By Succie Brown.


“Who was the person that called you?” Aria asked, after they found shelter, thanks to the elderly woman.

“I don’t know Aria. He didn’t introduce himself, all what he said was that I should take my sisters out of that house, that the illegal organizations are coming for us” Ariel answered.

“It means that Jessica’s Mom must have told them our location, since she planted a tracker in your body.


Dmnit, we should have left that house after we found the tracker, if he hadn’t called, we’d have been dead by now.

No doubts they must’ve know we’re triplets with the same face” Ariella said.

“We are sorry” Jessica, Brett and Nora apologize at the same time. They were feeling guilty about everything that’s happening.

“You don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your fault, you three didn’t know that your Parents are criminals” Aria said.

“So what’s next?” Aria asked.

“I am going to resume school, and digged more about this Organization, I am sure it’s somewhere in Moscow city” Ariella said.

“If I give you back your identity, I think a lot of people will talk” Ariel said.

“How?” Ariella asked.

“First of all, you dressed girly, students will wonder why, because they know me to always dressed like a tomboy.

And most importantly, your hair, it’s impossible for your hair to grow in just three days” Ariel said.

“Ariel is right, Ariella. Ariel and I can’t be differentiated because we have the same short hair and mode of dressing.

But there’s a slight difference when it comes to you, because you have a very long hair and dress girly.

“Since that’s the issue, I don’t mind dressing like a tomboy and cut my hair short”

“But you have always loved long hair”

“Yes I do, but I am ready to do anything just to bring down that organization.

Who knows what they are planning on doing next, they might decide to sell young girls.

As a future cop, I need to put an end to their madness”

“We will always support you, Ariella” Ariel and Aria said at the same time.

“What about you Nora, you haven’t said a word about supporting us. Are you with us, or against us?” Ariella asked.

“I am with you all. My dad might be important to me, but he needs to pay for his crimes” Nora said, and jasper smiled.

“Good. So here is the plan. We’re going back to Moscow City tomorrow, and you three will have to pretend like you know nothing about your parent’s business” Ariella said.

“Why?” Brett asked.

“So they won’t suspect us when we strike”



Ariel was packing up her and her sisters bags, because they were going back to Moscow the following morning.

Being the first one to be brought out the world before her sisters, she’s trying her best to make it up to Ariella.

Aria entered the room and sits close to Ariel with a sullen look on her face. “Why are you sad, Aria?” Ariel asked.

“When will Ariella forgive us? I can’t talk to Jaycee because she is still mad at us.

Tell me Ariel how would we have know the location of that organization when we don’t know what they look like.

She was the only one who knew what they look like.

She pretended to be in coma, right? If she has not pretended to be in coma, maybe we’d have known about this illegal organization.

I risked my life to save hers, and you won’t have been in MCC if not for her. We both helped her, but she’s acting ungrateful”

“Stop talking ill of Ariella, Aria” Ariel said.

“I am not talking ill about her Ariel, I am only saying the truth” Aria said.

“So I am ungrateful?” Ariella asked, standing by the door.

“Ariella” Aria said, standing up from the bed. Ariella entered the bed, and both Ariella and Aria looked at her.

“I didn’t know my sisters are good at gossiping about me behind my back” She said.

“That’s not true Ariella. Ariel and I were just….. ”

“I am sorry” Ariella said, cutting Aria short.

“I shouldn’t have shouted at you both the way I did. I was just too angry, and that’s why I yelled at you two.

I shouldn’t have blame you both when you don’t know the faces of the bosses of this illegal organization” Ariella said.

“We are sorry too Ariella, we should have been more focused on finding them” Ariel apologize.

“Sorry for saying you are ungrateful, I was just angry”

“It’s fine. Can I get a hug from you both? I miss you both so much” She said. The three of them, laughed and hugged each other.

They broke the hug some minutes later, and sat down on the bed, looking so happy to be together again.

“Thank you Aria, for coming to resuce me. If you hadn’t, Landmark would have klled me” Ariella said.


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