HEART DOCTOR II : Episode 11 – The End


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“Her dad took her?” Amanda asked for the second time as she stared at Mrs Tonia.

“Yes, it hasn’t been up to ten minutes that they left, but he did say that he told you about it,” Mrs Tonia said. Amanda gasped.

“He didn’t. He didn’t tell me anything,” Amanda said and immediately took out her phone from her trouser pocket. Thank goodness she came with it. She made a call to him which went through and he picked up in one ring as if he WS expecting her call.

“Hello sir,” Amanda spoke first.
“Amanda,” he answered. There was this kind of softness in his voice but that isn’t the time for Amanda to notice.
“Sir, I’m in Deya’s school right now and I’m told that you already picked her,” she said.
“What!! Pick her? Why would I do that? Where’s my daughter?”

Amanda’s jaw dropped. Fear gripped her, she went numb as she stared at Mrs Tonia.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs Tonia asked.
“He he said he ne..never picked Odeya,” Amanda stuttered in fear.
“What? It was him. It was Mr Okoye.” Mrs Tonia said, then quickly took out her phone and made a call.

“Hello Mr Adam, please come to my class. There’s a problem.” she ended the call and looked at Amanda.
“It was really Odeya’s father. Look at that,” she said and pointed at a CCTV camera at the ceiling. “That’s a CCTV camera and it will be a proof to this. It was her dad who picked her up.”

Amanda was shaking with fear.


“What’s wrong sir?” Henry asked Desmond who was hurriedly picking pulling on his suit and taking his briefcase.

“I don’t wanna believe that my daughter is in danger.” Desmond said.

“What do you mean?” Henry asked.

“Someone picked my daughter from school. I don’t know how but that person claimed to be me. I gotta go,” Desmond said and rushed to the door, opening it, he turned to Henry who was exclaiming “Oh my God!”

“Don’t tell anyone about this. I have to go,” Desmond said and finally left.

“How on earth! What!?” Henry exclaimed.


Sleeping Odeya was carried in to a well and expensively furnished room that appeared like an exclusive hotel room.

There was no body in the room but as Rock dropped Deya on the bed, the ensuite door opened and Vanessa walked out. Seeing Deya, she let out a wide smile.

“She has gotten dark and tiny. This isn’t my Deya.” she said then walked to her and touched her face. “But you never stopped being beautiful Daughter. I know you’ve missed me so much. Don’t worry baby, mom is here to take you home. This country doesn’t suit you my baby.”

She looked at Rock and smiled. “Good job Rock. You should wait outside for me. I will take Care of this.”

“Okay” Rock said and left.

Vanessa turned back to Odeya and began caressing her hair.
“I missed you my little girl. Mom missed you. Your dad think he can take you away from me? He had no idea what I can do.”


After seeing the footage, Desmond turned to the Mrs Tonia and the head mistress of the school.

“Look here, my daughter had been kidnapped right before your eyes. I don’t care how it happened.. I want my daughter back right now” he said.

Amanda was in tears.

The head mistress was about to say something when Desmond’s phone rang. He didn’t hesitate to take it out from his pocket. It was a restricted number.

He glanced at everyone in there, including Amanda and Peter before picking up the phone and placing it on his right ear.

“Hello Mr Desmond Okoye,” Even in the next sixty years, Desmond can never forget the voice of Vanessa. It was her.

“Vanessa,” he called. Then it hit him. Why’s Vanessa suddenly calling him?
Do Odeya’s kidnap had to do with her?

“Don’t worry yourself and don’t bother telling the police. I got my daughter back. Ha ha it wasn’t so hard tho. You should get another daughter soon. Odeya is mine alone. She’s still asleep. I know she’d be so happy to see me. I’m hanging up now, alright..bye”

“Vanessa, Vanessa! Where’s…” the call ended.

“What’s that sir?” Amanda asked.

Desmond sighed. “It’s not a kidnap. Don’t worry about this. I will take care of it,” he said to the school authorities then turned to Amanda. “Let’s leave.”

“What? It’s not a kidnap? The police would soon be here,” The head mistress said.

“Tell them it wasn’t a kidnap.” Desmond said.

“Then who took her?” she asked.

“Her mother,” Desmond said then turned and walked out. Amanda and Peter hurried up to meet his pace.

“Sir, it’s her mom?” she asked him.
“I just said so,” Desmond answered.
“What are you going to do sir?” Peter asked
“I will get back my daughter,” Desmond said then entered his car and drove off.

Amanda and Peter entered theirs and zoomed off.


Odeya woke up and was confused on where she was then she saw her mom standing with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Mom!” she shouted.

Vanessa smiled. “My pretty baby. Mommy is here for you. Do you want some wine huh?”

Odeya sat up on the bed and looked around. “Where I’m I mom? Where is dad and my nanny?” she asked.

Vanessa chuckled. “Do you need to worry about them when your mom is here to take you with her?”

“Mom, are we in Canada?” Deya asked.

“Nope but we will be there by tomorrow, you have missed your home right?” she asked.

“How did I get here mom? Dad picked me up from school. How did I end up here?” Deya asked.

“You don’t have to think about it. You should be happy that you finally got to me dearie. Come on, you need a shower and you need to eat.” Vanessa said and went to the landline.

“Come over and bathe my daughter,” she said into the landline.

“Mom where are we? Why ain’t we at dad’s house? Where is this?” Deya asked.

“Deya, I have nothing to do with your father. I am here to take you with me. So don’t talk about your father” Vanessa said.

“Mom if dad is not going with us then I’m not going with you,” Deya said.

Vanessa smashed the glass of wine on the wall angrily and it shattered.
Deya wasn’t scared by that. It was what her mom always do.

“I told you not to talk about your father!”

“Why mom?”

“Because you have a new father.”

“A new father?”


Desmond, Amanda and Peter were back but only Amanda and Desmond were inside the house. Desmond told Peter to go home.

Inside the sitting room, Desmond was seen pacing up and down, in thoughts with his phone tight in his hand. Amanda is only a few step away, standing still with her eyes on him. He told her not to say anything but she can’t help it.
Did his ex wife really kidnap her own daughter? That’s unbelievable.

Desmond after thinking for awhile put a call through to Vanessa who picked up after few rings.

“Hello Mr Desmond Okoye,” she spoke first in a very mocking way.
“Vanessa, I want to see my daughter. Where the hell did you take her to? How were you able to deceive my smart Odeya?” he asked.
Vanessa laughed hard. “She’s my daughter. Do I need to deceive her? That’s funny.”
“Before I get the police involved in this, bring me back my daughter before today ends.

“Dad!” Desmond heard Odeya’s voice and screamed. “Deya! I promise to come get you OK?”

“Dad, I can’t have another dad but you right?” Deya asked.

Desmond sighed. “Yes you are right dear.”

“Dad, I’m not going to leave without you and my nanny,” she said.

“Shut your mouth Deya.. Who’s the damn nanny you’ve been mentioning?” Vanessa hurled at Deya.

“Vanessa!” Desmond shouted through the phone.

“I have no business with you anymore Desmond. I’m taking my daughter with me. Well you can call on the police if you want. Goodbye!” Vanessa said and hung up. She looked at Deya for a moment and smiled.

“Don’t you dare think or talk about your father when I’m here,” she said.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Deya asked.

“You’ve changed a bit daughter. This new character doesn’t fit you as my daughter. Have you forgotten all that I thought you?” Vanessa asked.

Deya didn’t answer.

The door opened and a lady walked in..
“Sorry ma’am that I took some time. Her food would be brought in the next three minutes,” she apologized to Vanessa.

She went over and tried carrying Deya but Deya beat off her hands.
“Get your hands off me”

“What Odeya, don’t you wanna have a bathe?” Vanessa asked.

“Bathe me then,” Deya said.

The lady tried carrying her again but she beat off her hands again.
“I mean you, mom… Bathe me”

Vanessa raised her brow. “What nonsense Deya? I’ve never bathe you, you know that.” she said.

“Then take me back, I have to say goodbye to Jeremy and bring dad and my nanny along.” Deya said.

“You aren’t seeing your father again cos you have a new father.” Vanessa said.

“Then I won’t go with you because I can’t have a new father. I only have one dad.” Deya said.

Vanessa glanced at the lady who’s face was down.


(Few hours later??)

Desmond have been in his room for five hours. Amanda had prepared his dinner.
She served them on the dinning then went upstairs to call him.

After breathing in and out, she gently knocked on the door, knocked again and slowly opened the door.

She walked in and saw Desmond sitting at the edge of the bed with his phone in his hand.

“Sir, dinner is ready,” she said.

“Okay.. I’m coming,” he muttered without turning.

Amanda stood there staring at him. He said nothing and let her stare at him as long as she want.
The she asked. “Sir, you shouldn’t think too much. She’s her mother and won’t harm her.”

“Vanessa is harmful. My daughter can not live with her. I tried so hard to get Odeya from her. Why do you think I did so?” Desmond said.

“I don’t think getting the police involved will be of any help. I suggest, you meet with her and talk things out. Odeya must be very happy to see her mother after three months. She had always wanted to see her mom and go back with her. If it’d make her happy, then let her.” Amanda said.

Desmond turned and looked at her.
They stared at each other’s eyes.

“What do you mean Amanda?” he asked.
“I..I mean, you should make up with your ex wife, for Odeya’s sake,” Amanda said.

“Don’t talk nonsense Amanda,” he said.
Amanda inhaled.

He stood up and walk to her. Amanda faced down but he put his hand on her jaw and brought her face up.

Her heart beat raised.

Their face came so close to each other.

“Don’t you ever think of becoming Deya’s mom someday?” he asked.

Amanda could hear her heart beat.

“Even after knowing why you were given this job, why do you still talk nonsense?” he asked.

Amanda felt goosebumps on her skin.

He removed his hand from her jaw, exhaled and walked out of the room, leaving Amanda in a confused state.


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