What Will Happen After My Death?

What Will Happen After My Death?

Have you been asking ‘What will happen after my death? Maybe you don’t care. When you’re dead you’re gone, gone forever. Even if your people were to leave your corpse in the wilderness for wild animals you eat you up, you won’t know it….

Anyway, for those who care to read, this is what happens…

That day you die through any cause, news will break to your closet relative or friend. Maybe your wife or husband. Or your mother if she’s there. News spread like bush fire…
Some friends will be surprised, they’ll want to know the cause of your demise. Your mother will cry. Your father will be devastated but won’t show it. Your wife will be dumbstruck especially if you were a great breadwinner. People will post on social media tagging you. Your account will receive multiple friend requests… I don’t know why people do this… Your phone will ring a couple of times… Either from those who haven’t heard the news or simply crazy people who think when you die your phone also dies.

What Will Happen After My Death? Thingscouplesdo

The first day after your demise, we will have multiple WhatsApp groups, at work place, your neighborhood and that of family. One of your friends will be the link between your friends and family. They will start updating other people on the burial arrangements. They will have started to make contributions and pledges.

The second and third day, friends will have organised on how they’ll car pull and show up in your village in style. Your mother will not have believed that you’re gone. Few women will be flowing into your rural compound to comfort your mother. Your wife’s sister will have moved into house to comfort her. Three of your drinking buddies will contact your wife and update her on the contribution progress. They’ll tell her how they’ve raised enough amount for a decent coffin, a nice suit, hearse and morgue fees. One of your friends will be sent to your rural home to check on progress and confirmation of burial date. I know a phone call can do but they’ll send someone anyway.

Your colleagues will have made some arrangements either to visit your mother and wife and propose what they’ll slot in the burial budget. If your employer is good, they’ll have a small advert on the daily papers announcing your exit. They’ll also have contacted your next of kin and briefed them on how they’ll collect your benefits.

On the interment day, all sorts of people will show up in your village. Maybe dressed in black others in a show of elegance. Your friends with the best car will show up with the gang of course tipsy after imbibing few shots of whiskey. A maximum of 2 of your many friends will truly mourn you. With sunglasses holding hands and some fighting tears will surround your remains. One of the most eloquent and confident friend will be given an opportunity to address people. If you were close, he will have the shortest speech. It will hit them that you are no more especially if you were buying them things. Your mother will be devastated. She will be lost in her world.

People will sing, praise you, eat and leave. Your home will be empty. Your boys will drink everything consumable at your village shopping center. They’ll talk about you the entire time. They will drink for you. Your wife will spend some days in the village depending on if you’ve built or not. After a week, she will get back to her daily activities. To provide for your kids. Your friends will be back to their businesses.

After a month, your employer will start looking for your replacement. Your wife will be lonely but her “insurance” will be giving her some hope (if you have one). Texting and calling more often. She will be in safe hands. Your mother will start missing your calls and your messages she had gotten used to since you got a good job. Only one maybe two of your friends will remember you during their weekend drinking escapades. Your kids will start questioning where you went especially if they’re young.

After 3 months, you automatically become past tense. You start becoming a memory. Your spouse will start engaging other options.. life must continue.

Your colleagues forget you faster than you think. If you had a good position at work place, some will start lobbying for the post. You’ll be replaced even before your body decomposes.

After a year, no one will be talking about you. Your spouse might remember you once once especially when stuck in a situation where they think you’d have helped. Your mother will have then accepted you’re gone. Your kids will have come into terms that you’ll never return. If your background ain’t solid, your kids will eat dust. No one cares about them out here. They may plan to do an anniversary after a year or two, but that will be simply ceremonial…. You’re gone forever

And that’s how you will cease to exist. So, as this question; ‘What Will Happen After My Death’ answered?

Does dying hurt?

It depends. Pain is a part of life and may also be a part of death. Similar to how you experience different types of pain sensations in life (from the type of sensation to how intense it feels), you may experience various pain sensations in death. Much depends on your cause of death and whether you have access to pain medications. For instance, you may die suddenly and experience no pain at all.

Often, dying bodies fight to survive. The survival instinct programmed into our bodies can feel painful without medications. For example, a body that’s losing a life-threatening amount of blood will automatically direct the limited blood supply to vital organs. This response keeps these organs alive, but those body parts deprived of blood (like your arms and legs) may hurt. In emergency situations like these, medical professionals are trained to try to save your life and lessen your pain.

There’s is nothing in this world we are going with after death. Because we all came to this world with nothing. If you love your children, purchase life insurance that will favour them now.
One of the biggest mistakes people make- thinking they don’t need life insurance until they are older. Buying life insurance, even if young, single, and a decent income, is smart. Why? Because at the younger age the premiums are much less AND more importantly, you may not be able to get insurance later if you are not healthy.

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Hope this post on What Will Happen After My Death helps?