Chapter 21




An isolated estate_11:22pm

A man covered in bIood and bIeeding heavily leaped into Mr Ferrari’s living room, he dropped on his knees and coughed a few times.

“How was it?” He asked, with his back facing the bIoody man.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“Dealing with him wasn’t an easy job, but we managed to sho©t him thrice”


Mr Ferrari turned around, frowned slightly as his eyes traced the bIoodstain trailing from the door to the very spot where the bIoody man knelt.

“That would teach him a lesson and he’d come back to his senses after recovering” he smirked. “Go and get treatment”

“Yes, sir” then the man leaped out.

Mr Ferrari slumped on a sofa, he tapped his thigh where Mr Baldwin had sh®t the previous day.

“Duncan, you’re a talent I can’t let go of” he said to himself.



Baldwin’s Mansion, Alabama_11:41pm

I heard some people saying “you never realize the worth of what you’ve got until you lose it”, I had never read too much into it or really tried to understand what it actually meant, not until today.

It’s always been my strongest desire to divorce him, because I thought I can do without him since I have my own cafe and can cater for my needs, I felt I don’t need him.

But I couldn’t help but feel scared when I watched him passed out on me, I cried and fear of the unknown gripped me -in fact, I’m still shaking and very scared at the moment.

It’s been hours, two hours to be precise, since the doctor has been attending to him and the doctor’s assistant (I don’t know if she’s a nurse) has been coming out frequently to get something and go back in, but she wouldn’t tell me anything, no matter how many times I ask her, neither did they let me enter the room.

“Why are we treating him at home? Shouldn’t we take him to a hospital?” I asked rhetorically.

You can say I’m doubting the doctor’s capability or whatever, because I’m not in concurrence of him getting treatment at home, I mean there aren’t enough facilities here; most importantly, I’m not even sure if this doctor is a licensed doctor.

But then again, taking him to a hospital will cause so much trouble; too many questions.

“Rachel” I heard Fatima called me, as she took slow steps towards me.

I turned away from her, making it very clear to her that I didn’t wanna talk to her.

I’m not mad at her or anything, I’m just mad at myself for not paying too much attention to the things that needed my attention most. I mean, all the clues were there but I foolishly didn’t connect the dots.

Fatima’s been strongly against my divorce with Duncan, she’d constantly remind me of our undying love and encouraged me to be patient with him.

She’s always reassuring me that there’s definitely a reason behind Duncan’s actions; the words were clearly and boldly written on the wall, yet I couldn’t read the handwriting.

“Don’t worry, boss is gonna be fine, he’s survived tougher situations than this” she comforted me, even though she knew I didn’t wanna hear her voice at the moment.

“I don’t talk to strangers” was all I said and walked away from her towards the closed door.

“That’s what I am now? A stranger?” she asked.

I leaned against the wall and stayed silent, I wasn’t ready to talk to her about her now.

Fatima sighed, she leaned against the wall opposite me and cleared her throat softly.

“I know you don’t wanna talk to me, you don’t wanna hear me talk either, but trust me, our friendship is real”

I scoffed.

“I know you’re feeling betrayed, but I didn’t tell you about my involvement in your husband gang because he hasn’t tell you the truth about himself yet” she paused. “I’m sorry”

I still didn’t respond.

“Initially, I was sent to be your undercover bodyguard, but I fell in love with your free spirit and decided to genuinely be friends with you” she explained even though I didn’t ask.

It seemed like she already knew the questions I’d ask, so, she’s answering them in advance.

“I swear on my life, Rachel, our friendship is real and I won’t trade it for anything in the world…”

“Can we stop talking about this for now?” I cut him. “My husband’s safety is my top priority for now”

She sighed and nodded.

“And why is it taking so long!” I growled as I ki¢ked the wall, but hissed quietly in pain.

“Calm down, boss is gonna be fine”


Few Minutes Later

I rested my forehead on the wall, tapping my fingers on the wall and tapping my feet on the ground.

The creaked open and the doctor stepped out, her assistant also stepped out carrying a tray of white cloths, which has turned red and wools soaked in bIood.

“Whose bIood is that?” was the first question I asked, even the answer is obvious and I know very clearly whose bIood it was.

The doctor took off her nose mask and gloves, her eyes trailed down my body, then settled on my pants that were soaked in bIood.

I wasn’t sh®t nor did I sustain any injuries, but my pants was soaked in bIood because Duncan’s head was resting on my laps when he had passed out in the car.

She sighed, smiled and shook her head at my frightened expression.

“Stop scaring yourself, Mrs Baldwin, your husband’s condition isn’t as serious as you’re thinking” she said.

“Then how do you explain the bIood?” I asked.

“Mr Baldwin is a very healthy man, so it’s normal he’s got a lot of bIood” she paused, tilted her head slightly and pouted her mouth. “I think he can donate two litres of blood in his state and still be ok” she attempted to crack a joke to lighten up my mood, but unfortunately I didn’t find her joke funny at that time.

She sighed and reached out her hand for a handshake.

“I’m doctor Linda, the gang’s doctor” she introduced herself properly.

I accepted her hand.

“I’m Rachel Baldwin, how’s my husband’s doing?” I tried to take a peek, but sadly Duncan wasn’t in my line of sight.

“Mr Baldwin is fine” she replied with a smile.

My mind flashed back to the bvllet that h it his back earlier, my eyes grew wide in fear as different scenarios played in my head; like what if the bvllet touched his spinal cord, wouldn’t that make him a cr!pple man?

I was about to asking doctor Linda about it, but she shook her head as if she already knew what I was about to ask.

“None of the bvllets h it any of his vital organs”

“Phew!” I sighed. “Thank goodness” I breathe out in great relief.

“I injected him some sedatives and he’s currently sleeping, he’d wake by tomorrow morning”

“Tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, I discovered he’s been under a lot of pressure recently and haven’t been getting enough sleep…”

It’s been truly hard on him all these years, I wasn’t attentive enough to notice his worries and that’s my biggest fault.

“… I have prescribed some drugs for him, he’d be fine after taking the drugs” she said handing me some drugs.

I snatched the drugs from her and rushed into the room, thinking I’d see Duncan’s leg in a cast or hanging up on something. But I sighed in relief immediately my eyes landed on Duncan, and I realized I was truly just scaring myself.

His leg wasn’t in a cast or hanging up as I had imagined, he seemed to be breathing fine on his own and wasn’t on life support machine of any sort.

Thank God for that!

I moved closer to his side, there was a armchair next to his bedside and I sat on it. I leaned closer to him and planted a lingering kss on his forehead, then reached for his hand and held it tightly.

He was sleeping so peacefully as Linda told me.

“Baby, I’m sorry” I apologized.

Even though I knew he’s deeply asleep and could hardly hear me, or might not even hear me.

“I was a fool to doubt you, I’m a very big fool” I cried.

I heard the door creaked open, someone walked in and I knew it’s Fatima even without turning around to check, because Lucas was also receiving treatment in one of the guestrooms.

“Rachel, you… you should wash up and get some rest too” she said quietly.

Wash up?
I shook my head in disagreement, my husband’s still sleeping and I can’t leave him by himself.

“Are you mad at me?” she asked.

“I just wanna be with him alone” I replied, ignoring her question.

She sighed and excused herself. I watched Duncan’s face for a long until I didn’t realize when I fell asleep too.


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