(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)


Have you ever been in a situation where you are a princess yet you live like a prisoner?

A situation where you are not allowed to make decisions for yourself?

A situation where you are being controlled.

You can’t do anything on your own

Yet you are a Princess

If you haven’t, then you will read of one..

Her name is Janella Dantes..

The only daughter and heiress of the second richest family all over Philippines.

Yes! Janella is a princess… But she’s a prisoner as well..


I know you are confused but don’t be….

And some questions are running through your mind right?

She has everything….

I mean practically everything she wanted but one thing she doesn’t have.

And that is FREEDOM

A princess yet locked up!

She doesn’t school like every normal child…

Her life was hell when she lives in heaven.

Buh wait…

How come?

How is she a prisoner?

You wanna find out?

Don’t forget to buy your pop corn ?…

Keep following!



(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)

Episode 01

Janella’s Pov:

I walked to the window and opened the curtains as I looked around from the window.

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.

“Baby… Here’s a glass of milk for you” Nanny Keisha said as she walked into my huge room.

I quickly wiped off my tears….

“Put that away nanny…i don’t want a glass of milk” I said as I sat on my king-size bed.

“Janella come on cheer up! I don’t want you to be sad” Nanny Keisha said

“Nanny… When am I ever gonna leave this place? When will I be allowed to get out of here… This isn’t the kind of life I want.. I don’t like it here and I wish mommy was here” I burst into tears.

Nanny Keisha quickly patted me softly on my head.

“Keep it down baby…you don’t want your daddy to hear that” Nanny Keisha said

“I want to leave this place nanny!” I cried

“Janella you shouldn’t think of such things… You know your daddy will be so angry if he finds out” Nanny Keisha said

“I don’t care anymore… I hate this place, whenever I watch other children moving about freely… I feel cursed!” I said as nanny hugged me tightly.

Well, my name is Janella Dantes… Am 18 years old and the only daughter and heiress of the Dante’s.

My mom died when I was 3 years old…. She died in a motor accident.

So I grew up with my dad but he has never been there for me.

Nanny Keisha has been like a mother to me and she took care of me for the past 15 years.

My life is h’ll

I was never allowed to leave the mansion and I have no friends except Nicole whose family are my dad’s friends.

Nick is the only person I know apart from daddy and Nanny Keisha.

For the past 15 years, I have been in this God damn house.

Am not allowed to go out or talk to anyone except Nick.

And my dad is very strict and we hardly see each other

I don’t talk to daddy or see him except if am invited.

I feel like a prisoner…

Am an adult already yet I can’t make decisions on my own.

If I must leave the house then it must be with Nick and a guard.

I just wished I never existed…

You don’t understand how I feel or how it feels like to be trapped.


I blew the candle light on the cake as they sang for me.

? Happy birthday ?

? Happy… Happy birthday ?

? Happy birthday to you… ?

I forced a smile.

“Make a wish my princess and you shall get anything you ask for” Dad said as I shrieked in excitement.

“Are you sure daddy?” I answered

“You are a princess Janella Dantes” He said

“OK daddy… Uhmn.. I wish to start going to school like other children instead of having a private teacher” I said happily

“Dammit! For crying out loud Jane you are a princess and princesses are always rare” Dad yelled as I got scared.

“No daddy… I want to be allowed to leave the house” I cried

“Shut the hell up Janella…” Dad said angrily

Why does he always gets angry whenever I want to leave the house

“No…i don’t like it here daddy and I wish mommy was here” I burst into tears.

Before I could utter another word, he landed a dirty slap on my cheeks.

Tears kept running down my face.

“Why am I being treated like a prisoner? I thought you said I’ll get whatever I want” I cried

“Yes Janella! But this is the one thing I can never… Read my lips “NEVER” grant you” He fumed in anger.

“I wish am not your daughter” I yelled

“But you are Janella Dantes” Dad said as I glared at him.

“I know that if my mom was…” I cried

“Shut the fk up Janella! I don’t ever want to hear you talk about your mom” Dad said

“Everything about this house is very annoying, why can’t I make friends?” I wailed

“Isn’t Nick your friend?” Dad asked

“What the… He’s the only human being I know apart from you and Nanny Keisha… I want to know how it feels to be in the outside world” I said

“No baby! You don’t understand” Dad said as I rolled my eyes

“I don’t even wanna understand…. Damn you! I fking hate this place” I yelled as I rushed upstairs.

Tears soaked my duvet as I sulked bitterly.

I will have to find a way to sneak out.

“Princess Jane… Lunch is ready” the cook said as I quickly banged the door.

I jumped on the bed.

“Trash it… Am not hungry” I said as I covered myself up with a duvet….


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