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Working as a Nanny to the niece of a Billionaire is something ordinary but having to hide her true identity from him isn’t very ordinary.

Meet Arabella Blake. A well known singer and Model. She is loved by everyone due to her beautiful look and to everyone she is perfect without fault.

But as it turns out this well known Singer of ours have a secret she hides. A secret that has to do with a child she had in the past. A child she had given up for adoption due to the pressure and threats of everyone.

HER TRUE IDENTITY : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Arabella got to find out that the child she had given up for adoption now lives as the niece of a wealthy billionaire and it turns out that this billionaire is someone cold.

Knowing that he wouldn’t give her the chance to introduce herself to her daughter. Arabella decided to get close to her daughter by working as a nanny.

She disguised herself completely from the status of a well known singer to that of a poor Nanny and everyone bought the lie. Even the cold hearted Billionaire could never imagine that the Nanny working for him is the same as the singer who everyone knew and love.

But all that change when she is forced to work as a model for the Billionaire’s company.

While she work as a nanny in his home, she is also forced to work as a model in his company.

Two different personalities but one woman. What will happen when this Billionaire gets to know the secret she has been hiding and things gets messier when she finds herself falling for him………

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Written by Gbemi writes

Chapter 1

Dressed in a baggy trousers and a sweater which didn’t compliment one’s curve. Arabella sat amongst two women who were to be her rival in getting the job she came to the Dalton mansion for.

A lady is being interviewed which left her and the two ladies who were sitted by the hall while waiting for the their turn to be interviewed.

“Aren’t they taking too long? “The first female asked.

“Maybe he has picked her”The second replied.

“Let’s not jump to conclusion yet” Arabella added as she silently prayed that the lady inside wouldn’t be given the job.

“Don’t act like a novice here. We all know the real reason why we are applying for the post of a nanny” the first one said to Arabella.

“What other reason would I have for coming here?”Arabella asked obviously in the dark about what they meant.

“What she is trying to say is that we all didn’t come here to take care of the kid. If we had our way. We would be taking care of the boss himself”The second girl replied.

“So your saying that your reason for coming here is because of Gerald Dalton?”Arabella asked and the two nodded.

Gerald Dalton is the one hiring them for the post of nanny for his niece. His niece who happens to be her daughter.

” Don’t act surprise. We all know how rich and Handsome that man is and the only way to get to him is by being close and the only way you can be close to him is by being his Niece nanny.

Once I go into that room. I will make sure I flaunt my assets to him. I will surely be the one hired” The first lady declared.

“Not so fast. You just can’t make a declaration on it yet”The second replied.

“Miss Lucia. It’s your turn”The butler said as he called the first lady.

“Turns out the lady inside wasn’t given the job. I will certainly get it”The first lady stated as she got up to follow the butler into the room

Arabella couldn’t believe that they were all here just so they could get into the Dalton mansion so they could $educe Gerald Dalton.

She had come here solely to get the job so she could be close to her daughter who turns out to be Gerald Dalton niece.

Seven years ago she had given birth. Given birth to a little beautiful girl but due to the pressure and insults it brought on her and her family. She had been forced to give up the child for adoption.

She had been sad about it but back then she was just a minor, who couldn’t make a decision for herself.

A minor whose parents had forced her to give up her child. Having no choice. She did as she was told and kept on living her life but she never stopped thinking about her child for once.

She never forgot about her and that is why she is here under a disguise in the home of her adopted parents just to try to get close to her child.

“I hope she doesn’t get the job”The second lady said jolting Arabella back to reality.

“I hope so too”Arabella replied. Silently hoping that the lady beside her too won’t be chosen.

“Are you also here to get the attention of Gerald Dalton?”The lady asked.

“Of course not. I really came here for the child. That’s what a nanny job entail”Arabella replied.

“A nanny job my foot. Who cares about the child when there is a hunk of a man around”The lady replied.

She didn’t understand why they all say and do crazy things for a man who she thinks is nothing more than a cold hearted bea$t.

“By the way you look familiar”The second lady said as she starred at Arabella closely.

Knowing that she might be caught. Arabella pushed her large glass over her face properly and gave her a smile. A smile she knew that is different from the one the great singer Arabella always give to her fan.

“I don’t think that I have seen you somewhere before cause if I did. I would have recognise you”Arabella said quickly.

“I think your right” The lady said as she was also called In by the butler.

“Seems like she wasn’t hired too” The second lady said referring to the first one.

“Wish me luck” She said to Arabella as she also went to the study to meet the great Gerald Dalton.

Truth be told she is a famous singer. A singer who is well known and loved by everyone. A singer who to all her fans have no fault and is perfect in everything.

After giving her child up for adoption. She had rose to fame when she began the work of a model. Knowing the talent she had in music her company also made her a singer.

A singer whose song touch people’s hearts . She was happy with her wealth and friends but she could never get rid of the guilt of having to give her child away and so she decided to look for her and the trail led her here.

Turns out that her daughter was adopted by Gerald Dalton Sister who couldn’t give birth but she died in a plane crash two years ago which left Gerald as her daughter’s Guardian.

Knowing his reputation and character she knew that if she approached him he wouldn’t give her the chance to know her daughter and so she decided to disguise herself.

She asked for a few months leave from her recording company which they gave her and she had a perfect make over to make herself look different from the well known star everyone knew and it worked.

A lot of people didn’t recognise her and some seemed to link her to Arabella just like this girl did earlier.

She needs to hide her true identity from everyone around her that is if she gets chosen.

She had her hands crossed and was hoping that her prayer will be answered when she got a call from her best friend and also manager.

“So did he choose you?”Nina Mayer said into the receiver.

“Have not even had the interview”Arabella replied.

“As long as you stay calm. Then everything will work out fine”Nina said not sounding calm herself.

“Have got this all covered. Don’t worry”Arabella assured her.

“How can I not worry when you have chosen to take this drastic step. You’ve still got the chance. Leave there before you get into it “Nina advised.

“You know I can’t do that. Have gotten this far. I can’t let it all go now” Arabella replied.

“But you might get in danger. You are a famous singer. The only Arabella loved by everyone. What makes you think you can pull this off without anyone knowing its you?”Nina asked.

“My disguise is a perfect one”She whispered this part to her.

“You just won’t listen to me right?”Nina asked.

“Nothing you say will make me change my mind. I let my child go in the past but that won’t happen again. Just wish me well” Arabella said to her.

“Fine then! I wish you well and I hope that you won’t be caught by anyone”

“I won’t! So put your mind at rest. I will get my daughter affection and love” Arabella declared.

“Then I wish you luck and you know that you have got to do that within three months. The director gave you three months leave. So use it wisely and come back to the music industry”Nina stated.

“I will”She replied and after a few more words they ended the call and a while later the butler came to call for her.

Seems like the first and second lady weren’t given the job. She hope that she manage to convince him that she is the perfect candidate.

She walked into the study and saw Gerald Dalton seated on his seat. His head was down bent because he was going through a paper.

“Good morning Mr Dalton. Am Bella Blake the fourth candidate”She said as she introduced herself with the name she came up with.

Since her name consist of two different name which is Ara and Bella. She decided to use Bella Blake as the nanny name since her fans knew her as Ara.

“Have a seat”Gerald Dalton replied as he finally gave her a look.


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