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“ Adenike, please Marry Me!” Nonso knelt in the common room of the Embassy during lunch in front of an embarrassed me…

“ Nonso, what are you doing? Please stand up.” I said as I stood visibly shaken…

“ Say Yes! Adenike Just Say Yes!” I heard the loud cheers of the other staff members…

“ Say Yes to what?” I stood there completely blank. The suddenness of whatever Nonso was doing got Me Numb. We had just met, precisely 5 months before the weird proposal…

This was six months after I left Mororo. I left that night after my discussion with Seun and his Priestess wife. I wasn’t ready to lose my parents. My husband was dead and I didn’t have the heart to lose another person.

Mororo wasn’t worth it!

I had returned to my parents’ house who surprisingly were very welcoming. My mother was particularly happy stating she had been praying all day for me to return back. I settled back into my life, but I was too broken to return back to my Father’s Church. I couldn’t bear to look the other women in the face. It was going to be hard coping without AdeYanju by my side.

How I missed AdeYanju, my best friend, my lover, my friend, the perfect man for me!

I had told my father I needed a secular job also . I apologetically told him I couldn’t continue with my present job of working at the church.

By what I felt was divine Providence, I met an old friend who got me a Job at one of the embassies in Nigeria.

My Job was a well paid job that came with its juices that perked me up. In Just three months, I had traveled to 5 countries for different trainings. I met new friends, I was becoming more exposed and I cursed myself for wanting to lose all of that for Mororo.

Nonso was my colleague who couldn’t get over me, but I wasn’t ready for any emotional entanglement. From the first day I stepped into my office, Nonso’s time stopped ticking. He looked at me like I was an angel that just dropped from the sky. He was discussing with Tamuno at the time, but my entrance into the office got his mouth wide opened… I had to double check if I wasn’t stained in anyway….

While everyone came to say hi, he didn’t come and for days he avoided me like a plague.

After about a week of resuming the office, I took the boldness and walked up to him…

“Good Morning Nonso, I am Adenike, I just resumed this job a week ago and I think we haven’t met officially!” I said stretching my hand to him and I can say that probably was the mistake I made. Nonso started blushing. His face turned red and with obvious excitement he accepted my handshake…

What I expected him to say was “Nice to meet you!, but instead what I heard from him was…

“ Oh my God! Your palm is so soft!”

“ What!” I literally screamed..,

Nonso had glued himself to me for the next five months. It was hard for anyone to believe I wasn’t dating him, even my parents were always beaming with smiles anytime he came around.

Nonso was the kind of “Boyfriend” that you couldn’t hide. He wanted to know everyone and anyone related to me. He wanted to go with me to family functions. He started attending my Father’s church.

My mistake which I believe prompted the unexpected proposal was probably what I said to him the Friday before the Monday he proposed…I wanted to get him off my back.

“ Nonso, when am I going to meet your girlfriend or your fiancée?” I asked out of the blues at the restaurant where he forced me to have dinner with him that Friday night.

“ My girlfriend?” He asked looking shocked.

I nodded…

He rested his back in his chair and didn’t say a word as I continued eating…

“ Don’t tell me you don’t have a girlfriend at this age, Nonso you will be turning 40 in the next two months!” I said laughing

He sat still looking at me… At that point I knew I had gotten him where I wanted. I wanted to define the relationship between us…

“ Nonso, what’s wrong, this is the first time in five months that my bestie will be without words…Hmm… Nonso I am sorry if I invaded your privacy….”

Nonso still kept mute…

“ Nonso! Are you okay?”

He recovered from whatever shock he was in and faked a smile…

“ I am fine! “

“ Ok, so when do I meet her?”

“ Soon!” He said and that was probably the first time Nonso ever answered me with a one word statement…

After about 5 minutes we left the restaurant and Nonso was quiet through out the ride. He didn’t call, or reply my calls during the weekend, so you could imagine my shock when he threw a proposal at me on Monday in the office…

“ Adenike, please Marry me!”

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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