FLORA’S MISTAKE : Episode 1 – The End




“Noah,I said you are not going anywhere today!!” Flora shouted as she blocked Noah from going out the door.

Noah,her husband looked tiredly at her,with his breath ragged.

“For the last time,Flora. I want to go to work… leave my way!” Noah shouted, trying to be violent but he was just too weak.

“Oh,wait…..you want to beat me? You want to beat me,abi? No problem! Noah…you must beat me today!! You must ohhh!” Flora shouted as she hurled herself at him.

Noah staggered back as he controlled the urge to give his wife a thunderous slap.

“You are not going anywhere till you tell me who the fuck called you this early morning.
That person doesn’t want you to stay in your house and touch your wife!

Noah,tell me who that woman is or else you are not leaving this house. Nonsense!” Flora shouted and stormed out of the house, locking the door behind her.

She pocketed the key and marched away, ignoring Noah who banged hard on the door calling her name.

“Adam!! Adam!! Where is this foolish man!Adam!!” Flora shouted the name of their gate man.

“Yes madam!!” Adam shouted as he ran towards Flora,only to be greeted with a slap.” How dare you? Where have you been!” Flora shouted again.

“Heyy…ma… madam I be wan water the flower nii.”Adam replied, rubbing his affected cheek.

“You are mad. Is that why you kept me waiting? See ehh,if dem bon your papa well, open the door for your stupid oga…you will see what I’m going to do to you. Rubbish.” Flora hissed and left the compound.

“Heeyyy…which kin woman be this one oh,my people? See as she lock her husband inside house.” Adam said silently to himself before returning to his work.

Noah banged on at the door until he was tired of banging.

“God…. God…what have I done!, What have I done to deserve this?” Noah asked aloud,close to tears.

He tightened his fists,his eyes as hard as rock as he breathed heavily glaring at the door.

He was going to break down the door.

He had had enough. He moved back swiftly in preparation and as soon as he took off to give the door a powerful kick, someone held his arm from behind……………

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