By Mary Ann Adams


Ever since I replied Harry yesternight, I have been scared to check my phone.

I didn’t know if he have replied me or he have even seen the message. I just went to bed immediately after sending it.

It was short and simple.

To Harry- Yes, Okay.

I buried my face in my pillow as my cheek had turn tomato already. Where would he take me to?

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What would happen?

All these were bothersome as I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I made to pick my phone but I freaked out and buried my face in the pillow again.

“Just calm down, okay. Calm down!” I told myself but wasn’t even working.

Why the he.ll would I calm down when the guy I’m in love with would be going on a date with me soon.

The door opened. “Camille, you are still asleep. We are late already”

I jumped off the bed. “I’m awake!” I said and rushed to the bathroom.

After taking my bath, I dressed and we left the house and took the bus to work.

It was then I decided to check my phone. There was a message from Harry and my heart slammed hardly against my chest.

From Harry: Thanks babe. What day would you be available?

I wasn’t thinking straight again. He called me babe! Like he freaking called me babe.

“He typed it. Duh!” My subconscious said.

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.

I held my phone tightly. I’m just going to reply him later.



I told Harry on Saturday and I took the day off from work. He wanted to pick me up from my house but I told him we should meet up and thankfully, he agreed.

My Heart started beating as I saw his car at one side of the road.

I held my purse tightly and walked closer to his car. He smiled when he saw me.

“You look beautiful” was the first thing he said as he glanced at me from head to toe.

“Thanks” I breathes out nervously.

He came out of the car and went over to open the passenger’s door.

I smiled at this gesture and thanked him before entering. He entered the Driver’s seat and started the car.

I coughed slightly as the silence is getting annoying.

“So where are you taking me to?” I asked.

“When we get there, you would know”

“Hope you aren’t planning on Kidnapping me?” I joked.

“You are worth Kidnapping so yeah” he winked and I looked away immediately.

“Camille” he called softly and I looked at him but his focus was on the road.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“I want to tell you something”


“Would tell you later, okay?” He said.

“Hmm. Can’t you tell me now?” I asked as I was dying if curiosity.

“Later” he replied and I nodded wondering what it is.

It can’t possibly be something serious.


(An hour later)

“Uhm..where are we going exactly?” I asked.

“We would get there soon. Just calm down” he assured.

“You said that half an hour ago” I rolled my eyes.

“Just trust me!” He said calmly and I looked at him, not so sure.

What if he is planning something? Oh God, I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking.

“Why did you agree to go out with him in the first place?” My sub conscious screamed at me.

“Because you asked me to” I said inwardly.

“Duhh!” My sub conscious mocked and I wish it is actually human so I can $mack the he.ll out of her.

“And we are here!” Harry said and I heaved a sigh of relief.

He opened the door and came out to open the door for me. On stepping my foot out, fear gripped me as I looked around.

It was a deserted area and bushes were around. My thoughts were right after all.

He saw the look on my face and he held my hand. “Take a chill pill. I won’t hurt you”

I just nodded like a dummy. His touch do have this unexplainable effect on me and it’s crazy.

“Come with me” he said, his hand still on mine and I just nodded.

We walked for a while and I gasped at the sight in front of me.

“Wow!” Was What escaped my lips.

It was a waterfall. It was Atlantis Blue. It was gushing over the rocks. As its wildest point, it was surging and plunging down the mountain.

It had a beautiful serenity pool at the bottom.

“It’s beautiful” I said as I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Took me a while to find it. But google made it easier” Harry said behind me.

He took his time to find the perfect location for our date. How nice of him!

“Thanks” I said.

“Hold on” He said and disappeared.

I looked back at the waterfall enjoying the view.

Harry came back shortly with a picnic basket and mat.

“A picnic. Wow!” I gushed. Harry wouldn’t seize to amaze me.

I helped him take the stuffs out of his car booth and we set the mat on the floor.

There were scrambled eggs, crispy eggplant, chocolate spread, yummy chips and so on.

“You came ready” I chuckled.

He told me to sit and I did and he did same thing and we dig in.

“I didn’t expect this” I started.


“Me and you. On a date. You were always so cold and …” I stopped.

“A je.rk” he completed and I nodded positively.

“I’m sorry” he said and my eyes widened.

“For? Why?”

“For all the bad things I said to you. It wasn’t intentional, honestly. It just..you know what, let’s forget about everything and start all over”

“Sure” I nodded and we started talking about random stuffs and I must admit, he is really fun.

“Uhm..you have a ..” He said.


“Chocolate..here” he directed his hand to the side of lips.

I cleaned it.

“It’s still there. Don’t worry” he said and moved closer to me.

His eyes also widened as he realized how close he had gotten.

He slowly cleaned it with his thumb, his face still few inches away from mine.

I gulped down nothing as his thumb touched my lower lips.

“Harry..” I uttered silently.

“You know what, I’m done pretending” he said and before I could say a word, his Lips slowly brushed mine shutting me up.

He kssed me slowly and the feel of his lips on mine was heaven. He pulled me in claiming my lips again, hungry and intense until my knees gave in. I wrapped my arms around his neck as my heart pounded in my chest and my knees got weaker.

I could only focus on how soft he felt against my mouth and how addictively he invaded all my senses.

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