FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

By Succie

Chapter 61

Joanna looks at the rest of her team members and said.

“You all can go in, I will follow suit in a bit”.

“Are you sure Joan, should I get the securities to chase her out”. One of them asked, looking at Anna.

And Anna gave her a look of *I don’t care if you are a cerebrity*.

“No Nelly, you don’t have to, I can handle things here”.

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“Are you sure”. She asked again.

Joanna nods and the three left.

And Joanna face Anna.

“You should be thankful I still consider you my best friend if not I will have……”

“Use the power you have now”. Anna said cutting her Short.

And Joanna looks at her.

“Is this really the kind of person you have become Joanna, just because you have become a cerebrity, you have forgotten all the promises you made to Liam, maybe you have forgotten he was the one who paved the part of you achieving your dreams, you became the big hit of YG ENTERTAINMENT, thanks to Liam”.

“I haven’t forgotten about that, but if he wants to keep following me around because of that, then am going to pay him for it, so he will stop acting like a pervert”.

Anna tries to slap Joanna again, but Joanna caught her hand before it could land on her face.

“Don’t think I will let you slap me again Anna, try to lay does filthy hands of yours on my face again, and I won’t hesitate to have you arrested for slapping an idol”. Joanna said and let go of Anna’s hand.

“You are really so cruel Joanna, if I knew you will become this way, I won’t have asked you to befriend Liam, maybe he won’t have a fallen in love with someone like you”.

“I don’t care Anna”.

Anna nods and cleans the tears in her eyes.

“From now, we no longer know each other, the friendship I have with you is over, I can never have someone who is so full of herself as a Best friend”. Anna said and walks away.

Joanna looks at Anna as she walks away.

She wanted to call her back so badly, but couldn’t, she just cleaned the tears in her eyes, trying to stop herself from crying.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

Sharon opens the door after she heard someone knocking on the door, and sees an unknown man standing in front of her.

“Dugusayo”. She asked in Korea

Oh before I forget, Sharon was able to learn how to speak Korea, during the years of her stays with Millet.

“Annyeonghaseyo, am Rhett, is Millet at home”.

“Millet”. Sharon asked looking surprised, because all through the years she has known Millet, this Rhett guy was the first to come to their house asking after her.

“Yes, is she in”.


“Rhett”. Millet calls from behind.

Sharon turns to her and she could see Millet smiling so widely, and Sharon was even more shock, to see her all dressed up.

“You are already here”. Millet asked smiling and Rhett nod Smiling back too.

And both continues looking at each other, as if they were the only ones in the world.

Sharon looks at them and intentionally clears her throat, and Millet face her.

“Oh Sharon”.

Sharon fakes a smile.

“Yes Millet,,,,,who is he”. Sharon said using her head to point at Rhett.

“Oh,,,this is Rhett my….”

“Your boyfriend”. Sharon asked .

And both Millet and Rhett looks at her.

“Of course not Sharon, he is a friend of mine, he practically saved me when I was almost raped”.

“What!!!!!, You were almost raped why didn’t you tell Millet, I always tell you everything”. Sharon half yelled.

“Am so sorry Sharon, you were having a lot of problems, I didn’t want to it, am sorry”. Millet pleaded with hands joint together.

Sharon sighs and said.

“Okay fine, so where are you both going”.

“We are just going to watch a movie together, that all”. Millet answers.

Sharon looks at Millet and then to Rhett.

“Hey Rhett, bring her back home safely okay, if not am going to beat you up black and blue”. Sharon said, but who was she, she was only making mouth, she is nothing but a weakling.

“I will Sharon, cross my heart to die”.

And Sharon looks at him.

“So can we go now”.

“Let me think about it first”. Sharon said .

And both Millet and Rhett looks at Sharon.

After a while Sharon said.

“Okay fine, you can”.

“Finally Sharon, I thought you were going to take a whole full year in thinking”. Millet said.

“Go now before I changed my mind”. Sharon said.

Millet chuckles with a smile, and leaves with Rhett after Rhett bays goodbye to her.

Sharon close the door and smiles, she was happy that Millet has finally decided to go out with someone.

Her mind flashback to Jesse, but she quickly waved it off.


“Are you and Sharon always like that”. Rhett asked as they walked.

“Yes we are, we are very much protective of each other, let just say we are twins who wasn’t born from the same mother”. Millet said smiling.

And Rhett chuckles with a smile looking at Millet.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End


Jesse sits in his office staring at nothing, when Kim enters.

“Boss Jay”. She calls

And Jesse looks at her.

“Here is the address of Sharon’s house”. Kim said and gives it to him.

Jesse looks at the file and then to Kim.

“She lives in Guryoung”. Jesse asked.

“Yes, but boss Jay, may I ask why you want Sharon’s address”. Kim asked.

And Jesse throws her a deadly look, and Kim quickly left the office.

Jesse looks at the files again and sighs.

“You are crazy Jesse”. He muttered to himself.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End


Joanna came out from the industry alone and sees liam sitting outside, she wanted to walk back inside the industry, but Liam quickly runs to her blocking her part.

“What do you want Liam, I have already gave you an answer, so why can’t you stop bothering me, maybe you have forgotten am an idol, I don’t want rumors that aren’t true”.

“Joanna,,,can you please reconsider your decision, at least give me a chance to court you, I love you so much”.

“What part of I don’t love you anymore, don’t you understand, do away with your feelings for me, just like I did”.

“I can’t Joanna, no matter what I do I always think of you, just give me a chance Joanna, and am going make you fall in love with me again”. Liam said with a sad tone.

Joanna looks at him, she wanted to say yes to him so badly but when she remembers the numorous times Jesse cried all because of love she quickly said.

“You can’t make me fall in love with you again Liam, because am never going to fall for you no matter what you do, so just get Lost”. Joanna said and made an attempt to walk away, but stop half way when she heard Liam’s words.

“If you can’t love me back, then am going to kill myself”.

Joanna looks at him and said.

“Then go ahead Liam, I don’t care, if you die or not”. Joanna said and walks back inside the industry.

And Liam felt so heartbroken.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

Sharon went home, because she forgot something, and needed to take it quickly before heading back to the company when she sees Rhett standing outside the house, and she approach him.

“Rhett, what are you doing here, Millet is not at home”. Sharon said.

“Actually I came to see you”.

“Me”. Sharon said pointing at herself and Rhett nods.

“Why”. Sharon ask again.

And then Jesse also drove into the street of Sharon’s house, because he wanted to see where Sharon was living.

But he stops halfway, when he sees Sharon from a distance, talking to a guy.

Though he couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he could see their movement.

“You want to confess your feelings for Millet”. Sharon asked.

And Rhett nods.

“Yes Sharon, and I need your help”.

“With what Rhett”.

“With anything,, starting from the things she likes”. Rhett said.

And Jesse who was sitted in his car wonder who that guy was and what they were talking about looking all serious, and he wasn’t happy seeing Sharon talking to another guy.

“Really, that all what Millet likes”. Rhett asked after Sharon explains things to him.

And Sharon nods with a smile.

“That can do, thank you so much Sharon”. Rhett said smiling and hugs her.

Sharon smiles too, and hug him back.

Seeing them hugging each other, with Sharon Smiling, Jesse became so angry, he silently reverse his car and drove off with anger all over his face.

Sharon disengage the hug and looks at Rhett.

“You should be going ahead now Rhett, I just came home to get something”.

“Okay Sharon, thanks alot for the tips”.

And Sharon gave out a smile.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

After getting himself drunk in a bar, Liam enters his car and drove off to no where in particular.

Then Joanna voice echoes in his ear.

*Then go ahead and die Liam, I Don’t care if you die or not*.

“Arrrrrgnnnnn”. Liam yells in tears as he increase the speed of his car.

“Why did you have to hurt me this way Joanna,why!!!,why!!!!”. Liam yells in tears as he continues riding in speed.

Soon the numorous alcohol he took started manefesting on him, and he wasn’t a good drinker.

His eyes became blur, and he couldn’t see a thing while driving, he soon lost control of the car, he try controlling the car but couldn’t since he wasn’t sober.

And his car hits a big truck that was parked at the side of the road, and due to that, Liam used his head to the steering.

He fell unconscious immediately, bIeeding from every part of his face.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End


Sharon was about to go home, and Cindy approach her.

“Going somewhere”.

“Yes am going home, is late already”.

“You can’t go home yet”.

“Why not Cindy”.

“Because boss Jay want you to deliver this to him at four seasons hotel”.

“But is not part of my job here, and besides is already late”.

“Say that to him, when you meet “. Cindy said and throws the documents at Sharon and walks away, she hated the fact that it was only Sharon the boss always wants to see, but she couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

Sharon picks up the documents and looks at it, biting her lips.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End


Sharon got down from the cab and looks at the building in front of her, she could tell that this was one of the biggest hotels in Seoul.

Sharon sighs again, and enters inside the hotel, after collaborating with the receiptionist, Sharon went to one of the VIPs rooms which Jesse was in.

She opens the door of the room, and sees him smoking and looking outside the window of the room.

Sharon sighs and said.

“I got you what you ask for boss Jay”.

And Jesse turns towards her, a smirk appears on his face.

He drops the cigarette and walks up to her.

“I can see you are finally here”.

“Here is the documents you need, I will be going now”. Sharon said and drops the documents on the table.

She turns to leave, but Jesse pulled her back and pinned her to the floor and kss her so roughly on the lips.

Sharon struggles to pull out from the kss, and eventually she did, pushing Jesse away from her.

“What do you think you doing boss Jay!!!”. Sharon yelled.

“And why are you getting angry Sharon, this is the kind of job you do, name price, and am going to double it, since you are always fllrting round with men right”.

“You are out of your mind”. Sharon said and turns to leave, but Jesse carries and throws on the bed.

“What are you trying to do”. Sharon asked trying to get down from the bed, but Jesse pushes her back into the bed and climb on top of her.

“Since you are slvt, it won’t matter anyway, am just going to pay you after am done, that what you are always after anyway, money”. Jesse said and began kssing her severally.

“Stop, just stop it, don’t do this please, Please, stop”. Sharon cries out in tears trying to break free from his grip but couldn’t.

And Jesse wasn’t even listen to do her.

“Just stop, please I beg of you boss Jay, please stop, please”. Sharon begs in tears.

But Jesse continues kssing her severally on her neck, and he began tearing the clothes she was wearing.

“Stop it boss Jay,,,,stop,,,jeseeeeeee!!!!!”. Sharon screams out his real name in tears.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 61 – The End

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