By Cassie B


Immediately his lips landed on hers, Melanie gasped into his mouth and her eyes grew wide in shock.

“Oh my!”

“This is so sweet and shocking!”

Everyone watched in astonishment as Axel continued feeding on Melanie’s lips who was still trying to register what was going on.


Among them was Ace who was staring at the duo like a movie, it felt unreal to him.

Melanie raised her hand with the aim of pushing him, but she found herself holding him by the arm, slowly responding to his ksses.

It was against her will, but she had to do it. Ace and Paisley were both watching, and this was the best way to get back at them.

“Is this really real right now?” Aaron mumbled in shock.

Seeing how Melanie was responding to the kss, Ace’s mouth flew open in shock. Anger boiled inside him and he felt rage threatening to tear out of his skin.

Audrey watched with anger deep inside her, seeing Axel kssing another lady other than her stirred something deep inside her…. Hatred.

Axel’s hand slipped to Melanie’s waist, kssing her softly and tenderly, enjoying the juicy taste of her lips.

The girls who fainted woke up, but seeing how they were still kssing, they fainted back.

“Time is up!” Aaron suddenly shouted.

Melanie regained her senses back and suddenly pushed him off her, staring at him in nothing but shock.

Their lips were both red and wet as a result of the kss they both shared.

“I….” Melanie stood up and rushed out of the scene immediately.

“That was hot, dude” Aaron said.

Axel smiled softly. He stood up and went after Melanie.

Audrey stood and left the place in anger.

Paisley glanced at Ace who was still staring into space, she bit her lips before looking away.

Axel has always hated right from the day he set his eyes on her, but he kssed Melanie?

Thinking of it baffles her a lot.

Lauren and Julie exchanged glances and they both shrugged at the same time.

“Did Axel just kssed Melanie?”

“Is something going on between them? Oh, I’m jealous”

“I guess the game is ruined already” A girl sighed.

“Let’s do something else” another girl suggested.


Melanie stood outside, touching her lips as her mind reminisced the kss she shared with Axel.

Someone suddenly held her arm and she threw it away reflexively.

“Don’t touch me!” She screamed, turning to face the person.

“You…” She pointed a finger at him.

“Why the fk will you kss me?! Why?!” She screamed.

“Because I had to. It was a dare, and I had to do it” Axel replied.

“And you couldn’t find any other girl but me?”

“Why are you making a fuss? You kssed me back, didn’t you?”

“That….” Melanie stopped and bit her lips.

“I had to do that because Ace was watching, I had to make him believe that I moved on already” she muttered.

“And you did. You should be thanking me not yelling at me this way”

Hearing that, Melanie calmed down a bit.

“You should come back later, it will be weird if you leave this way” Axel said. He stared at her for a while before going back inside.

“Can’t believe this,” Melanie mumbled, her hand going back to her lips again.

Never had she imagined she was ever gonna kss Axel, and in the presence of the students too?


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