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Chapter 11

Arabella woke up to find herself in an unfamiliar room.

The last thing she remembered was falling off the stairs. Her arm had been hurting like hell when she had that fall.

“Your up Miss Bella”A lady dressed in white asked as she move towards her.

“Is this the hospital?” She asked and the lady nodded.

“You fell off the stairs and was brought here by Mr Dalton”The nurse replied.

“How long have I been out?”She asked.

“It’s been two days”The nurse replied.

“Two days!”Arabella echoed loudly.

HER TRUE IDENTITY : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“Yes. Others might wake up a week or a month later but luckily yours isn’t like that” The nurse said.

“What about Mr Dalton? Is he here now?”She asked and the nurse nodded.

“I saw him at the lobby a while ago. I will get him for you”The nurse said as she quickly left the room to get Gerald.

Arabella was sitting up when Gerald walked into the room.

“How are you feeling?”He asked as he move towards her.

“Good. I was knocked out for two days. Did anything happen?”She asked wanting to know if someone had call looking for her or if something had been said by John to him.

“Nothing unusual happen,, well except for you getting a call from someone called Nina.

Nothing happened. Why do you ask? Should something happen?”Gerald asked looking at her suspiciously.

“Nothing should. I was just asking because am worried that I might have a call and I did have. What about Fiona?”She asked changing the subject.

“Right outside. She has been coming to the hospital to see you. She regrets what she did and wants to apologise.

This is the first time I see my niece being apologetic to someone”Gerald stated.

“Let her in then. I would like to see her”Arabella said eagerly and Gerald went out to let Fiona in.

Fiona walked into the room looking at the floor while she nervously twitch her fingers.

“Hello”Arabella greeted and the little girl stared at her with her eyes filled with tears that threatened to pour.

“What’s wrong?”Arabella asked worriedly.

“I thought that you were going to die. You didn’t wake up for two days. I thought that you were going to die”She repeated as she began to cry.

“But am alive and perfectly healthy. Though my arm still hurts a little”She lied knowing that the arm hurt a lot.

“Am sorry Bella. I shouldn’t have said that to you. I caused your…..”

“Your not at fault Fiona. I should have been more careful. You shouldn’t blame yourself for what happen to others” Arabella said.

“Am I forgiven?”

“There is nothing to forgive because you weren’t at fault but there is something I need from you”Arabella said.

“What?”Fiona asked looking at her in a suspicious way.

“It’s not something bad. I just want a hug from you”Arabella stated.

Ever since she first met Fiona. She has been longing for a hug and now that she has the opportunity she won’t let go of it.

“Are you sure? Your arm….”

“My arm won’t get in the way. A hug from you might even get rid of the pain”Arabella joked and Fiona walked the few distance to hug Arabella.

“Will this do?”Fiona asked as she held onto Arabella.

“It will”Arabella replied as she held back her tears while trying to savour her first hug with her daughter.

Gerald entrance got the two pulling apart from each other.

“Have got to go to the office and I will be taking Fiona to her summer lesson.

The doctor still have to keep you here for two more days”Gerald said and she nodded while Fiona went to take Gerald outstretched hand.

“Get well soon ” Gerald said as he left the room with Fiona who kept on waving to her.

Arabella was glad to have fell off the stairs. Somehow her fall suceedded in earning her her daughter’s attention. She even gave her hug.

She was still treasuring that moment when a phone began to ring. Realising that it was hers. She picked up only to hear Nina voice.

“There is trouble”Nina said.

“What’s going on?”Arabella asked.

“You have a meeting with Gerald agency today. In one hour time”Nina said


“I tried! I really tried to postpone the whole thing but the higher up are around and they want you to be there today.

I know for a fact that you are in the hospital and am grateful that you are fine without being harmed but what are we going to do?”Nina asked worriedly.

Things have started to go well between her and her daughter. If things were to go wrong today.

Gerald would surely fire her and she will be separated from her daughter. She couldn’t allow that to happen.

“Get the things I need and come right to the hospital”Arabella said.

“Are you sure about that Ara?” Nina asked

“Have never been sure of anything in my life”Arabella replied.

“Fine then. I will be there soon”Nina replied as they end the call.


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