How to start Coding

How to start Coding

This is the first question to ask when you don’t know anything about coding yet. Okay no other word let’s go directly to how to start coding!

Note, the following explanation are specially for Self-thought who are self learning, no CS/CSE degree or who haven’t started a degree.

How to start Coding. Thingscouplesdo

Please read the whole text carefully.

Coding is the new ABC of Life! World is upgrading and changing faster everyday and every second where technology is the things and coding is one of core in it!

1) First make sure to clear out your GOAL, Why you wanna learn Coding? There’s plenty of Sector and Field in Technology including Softwere Developer, Web development (front end, backend, database), Game Development, Working with Data, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, Testing… (just to mention a few, you need to explore and research on internet)

From building apps to rocket science, and you are learning for your dream job or for your own Business/Startup. Clear out the Goal, there should not be any doubt!

Also see this video below on how to start coding.


2) Choose your Languages Accordingly.

This means if you want to be skilled on AI automation you should switch Python or R language, if you want to develop Games you need to learn C++ or C#. Java, Kotlin for Android, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, JavaScript used on Web etc etc..! This is not that you can’t develop game using other language than C++/C# or can’t use JavaScript for building apps beside using on web! You can, but it is good to choose preferable technology for certain specific field specially as you’re going to be professional in future!

3) Find resources: Internet is now full of courses and tutorials even for free! There’s plenty of tutorial on YouTube even from scratch to advanced! There’s Udemy and EDX like platform very popular! But always learn from a better source where it will be worth of your TIME and you will gain experience following the tutorial! You can collect pdf, ebook (free too) from internet!


When you made up your mind fluently a bit then you can invest in professional certified Course!

4) Start Learning: Follow the tutorial, read books, try every example and play with the code!

??MOST IMPORTANTLY, KEEP PATIENCE, take it serious but be enjoying it! Take a bit time to make the basic strong.

? ? Be a good internet researcher, this means you should have the ability to explore information and find out correct answer from internet! Researching on internet and fins out the specific information is also a Skill!

Google is your best friend while you stuck, always explore and research on internet!
(I’m not telling you to copy and paste others code–>it will not develop your skill)!

? Can I learn coding on my phone?
Yes, you can learn coding using your phone practice it, not everything but almost! There’s enough certain apps (Course app with online coding platform and only IDE, editor offline and online) specifically made for practice code on phone..!!
some example.. Sololearn, Pydroid3, Decoder, Acode Editor, Termux, Spck Editor, Pydroid3, CXXDroid,JVdroid etc!

You can do lot using Phone and practice code easily anywhere as a beginner but later, you need to have a Laptop or PC for Professional purpose!

Everyone Can Code but everyone shouldn’t code! Coding is very fun and creative..! but be honest..if you don’t like coding, just doing cause you want to earn Money, then it can be stressful for you!
So take it as a fun first, you have to make mindset to enjoy it!

Coding is very enjoyable while you become imaginative in it and building new things!

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How to start Coding