By Mary Ann Adams

Camille’s pov

It’s good to be back into life. It was the toughest time of my life. Struggling to come back to life and I am happy I made it.

Annie told me everything that happened during the time I was in coma and why we had to fly to England.

“You haven’t heard from Asher since then?” I asked her.

“Yeah. I lost my phone in the accident and I didn’t go back home when I woke up.” Annie answered and I nodded.

“Are we going back? To New York I mean”

“No. Going back means going back to Asher. Are you ready to?”

HER HUSBAND’S BOSS : EPISODE 61 – 70. Thingscouplesdo

“You know the answer but the divorce..”

“Camille, just forget about it. It’s of no use again. If we proceed with the divorce, Asher is sure going to win. We lost everything” Annie retorted sadly.

“I don’t get” I furrowed my brows.

“The reason why I was so confident we would win the case was because I had a video of him. I only told Chloe about it. I wanted to make it a surprise. I knew with the video and a good lawyer, we are going to win the case. Now we have nothing. I lost my phone in the accident.”

“What video?” I was lost.

“The other day at my house. After you left Asher’s house. When he came over to my house and I took the case to court. Remember?”



“What? You want to keep up with the act. Isn’t that it? You wanna know what? I told Annie everything. She knows you hit me. She knows about everything! So don’t try to pretend everything is fine between us when it is clearly not” I said with so much anger.

Asher looked at Annie questionably and she shrugged.

“She is saying the truth, isn’t she?” Annie saId.

“Camille, you can’t just go about telling everyone what is going on with us..”

“Annie isn’t just anybody. She is family.”

“If you knew about everything then why acting like you didn’t” Asher directed how question to Annie.



I looked at Annie in shock. “Wait, you had that on video?”

“Everything. When he knocked and I sensed it was him, I had my phone positioned at one side in the living room. If you would I notice, I joined you guys a bit late”

“Dmn! How come you didn’t tell me”

“I told you I wanted to make it a surprise but now, surprise ruined. Just great!” Annie uttered.

“And you lost the video. So what are we going to do now?” I asked.

“Stay in London permanently. That’s the best thing to do. If you don’t want to go back to that mon$ter. Just forget you were ever married and start afresh” Annie explained and I agreed with her.

I can’t imagine going back to Asher. All I want is to be happy and to make that possible, I have to be far away from Asher.

“So uhm..Why is Chloe also here?” I asked.

“Long story. Would tell you about it later” Chloe said and I nodded.

“I’m going to ask the doctor when you are going to get discharged.” Annie said standing up.

“And I really need food” I uttered touching my stomach.

Chloe handed the food over to me and I thanked her.

While eating, I thought about what Annie said. Starting afresh huh?

How would that go?



Annie came back shortly and told me the doctor said I can be discharged in three days time.

I asked to talk to the Good Samaritan who took us to the hospital whom Annie called Mrs Taylor and she have being trying her number but it isn’t going through.

“I will try later. I’m not sure she is even aware you are awake yet. She have done so much for us” Annie said.

“I know, right. Others would have just ignored. I need to thank her” I said.




I’m going to get discharged today. Finally!, I would be leaving this hospital.

We still couldn’t reach Mrs Taylor and I am worried, Annie is too.

She already paid all the hospital bills so it was easy. Chloe only came to check on me yesterday and she left after two hours.

I still don’t know why she is in London and hell, I need answers but first, I need to get the hell out of this hospital.

We took a cab going to whatever it is we are going to be staying.

Chloe didn’t come saying she is busy with something and I am not angry. She tried by checking on me.

“I don’t know why her number is still not going through. I hope she is fine”

“Do you know any of her social media handle?” I asked Annie.

Maybe it would be easy to contact her.

“Sadly, No!. I don’t know what is wrong.”

“What if she lost her phone or something” I said thought fully.

“No, she can’t. She must not. I still need to pay her back” Annie said with a frustrated look.

“You can just keep trying okay? Maybe she is stuck in something important and isn’t available to take any calls” I said trying to be possible.

“Just maybe” Annie sighed.

The cab stopped and we got down revealing a big duplex house.

“She got this?” I asked Annie.

“Yeah. When I told her I want to go with you. She got the house” Annie replied.

“Wow!” Was What escaped my lips.

“Common. Let’s go in” Annie urged and I nodded.

We entered and I was more wowed with the interior. Annie directed me to a room.

“You can stay here. We can go shopping to uhm , get you clothes and other things you would need” Annie said and I just nodded.

“Chloe stays next door so..”

I interrupted. “Why is Chloe here again?” I asked still confused about the whole thing.

“She would tell you herself”

“Oh okay..” I uttered and entered the room.



I woke up feeling energetic. I got up from the bed and exit the room.

The house was quiet as a graveyard and I guess Annie haven’t woken up yet.

I left the house and looked around the compound and not even a single soul was around.

I remembered Annie telling me Chloe lives next door so I walked over to the next house only to meet with a bungalow.

“I’m not sure Chloe is staying here” I thought.

The front door suddenly opened and a masculine body came into view.

I looked from the person’s leg and on getting to the face, my eyes widened and I almost fell.

HARRY! What the fk?

I was about to turn back but he looked over to my side our eyes meeting and I went numb immediately.

We both stared at ourselves and I could feel my heart banging over my chest.

I bite my lower lip as his stare was getting intense. He looked at me from head to toe and then back to my face.

Wait, why is he here? Why is Chloe here too?

I need answers and I know I can’t get it from him. We aren’t even friends but a part of me wished he would at least walk over to me and say something but he did the opposite.

He looked away from me and walked away immediately.


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