FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60

By Succie

Chapter 51

Sharon looks at the cute baby boy in her arms, and she couldn’t stop herself from crying.

“What with the tears for Sharon”. Millet asked wondering why she was crying.

“This are tears of joy Millet, looking at this child remind me so much of jesse”. Sharon said sniffing in her tears.

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“Of course you will be reminded of Jesse, Jesse is his father anyway”. Millet said.

“I wonder how Jesseis doing Millet, is he feeding well, is he adjusting well to his new location, is he thinking of me, the way I am thinking of him, what if he has forgotten all about me Millet”. Sharon said as tears for down her eyes.

Millet sighs and said.

“You don’t have to think about that now Sharon, you are already a mom now, and all you should be thinking right is your baby, Sharon, and if you and Jesse are meant to be, FATE will surely bring you both back together”.

“I don’t believe in FATE Millet, Because it was that same FATE, that separated I and Jesse,,,,but you are right, this child is my priority now”. Sharon said looking at the cute sleeping child.

And he was so cute and handsome, just like Jesse, Sharon thought as a smile appears on her face.

“So have you thought of a name to give him”.

Sharon looks at her baby, and smile.

“Alvin,,,,,his name will be Alvin,,, and am going to give him, the best love, every parent will give to their child, I love you so much Alvin”. Sharon said caressing his cheek.

Millet looks at her and tears falls down her eyes, but she quickly clean her tears, before Sharon could see it.

*Wherever you are Jesse, I hope you still come back for Sharon and your child*. Millet said inwardly looking at Sharon trying so hard to fight back her tears.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60



Jesse stands at the window of one of the biggest and expensive hotel in Paris, he was holding a glass of wine in his hand, as he stared into nothing, but enjoying the cool fresh air coming to him……

After he left for Paris, just like his father has promise, he studied more about wine making, he eventually established his own wine company, and with his inheritance he got from his dad, he became massively rich, his wine company was one of the best in Paris.

And not only that, he also has in a wine company in his home country Korea, it runs under his new name JAY, and was under the control of his manager in Korea.

Before I forget, Jesse after having so much wealth and power, he became a big time casonova, he became so different from the Jesse you all used to know, he smokes, drinks and flirt with women.

And since he became even more handsome and cute over the years, he was ready to go to bed with any girl who throws themselves at him.

It was Asif he sold his mind and heart to the devil himself.

Jesse was still staring into nothing, when a France girl, wrapped her hands around his waist from behind.

Jesse chuckles with a smile and turns to her.

“Are you ready for me”. He asked with a seductive smile, that made the girl blush so hard.

“Yes I am”. The girl said smiling.

She tries to kss him on his lips, but Jesse quickly pulls back.

“What wrong Jay”. She asked.

“You can kss me everywhere, but not on my lips”. Jesse said.

“But why Jay”.

“Because I don’t kss girls”. Jesse answers.

The girl scoffs and said folding her hands.

“Really Jay, you sleep with a lot of women, and yet you don’t kss them, why, are you trying to keep your first kss for someone who might fall in love with, or does kssing another girl remind you of someone”. The girl asked.

Jesse looks at her, and the memories he wanted to forget so badly, began to flash back to him.

*I love you Sharon*

*I love you too Jesse*

*I haven’t had sx with anyone before*

*Then let be your first*. Sharon pulls him into a kss.

And the numorous times he kissed Sharon keeps coming back to like whild fire.

He shakes of the thought from his head, and quickly empty the glass of wine, he kept on the table.

“Are you okay jay”. The girl asked when she saw his mood has changed.

*She is nothing to you anymore Jesse, she is just a girl from your past*. Jesse said inwardly touching his head trying to do away with the memories that keeps flashing back to him.

“Jay, are you okay”. The girl asked again, touching his shoulder.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60

“Good evening sir Jay”. The gate man greeted after Jesse drove inside the mansion with one of his expensive good looking cars.

Jesse just noded his head lighting up a cigarette.

“Sir Jay, your mom has been waiting for you to come home”. The gate man said.

Jesse sighs and said to the gate man.

“You can go to your duty post, I will take care of things inside”. Jesse said, the gate man nods and left.

Jesse enters the mansion, and merely looking at only the sitting room, you can easily tell it was well lavish with money, and the mansion they lived in was so big, expensive and beautiful.

Jesse looks at his mom, Violet and Joanna, who was now a big time cerebrity dancer and singer known all over Paris and other countries.

“Am home”. He announced to them, smoking his cigarette.

Janet, Violet and Joanna looks at him, but Janet was the only one who walked up to him.

“Where have you been Jesse”. She asked.

Jesse sighed and said.

“I just went out to have some fun mom, and will stop asking me where I went every time I go out, is non of your business”. Jesse said rudely, and Janet slaps him to the surprise of both Joanna and Violet.



Both said at once, they were so surprised at Janet’s action, because never for once, has Janet raise her hands to,$lap Jesse.

“What was that for mom”.

“I should have done a long time ago, so you can snap out from your madness, what has come over you Jesse, where is the good and innocent son I once knew, and why is there a devil’s son in front of me”. Janet yelled.

And Jesse didn’t utter a word.

“Why have you become this way Jesse, why did you just change over night, you never smoke before but now you do, you never flirt or sleep with the girls that chase you around, but now you do, why did you become this way Jesse”.

“And what wrong with the new me mom, am now rich, I can do whatever I want, I can have sx with any girl I want, all they want is my face and money right”. Jesse asked, and Janet $lapped him again.

“Aunt, that enough!!”. Violet said feeling sorry for Jesse.

“Why son, is this the monster Sharon has made you become”.

“Don’t you dare call that stupid girl’s name in front of me!!!”. Jesse yells with anger in his eyes.

“And why not Jesse, she is the reason why you turn out this way, why you flirt around, and why you became a casonova,,,,,I just want you to come back to the innocent and pure Jesse who I used to love and admire back then”. Janet said between tears.

“Never mom,,,,just like you said, I have become a monster, and the devil’s son, the Jesse you used to know is long dead and buried, am Jay now, and if you can’t accept the new me, I don’t care”. Jesse said and storms out of the house.

Janet falls to the floor crying, and Joanna and Violet tries to console her.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60

Joanna stands outside, in the big compound of the mansion, and tears were all over her eyes.

She could remember from five years ago, the kind, loving and caring brother she used to know, a brother whom she knew will never hurt a fly.

But now, she can’t tell if she had a brother or a monster who pretends to be her brother.

Yes he helped her complete her studies, and help her to become a world wide know cerebrity, but the jesse now, was not the brother she used to have.

“Joanna”. She heard Violet call her name, she faced her, cleaning her tears.

“Are you still crying, remember you have a photo shoot tomorrow, your face can’t be swollen”.

“I know that Violet, but I can’t help it Violet, the brother I used to have and rake about is gone, and I don’t know if I have a different person as my brother now”. Joanna said hiccuping in tears.

“That enough Joanna, we have no one else to blame but Sharon, she is the reason why Jesse became this way, and why he sold his heart to the devil, he no longer believes in love, and all thanks to Sharon, she made him this way Joanna”.

“If love can make a saint turn into a mon$ter overnight, then am not ready to go through it Violet”.

“Then what about Liam”.

“Am sure he has forgotten about me Violet, I didn’t tell him I was leaving, and is been five years already, he must have gotten a girlfriend now”.

“Then what about you Joanna, you used to love him right”

Joanna sighed and cleaned her tears.

“Yes I do, but I don’t want to think about love right now Violet, it caused you nothing but sadness, and it can even turn you into someone else, Jesse made me believe that,,,,,am just 20,,,,so forcusing on my career, will be the best thing to do, I just hope Jesse comes back to the brother I used to know”. Joanna said sniffing back her tears.

And Violet pulls her into a hug.

“That enough Joanna”. She said.

As for Violet, she was the one who was hurting mostly in all of this, since Jesse change, he never looked at her side for once, not even as his Best friend, like he always does before.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60



Sharon’s foot steps could loudly be heard as she walks inside the school building.

“Sharon can you take it down, I can’t caught up with you”. Millet said following her from behind.

“Alvin will be on stage soon, I have to be there when he performs millet”. Sharon said walking so fast.

“Then you shouldn’t have stayed in the market all day”.

“That because I had no choice Millet, I had to sell all of remaining accessories”. Sharon said as they enter inside the hall.

“Whatever Sharon”.

Just as both sitted inside the hall, Alvin was called on stage.

Whoahhh, that my son”. Sharon yells clapping and smiling.

“Will you take down Sharon”. Millet said looking around.

Alvin looks at Sharon, and winkles at her, and Sharon smiles, clapping.

“My name is Alvin lugard, am five years and am in grade 3, I will be singing a song which is dedicated to my one and only mom, Sharon lugard, because she is the queen of my life, and the only key to my heart, the one who showers with all the love and care she can give,,,I love you so mom”. Alvin said with the cutest smile ever, and winkles at Sharon.

The audience clapped their hands smiling.

Sharon looks at him and smiles, cleaning the tears in her eyes.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 51 – 60

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