my face,

I dressed for school sluggishly and then came downstairs to meet Ben in the dining room already eating breakfast.


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