Episode 1

By Faith Lucky

Nina Wesley was beaming with smiles as the car drove into the effable mansion and parked in the garage.
“Hm. Home sweet home” she sad as she closed her eyes and sighed.

She looked though the window an saw the young handsome gentleman standing at the facade of the house, wearing a broad smile. He was definitely waiting for her arrival.

“Dad!” She called excitedly as she jumped out of the car and ran into his warm hands, embracing him tightly.

“Oh little angel!” He reciprocated as he clutched her even tighter and ended up lifting her from the ground.

“Dad! Dad! Put me down. Dad!” She giggled and Mr Declan finally kept her down.

“How’re you my darling? how was your trip? Declan asked.

GRUMPY AND THE PRIEST : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

“It was fine dad. And getting to hold you here again makes it even finer” she replied and they both laughed.

He turned to the guards and drivers around.

“Okay. Okay. Get her things in.” He said to them and touched Nina’s face.
“Come in honey. I’m sure you must be pretty tired.

“Probably” she replied.

“So tell me, how’s Spain?” Declan asks as they both walked in.

“It’s fine dad. It’s awesome. By the way, aunt Chloe sends her regards.

“Okay. Hope you weren’t bullied over there?”

“Come on dad. I’m eighteen for God’s sake. Who would dare bully me?”

They walked into the exquisite living took with laughter as Declan wrapped his hand around Nina’s shoulders.

But immediately they got in and Nina took a look around, she gasped with surprise. She Fred herself from her father’s grip and ran to some photographs pinned on the wall.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed as she rook one from the wall and admired it.
It was a picture of a young woman.

“It’s still here. You still have her photographs?”

“Of course, Nina. Why wouldn’t I?”

For a moment, she smiled but the next moment she was putting on a brooding look.

She pinned it back on the wall and took a different one lying next to the previous.

“I’m told I look exactly like her. Am I really this pretty?” She asked, starring pathetically at the image.

Declan sighed and moved closer ty her, wrapping his hand around her shoulder.

“You’re more pretty, Nina.” He Said and took the pictures from her, also staring at it.

“Your mom was a nice lady.” He continued. “Too bad she had to leave so soon. But anyway, I’m sure she’s still with us and is proud of us”.

Nina bent her head and sniffles.

“No no Nina. Hell no. No tears okay? Especially not on the first day of your return” he repudiated and Nina smiled.

“Of course. I’m sorry”.

He took her upstairs to her room and immediately they got in, her eyes grew wider.

“Oh my God! It’s just the same way I left it” she exclaimed happily as she scuttled from one item to the other, smiling continously.

They were photos of she and her mom hung around the the room and also some items she and her non once shared.
Wow! The whole place was just filled with memories of her mom -the same way she likes it.

“Silly you” Declan said. “It’s been nine years since you left Nina. How could it possibly be the same way you left it? I only took care of it and decorated it the same way you liked it.”

Immediately, she jumped on him and clutched him tight.

“I love you dad. You’re the best! I love you so much. Te quiero!”

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t choke me okay? Get down” Declan said and she left him.

She ran back to the other items and started touching them. She took a picture of she and her mom and starred at it.

“I’m glad you like it” Declan said. “But the moment I realize you cry over them, trust me, I’ll take them away.”

She looked at him and smiled.

“Cruza mi corazoin, dad. No tears”.


At that point, a call came into Declan’s phone and as he received the call, Nina went back to admiring her room.

“Uhm Nina,” Declan called when the call ended.

“Yes, dad”.

“I’m so sorry, but need to hurry back to the office. Some important clients are…”

“What?” Nina shrieked. “You’re going back to the office? So, who’s gonna stay here with me?”

“You can just take some rest. Eat whatever you want and do whatever you want”.

“It’s just 5pm dad. Do you really expect me to go to bed at this time?”

“Buy you must be tired. You need some rest”
“I’m not tired!”

He sighed and shook his head. She was just like her mom -always strong headed and willful.

“Fine! You can ask one of the drivers to take you out for sight seeing, he said, sounding depressed.

“Seriously? Alone?”

“Come on Nina. I promise I won’t take long”.

“Dad, I can’t believe this overtime working attitude of yours still hasn’t stopped. I thought it should be over by now ”

“I know. But I’m working on it”.

“For how long? You’ve been working on it even before mommy died. Is it until I’m also dead before you’d sort it out?”

“Hey, shh,” he hushed and placed his index finger on her lips. “Don’t ever spout such nonsense Nina. I’m not losing you okay?”

“Lo que sea” she replied with a cringe.

“And look who’s speaking Spanish. You’re no longer in Spain okay?”

“Whatever dad. I wish I could go back”.

He stared at her and smiled.
“Okay. See you later.” He said and left after planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Bye” she mumbled to herself as he closed the door.

She sighed and sat on the comfy bed. She was really hoping to spend more time with him. But it seemed she would have to share that time with his company.

She took one of her mom’s photographs and kissed it.

“I love you mom. And I miss you” she said to the photograph and kept it back on the table.

She took some beverages from the fridge and refreshed herself with it and after that, she ordered one of the drivers to take her out for sightseeing.
“Take me to St. Thomas Cathedral” she instructed and he nodded affirmatively.


As the car drove along the beautiful streets and roads, Nina kept staring through the window, astonished. The country had grown more beautiful and exciting.

Hmm. It felt so good to home -back to her birth town. She had really had so much fun in it, but she didn’t regret living nine years ago. Her life was almost shattered when her mom died in a plane crash. Her mother was her best friend and the thought of losing her had driven her crazy.

Nina was just eight years old and it was a miracle she had been able to escape mental trauma.

Aunt Chloe, an elder sister to her mother, had decided to take her along to Spain so she could nurture her like a mother would. So, it was the aid of aunt Chloe that Nina was able to get back to normal.

Although, she loved her dad a lot, she had grown so fond of aunt Chloe and didn’t really feel like leaving her, but she had to, since her dad wanted her back in America. Although, she was still puzzled over why her dad wanted her back. It wasn’t like he’d be having enough time for her. So, what was his aim?

They dallied into the cathedral and found a perfect place to park. Nina’s eyes beamed.
She quickly hopped out of the car and ran to the facade of the large building. .

She closed her eyes and took ina deep breath, trying to inhale the holy air -a crazy thing she always did with her mom.

She looked around and smiled at the beauty of the place. It was wonderful and felt so good to be there again.

She saw some holy looking ladies dressed in knee length catholic garments holding rosaries in their hands. They were the Reverend sisters. She waved happily at them and they waved back at her.

She also saw a convent mother dressed in black garment approaching her with two reverend sisters behind and before she got to where she was, she bent her head a little and placed her Palma together.

“Good evening, blessed mother, she greeted in obeisance.

“Peace be with you,” she replied in a tranquil voice and a soft smile and left.

“Wow. They look lovely. Natural and lovely,” she thought and walks along.

The cathedral was very big and beautiful and her mother always took her along each time when went for prayers.

Nina continued looking around and walked into the main church, kneeling in front of the alter. She recalled how her mother taught her how to pray at a tender age. She remembered how she’d kneel beside her mother and say the Lord’s prayer.

She smiled as she closed her eyes and did a little prayer of the rosary and after that, she left the hall.

She decided to take a walk around the and along a path; she heard a soft bantering sound that held her in suspense and made her stand still for a while. It was the sound of someone playing on the keyboard and just like a robot, she started following the sound.

She traced it carefully and ended up in front of smaller church building and there she looked inside and saw a boy dressed in white, playing the keyboard.

He was the only one in and although he was backing her , she could notice his spirit was calm as he played them.

It was a slow serene tone.

She walked in unnoticed and stood behind him, gobsmacked. She was bedazzled at his touch on the keys.

She stood still, starring at him and listening to the unruffled sound he made and suddenly, as if he had noticed a different presence, he stopped playing and turned around.

“Wow!” Nina’s heart skipped the moment she saw his face.
He was… indescribable.

His limpid eyes gave her a confused look and she fought to maintain her stamina.


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