By Succie Brown.

One is Calm, and has a dream of becoming a cop, and the other is Agitated and has no dream for the future. Their names were Ariel and Ariella, both are identical twins, but were so different from each other.

Ariel is smart, doesn’t get timid, knows how to fight and always defend herself, and acts like a boy, instead of a girl.

Ariella on the other hand, is the girly type, who is calm and peaceful, she knows how to flght too, but not as good as Ariel.


Ariella’s dream is to get into the prestigious cop college in Moscow.

But on her way back after writing the entrance exam of Moscow Cop college ? MCC?, Ariella saw something which she shouldn’t have seen and she was klled because of it.

With a broken heart, Ariel entered into the prestigious Moscow cop college, to achieve Ariella’s dream and also to make inquiries about the person involved in Ariella’s D.eath

But who is the person behind Ariella’s De.ath?

What did Ariella see that led to her D.eath?

If Love comes knocking at Ariel’s heart, will she opened the door?

Will Ariel be able to find the faces behind the mask of the people that klled her sister?

So many questions to answer right?
Then join me on the story filled with Action, Investigations, Crimes and Ro.mance, with a little touch of Comedy.

Brought to you by Succie Brown.



THEME; Making Them Pay


? ARIELLA!!! ?

“Get her!!!”

“Don’t let her run away!!!”

Came the scream of some group of boys as they chase after someone, and with how the person is dressed, you’d think she is a guy, but it turns out that she is a girl in disguise of a guy.

She was wearing a big T-shirt, a baggie trouser, a boyish sneakers, and her face-cap was worn to the back, as she run in the busy street of the road.

She kept bumping into cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, but yet she never stopped running, because the gang who were chasing her never stopped going after all.

She has earlier beat up one of their gang member to stupor, and they wanted to their revenge.

Ariel, being the name of the girl running was supposed to be named troublemaker, because she doesn’t mind her business, she is always prone to answer into something they didn’t call her name.

She doesn’t mind her business, and she always prone to start a flght with anyone that falls for her trouble, that’s why she beat up a member of a gang and she being hunted for it.

Ariel stopped running when she got to an isolated area. She pulled the face-cap she was wearing, and her short hair came to view.

“I see you all didn’t stop chasing after me” She said, standing in akimbo, with her hands in the baggie trouser she was wearing.

Her bbs were like the cover bottle water, so it was not showing in the big T-shirt she was wearing.

“You beat up one of our members, Ariel. Do you possibly think we are going to let it slide?” One of them asked, they were five in number.

“I just gave him a dose of his own medicines. He was acting like Goliath from the Bible, so I just had to put him in his place, just like David did.

Do you know the story of David and Goliath?” Ariel asked, sarcastically.

“We are not here to play games with you Ariel!!!” Another member of the gang said, and Ariel snickers.

“If you are not here to play games, why are you all standing over there watching me as I talked.

Come over here, and throw a pvnch at me, I will gladly accept it” Ariel said with a smile.

The five boys rushed to Ariel, trying to pvnch her, but Ariel didn’t give them a chance to touch her face.

As tiny as she was, she was able to send the five guys to the ground.

Two had their legs broken, while the rest three broke their hands.

“You all aren’t strong and yet you formed a gang. Even kindergartens knows how to flght better than you all” Ariel said.

“We are not yet done with you Ariel, you are going to pay for this!!” One of them said.

“Did I make a mistake breaking your leg instead of your neck. Should I twist it to the left, huh?” Ariel asked like a guy, attempting to break his neck, but he quickly hide behind of one of his gang members.


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