HIS DESIRE: Episode 1 – 10

?His desire?

?His personal taste?

By Authoress Yole

Episode 1 ?

Bryan’s Pov

I sat at the airplane waiting for it to land, I must say am getting frustrated, it’s been two hours now and yet we are still flying.

Actually I’m Bryan salvanor the only child of my parents and the heir to the delavour company world-wide.

Am a surgeon at a successful age, tho I hated it but I had to do it to take over my father’s company which was an hospital since am the only child.

You can call me rude, arrogant and bossy,I don’t care,I live my life the way I want it and no one cares command me.

Am the perfect definition of a demi_god because am cr@zily cute and am proud of my looks,I use girls like tr@sh I don’t fk twice and the idi0t would still be crawling at my feet .

Sir we have ten minutes more to land,tighten your seat belt Mr Kim my manager said.

I tighten my seat belt and stared at my manager he had done same.

I couldn’t really wait to get home,I have been away for the past five years, modelling schooling and doing all sort of business just to make my father proud,but that old man is not easily satisfied.

I had to attend a doctor school to become a surgeon and now am the best all over the world,I never lose a patient,many hospital want me to work with them but my dad wouldn’t hear of it he wants me to walk at home,in our hospital he built in my name.

The plane landed moment later only for me to meet the greatest shock of my life,the crowd I was seeing was so much,Mr Kim I thought I told you not to disclose my homecoming I screamed at him Angrily.

Am sorry sir but I think your parents are responsible for this he said.

?Oh my God it’s my crush.

? His so cute

?Look at his hair.

?So dreamy

?I love you so much .

I heard them saying all sort of things and I decided to put on my best act,I put in my lips slowly and waved at the girls and they fainted .

I catwalked in the middle as my guards block the way,I waved at them and they screamed,a cute smile came to my face and I smiled genuinely.

?We love you so much oppa

?we love you they kept screaming .

I love you all??I said and they screamed in excitement because I hadly talk.

The press where recording,everything camera everywhere .

I got into the car that was sent to the me and I waved at them as I drove off,phew that was crazy I said and Mr Kim started laughing,I gave him a hard glare and he close his mouth.

Am sorry sir he said.

Be sorry for yourself I said,I never like this manager of mine,my dad had to change the one I like because he stole my money,I don’t care I still like him,just then the car halt Inculding the securities .

What’s wrong I asked the driver .

Sir a lady ran into the road and I had to stop he said .

I would take care of it Mr Kim said .

No let me do it I said and stepped out with my mask only to see a mad girl,wait did I say mad she’s normal.

She was wearing a blue shirt and a red top black bathroom slippers in one leg and a leather shoes in one leg,her hair hasn’t been wash in centuries she looks so unkept.

Are you mad why did you run into my car I said but the next thing she did shocked me.

Lyka’s Pov

I was snoring in my sleep,one could say am mad but I don’t care.

Lyka you are late for work mom screamed and I sprang up immediately.

I looked at the time and it was 10:00 and I was suppose to resume by 8 .

I just go this work last month at Bryan hospital and I can’t lose it,they said he would be back soon.

His my biggest crush and am his biggest fan,infact am obsessed with him,his pic filled my whole room and I dream of meeting him one day .

I rushed to the bathroom and had a quick bath,now let me introduce myself.

My name is lyka David and an the third child of my parents,I have two elder brother but they are no where to be found,the last time I ran into the both of them,they were both rich but they never helped me niether my parents.

I Remerber I was hated by my brothers because my dad and mom loved me,they would beat me at any slightest mistake .

Dad was a doctor and we where living big but suddenly hoodlums vandicated his hospital and it colaspe, same with mom business then I was 12 and my brothers were 15 and 17.

One day they parked their things and left the house .

Dad and mom where devasted,but I promise never to let them down,they now have a shop we are managing now.

I had graduated from college I read medicine and surgery,many hospital wanted to take me because I was intelligent but I decline them all because I wanted to see my crush,you might be wandering how I got the money but I won a scholarship .

Lyka you must sweep the compound before going mom said.

This woman and her problems,I quickly wore my shirt and top then wore any slippers I saw,I was crazily late,I carried my generational bag and walked out .

I jumped through the window because of mom she can’t see me,I rushed towards the road,I could see people laughing but I don’t really care,some where even falling but am late I would think about that later.

I didn’t look before I cross and a car almost hit me.

Are you okay I screamed at the driver, but a cute guy came out.,no did I just saw cute no one is as cute as my Bryan he had a mask on .

Are you mad did you run into my car he screamed angrily.

I got annoyed and packed sand and I poured it on him.

Did you just throw sand on me he asked visibly annoyed.

Don’t be a fool,mister, don’t think wearing a mask like a stupid celebrity makes you one am late for work let’s not cross path again I said.

Work you are no difference from a mad girl he said and burst into laughter.

I was deeply annoyed I saw a mud water and I rushed to take some in a can and before he knew it,I poured it on him smiling,next time he wouldn’t laugh at me.

Boss Should we get her his guards said that was when I saw the guards with him.

Get her he screamed in anger.

I quickly took to my heels running and dragging my generational bag with me,soon I outrun them .

I got to the hospital and everywhere was lively as usual .

I quickly rushed to my hideout,I threw my bag in and I began to climb the walls because am a perpetual late comer .

I was about jumping when a voice stopped me.

And what do you think you are doing I heard the angry voice of my manager .

.oh my God I finally lost my job .

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