A Story By Christabel Nwoko

Episode 1

Elizabeth was born and raised in Port Harcourt, She was a perfect example of an independent Lady, She was a loving person, kind hearted, hard working and a goal getter. Elizabeth was an orphan and she was raised poorly by her grand mother, who passed away few years ago, leaving her alone in the cruel world. Elizabeth was not properly educated but she could express herself in a simple English Language, She was a seamstress, and She was so good at it that she won the hearts of her numerous customers with her creative designs.

Elizabeth would be in her late twenties, she was beautiful, That’s a type of beautiful that can’t be faked with makeup.
and she had a distinctive personality; Despite how much life had dealt with her, she had a happy soul, She can laugh at anything, including herself, and she was especially kind and caring to others. She was a young woman, who above all else, knows the value of having fun, and not taking life too seriously. She was a Lady that you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She was a woman who can inexplicably make anyone feel really good just by being around her.
She was a lady with self confidence, she was strong in every sense and she was also tough. She worked very hard for everything she had.

Despite being uneducated, she can hold her own in a conversation or debate and she can come up with creative solutions to any problems, she doesn’t need to rely on the superficial to make her feel beautiful or accomplished. She was always herself, but she was Single and lonely. Many men who had came in contact with her were attracted to her because her words create a better impression than the most flawless look could ever achieve, but she always turned them down.

One magical day, on the 14th day of February, Saint Valentine’s Day, Elizabeth met someone, A young man, it was a magical click. They met In A Public Bus, coincidentally that day, Elizabeth wore a beautiful red dress which she made, it was when she saw some other people on red that it occurred to her that it was Valentine’s Day, She thought of going back home to change but she was meeting up with a new client whose traditional wedding was in four weeks time and she doesn’t want to be late.
Elizabeth sat closely with this handsome stranger in the public bus.

Few minutes after, Elizabeth told the conductor that she was not familiar with the bus stop, she was heading to and he should notify her when they approach the bus stop, The rude conductor did not even utter a word to her and Elizabeth felt bad and embarrassed.

But the handsome stranger who sat beside her replied. ‘Don’t mind the conductor, I will get down at the same bus stop, when we get there I’ll let you know’. Elizabeth managed to give the handsome stranger a smile “Thank you” she said and the handsome stranger nodded.

Few minutes later, they both came down at the same bus stop. They got talking and the handsome stranger introduced himself “My name is Michael, what’s yours?”
“My name is Elizabeth” She replied and from that magical day a beautiful friendship immediately took over.
Elizabeth liked Michael alot, She hide it initially though as No woman likes to appear cheap but as thier friendship deepens, Michael noticed she liked him A LOT and with time, they fell helplessly in love with each other and they started dating.

Elizabeth was everything Michael have ever dreamed of,
Her magnetism captivated Michael’s mind. Her intelligence inspired him. To Michael, She was like a diamond in a field of crystals.

At the beginning of thier relationship, They were both real and honest with each other.
“I don’t know how to say big big English, because I stopped at Primary school” She had told Michael but he was too in love with her to see that as a problem.
Life wasn’t a bed of roses for him too, he was from a poor family, The worst of it all was that he was a graduate with a first class but Jobless. Michael told her about his own struggles, Elizabeth felt bad for him, Michael could see that her love was pure and selfless. She prayed for him and encouraged him not to give up.
“God will bless you with a good job, just have faith” She always told him

When Elizabeth and Michael started dating officially, Elizabeth made a long-term commitment out of it as she already saw the man she needed in him. She fell for his personality.
She loved and treasured him not for what he had because he had nothing but for who he was. Elizabeth’s love for Michael was pure, so real and authentic.

As many months passed, Michael realized how much Elizabeth appreciated him,
She loved him despite his flaws. Her love was unconditional and she supported him every step of his way. Whenever he had troubles or he needed a shoulder to cry on, she was there for him. Michael was always her top priority.
Her intentions were always pure and genuine, “Elizabeth is an amazing woman” Michael had told himself many times.
Elizabeth was not only the love of his life but his best friend too and no one had cared for him as much as she did, Elizabeth was Special, she was a GOOD WOMAN. Even Michael’s parents liked her immediately they met her.

She made lots of sacrifices for Michael, She was there for him. She was even assisting him financially. She was so “wifely” that each time she came to Michael’s place on Saturdays, she will cook meals for him, clean his house, help with the laundry if there was any. She always bought items for cooking on her way to Michael’s place with her own money and Michael never refunded but she doesn’t mind, She knew that Michael was unemployed and everyday she always mentioned him in her prayers for God to grant him a good Job, that would break him lose from the shackles of poverty. Elizabeth never knew that God would answer Her prayer very soon.

One-day, Michael got a call from a company, that he once submitted his Job application through an email, The company was located at Lagos, Michael was invited for an interview, and he had to travel to Lagos for the interview, at first when Michael got to know about the company’s location, he was discouraged and skeptical about the Job offer but Elizabeth persuaded him to give it a try.
“I don’t know that the company I sent my CV to was not in Port Harcourt, I wouldn’t have sent it, the worst is I don’t have a dime on me to go on this trip” He finally opened up.
But Elizabeth offered to give him a good amount of money that would be enough for him to embark on the trip. Michael thanked her and hugged her passionately. The next day, Michael embarked on his journey to Lagos.

Michael arrived Lagos and he stayed over with his friend Solomon, who welcomed him warmly.
And the next day, Michael went for the Job interview, after the interview, he was asked to wait behind, To his utmost surprise, he was offered the job, from all the bonuses presented, the Job would change his life and break him out of the shackles of poverty, as the salary was very attractive. The good news was too good to be true that Michael couldn’t still believe his ears, When the Manager uttered “Congratulations Mr Michael, here is your employment letter”.Michael was so excited. Out of the 12 people that came for the interview, he was selected.

The first person she called to break the good news to was Elizabeth .
“My Love, God has answered our prayer especially your prayer” he said happily,
“You got the job?”Elizabeth asked curiously
‘Yes’ Michael uttered, Elizabeth was So happy, That day was the happiest day of thier lives. They were overly happy.
” as you Don get Job, you go remain for Lagos, I will miss you so much” Elizabeth said calmly when reality sets in.
Elizabeth realized that Michael would not be coming back to Port Harcourt soon as he had gotten a new job in Lagos.

“I will miss you more, but as soon as I stand on my feet, my love, you will definitely be coming over to be with me not just as my girlfriend but as my wife, Thank you so much my love for standing by me” Michael said calmly and lovingly.
The love birds chatted for a while before they finally hanged up.

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