GENTLE TIGER : Episode 11 – 20

??Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence ?

Chapter 11

Ara and Soo Bin will pay for what they did.

I smirked and followed the rest of the students in.

“Wow! Look at that Young ” Yoo nah exclaimed, pointing to the skyscrapers as the bus kept moving on the road.

1 hour later…

We got to the camp safely, and came down. The environment was filled with green grass and beautiful flowers.

It a very beautiful environment, I glanced to check if there are buildings but there wasn’t.

“Everyone come this way ” The teacher said and we followed him.

Ara’s pov

“Oh my God! ” A girl exclaimed behind me.

The place was beautiful indeed. The tents were big like it was a real house.

“Now everyone, The boys come this and the girls too this side ” The teacher demonstrated with her hands both sides.

“In one tent, there are going to be four students in it. Do you understand? ” He asked and we chorused.

“Yes ma”

“Good, am going to call out your names and you go to your tents ” He said and brought out two lists.

“The boys :Ji ho, Do yoo, Seo Jun and min Jun will be in tent 1.” He pointed to the tents and the boys walked towards it..

He read out the boys lists and now it the girls turn.

“The girls :Ha yoon, Ji yoo, Ji woo and So ah, tent 100 here at my right hand side ” He pointed to his right.

He called and called till he got to my name “Ara, Soo bin, Ha rin and Min Seo in tent 125 ” He called and I felt relieved that I got paired with Binnie.

I don’t even know the other two students.

“Awwn, am so lucky am paired with you. Senior Ara ” I turned and saw the girl I paid her camp fee.

I almost forgot her. Geez!

“Wait! What’s your name? Cause I totally forgot ”

“It Ha rin. ” She giggled.

I smiled “Let’s go to our tents then ”

We got to the tent and entered, I saw a figure inside.

She noticed us and turned. “Hey ” I waved my hand at her but she ignored and continued with her phone.

So rude. I shrugged and placed my bag on a green mattress.

“This looks more than a tent Ara ” Binnie complemented.

“Yeah, we gonna be in this tent for 4 good days” I smiled and pushed my luggage aside and lay on the mattress.

Sleep here I come again.
“Ara, don’t tell me you want to sleep? ”

“Yes, I want to ” I answered, nodding my head with my eyes closed.

“Arrgh… Why don’t we stroll out to take a look the environment ” Soo Bin said.

“No, later I need to rest ” I said, and turned my back on her.

Soon, I was sleeping.

Soo Bin’s pov

I sighed and dropped my bag at a corner. Without out her I won’t be here.

Am so grateful. I smiled and walk out leaving the three of them alone.

I walked to a big tree with green leaves and beautiful flowers surrounding it.

I walked further and began taking some flowers and perceived it.

It smells nice. “You know you shouldn’t be touching those flowers huh? ” I heard a male voice speaking and I stood still on the ground.

“Who are you? ” I asked.

“Awwn, she doesn’t know me. I don’t need to show my self to you bye. ” The voice said.

“Wait! Who are you? Show up now! ” I yelled pointing to the flowers in my hands to every direction.

“Okay, here I come ” I turned when I saw the leaves shaking ” The figure came out and I gasped.

Seo. That playboy. Grumpy idiot. Am having a crush on it but am keeping it to my self.

Rather look for someone better than him than rely on him. He’s such an heart breaker.

“Here don’t swallow me okay? Am here to make peace ” He said with a calm voice and winked.

Hmm.. Soo bin be careful.

“Okay, I need to be going now ” I said, and walked past him, four steps away but he held my hand and I gulped.

“You don’t have to run when you see me? You look beautiful you know ”

“Thanks, can I go now? ” I asked.

Am starting to get nervous, I just pray he’s not playing one of his pranks on me. Else…

He smiled and dropped my hand down “Of course, you can go.

“Send my regards to Ara ”

I nodded and walked out of the place. I passed the boy’s tents and stopped when I heard voices.

“Let’s take her this night, and her friend too. We gonna do that when everyone is asleep. Just deal with them only” A thick voice said.

“Okay, has she paid the money? ” Another voice said.

“Yes she has, All we need to do is strip them naked and take pictures. You get that? ”

“Yeah ”


I tried to peep and only saw half of his face.

The teachers must hear this.

“Who’s there? ” I heard and I took my heels before they catch me.

I got to my tent panting. What the fck!

“Are you alright senior Bin? ” Ha RI asked and I nodded.

“Everyone listen, you students should come gather out your tents by 7pm in the night, we have a lot to do.

Those who wants to partake in the contest can come register this night with me ” One of the teachers announced.

If only they know that this night, someone will be missing. ?

Am partaking in the dance contest, I love dancing and I can never stop dancing even when I get old, I will still dance.

I smiled broadly, and stared at Ara sleeping peacefully and Ha ri busy with her phone smiling.

And the grumpy girl, she’s out of the tent to only God knows where.

Am the only one feeling bored. I lay in my bed too to catch some sleep.

Hours later…..

“Awnnnn…. ” I yawned, and saw Ara eyes piercing into mine.

“Hey, stop looking at me like that ” I said and stood up.

“Hmm… Okay. Let’s stroll out ”

“Stroll out? To where? ”

“Anywhere ”

“Yes, that reminds me of something. Ara you need to hear this. ” I said and looked everywhere.

No one was in.

“What’s it? ”

“I heard someone saying he’s going to take a girl and her friend too. And it this night ”

“Oh! Maybe it just his girlfri…..wait! Do you mean kidnap? ” Her eyes glittered.

“Kinda, and we need to tell the teacher about this ”

“How can a student kidnap a student? G0sh! ”

“Guess what? They are going to str!p the girls n@ked and take pictures of them ”

“What?! Come on let’s go. The teachers need to hear this ” She motioned for me to stand up.

“Everyone should not go out still 7pm or else you will be punish, now inside everyone” The teachers scolded the students roaming around the camp

“Arrrgh! What kind of bad luck is this? ” I groaned.

“Don’t worry, when it 7pm, we will tell them ” Ara said and I nodded.

Few hours later… 7pm.

Ara’s pov

I rushed outside with Soo bin and gathered round the teachers.

“We called you out here for those who wants to register for the contest and you guys should have fun this night and your dinner will be served soon.

Note that, when it 10 pm go into your tents. Understood? ”

“Yes” We chorused.

We went to the teacher who was in charge of the registration and registered my name and Soo bin did hers too.

She love dancing. We wanted to report the case to one of the teachers but they all seems busy with one thing or the other.

We went back to sit in front of our tents when I saw two boys coming towards the girl’s tents.

Oops! They might be the kidnappers Binnie is talking about.

“Binnie, look at this two guys. They are coming here ”

She looked up and gasped ” The guy with white hair was the one I saw talking ”

“Huh? Oh no! ”

Soon and surprisingly, they were walking to our tents smiling like catfish.

Do catfish smile? No ?

“Ara, don’t tell me we are the one they want to str!p n@ked? ” Soo bin said panicking.

“We need to cooperate, calm down ” She said patting me.

“Okay.. Okay”

“Hey girls, we will like you to follow us. Teacher Hyun called you ” The white haired boy said smiling sheepishly.

“Hmm.. You can go. We will go see him when am done with something ” I answered nervously.

“No, we insist you follow us now! ” He ordered but I stood calm.

The second one whispered something into his ear and before I knew they covered our mouths for us not to shout.

I tried waving my hands for the students to see me but they didn’t rather having fun with themselves.

He held my hands behind me tightly and it was hurting.

I struggled to get release from him but he was damn strong.

The boys took us far from the tents and the students.

“Now! If I hear any word from you. I will kill you and bury you here ” He warned but I didn’t keep quiet.

Soo bin was whimpering, poor her.

The boy’s hands touched my clothe and I screamed making him flinch.

“Shut up, don’t ruin this job for me ” He touched my cl0thes and wanted to take it 0ff.

“And what the fck are you doing? ” A sweet though angry voice spoke.

He stopped and raised his head up “Who are you? ”

I saw someone coming and behold! It was Tae! and Seo!

How did they arrive cause I don’t think they came here with us.

Oh my! He came at the right time. How did he know we were here.

Tae’s pov

I was walking into the garden with Seo, I heard screams and I decided to find what’s that.

Shockingly, it was Ara and her friend almost getting abuse by those boys.

I felt angry suddenly.

I walked to the boy holding Ara and punched him on his face and left him staggered.

Seo took the second one too down.

“Are you alright Ara? ” I asked.

“Yeah, I am ”

“And you?” Facing Soo Bin.

She nodded and I glanced at Ara. “Are you sure you are okay? ” I asked again.

I don’t know when I started to care about her.

” Yeah, thanks for saving us. Actually, they wanted to str!p us n@ked and take pictures ” She whimpers.


“Tae, this is serious. What if we haven’t come to the garden ” Seo questioned.

I took my phone out and punched in a number ” Come take this two criminals here at the garden.

Expel them from school and put them in the cell for three days ” I said over the phone and placed it back into my pocket.

“Be careful next time, bye ” I turned and took my leave.

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