Georgia turned around and left the study

Immediately the door shut close with Georgia’s receeding footsteps, Dylan pvnched the wall with his fist so hard that bI.ood came out.

The woman was really heartless.

“Miss are you leaving already?
Aunt Diane asked Georgia as she made her way out, somehow she felt there was tension around the young lady and her gut feeling told her it had something to do with the secretary of a lady who left not too long ago.


Georgia was still putting on Dylan’s shirt and it was weird to go out dressed like that but she didn’t care

she just wanted to leave that instant, she felt angry, sad, remorseful, Infact she felt so many things that she was even tired of thinking about them.

“Yes ma’am, thanks for treating me to breakfast”

Georgia replied politely though she wasn’t in the mood to talk right now and she thought it to be rude to ignore the woman.

Without another moment there, Georgia made her way to the entrance ready to leave when she came in contact with Ryan who’s hair was messy and obviously still on his casual clothes

Georgia didn’t know whether to run back inside or disappear into thin air

Why did this game Freak have to meet me here?!

Georgia screamed within her

On the other hand, Ryan was Gobsmacked beyond measure and his eyes bulged out from it’s sockets

Georgia was the lady his brother was with last night?

It was much more easily guessed judging from the shirt she was wearing
Obviously, it is Dylan’s.

Last night, no matter how they waited, the lady didn’t come out and they had no other option than to leave at last after Dylan literally chased them away.

But he is Ryan, nothing gets under his nose for too long.

He noted that since the woman didn’t come out that night, there was no way she would leave that night.

That meant she was going to spend the night in Dylan’s house so Ryan made sure to set an alarm to wake him up as early as possible.

Immediately the alarm jerked him up at dawn, Ryan just washed his mouth and came straight to Dylan’s house as he vowed to see the woman before she would leave that morning.

His plan worked out really cool but he was awestruck to find out the woman Dylan was with was none other than Georgia!

But when did his brother and Georgia become an item?

Ryan thought hard and then it hit him

He overhead from Georgia and Leah’s discussion long ago that she had a one night stand with Dylan.

so does that mean she and Dylan hit it off from there?

“Ooooooohhhh doll baby you look nice in Dylan’s shirt”
Ryan said teasingly and Georgia felt like burying herself in a hole

“I’ll go now”
Georgia said and hurried past him as she left the Villa.

She hailed a cab and went straight to pure villa.

Ryan made a whistling sound with his mouth as he made his way into the house fully still smiling at Georgia’s reddened face earlier.

“Young master?
Aunt Diane who was surprised to see Ryan that morning called out

And why is the young master dressed like this?
He looks so untidy
Aunt Diane thought as she assessed Ryan

“Good morning Aunt, actually I suddenly missed Dylan soooo much that I had to rush down to see him immediately I woke up”

Ryan answered back, he lied smoothly without loopholes.

Aunt Diane smiled like a knowing mother who enjoyed her children’s bond

She nodded at Ryan and went back to the kitchen to continue her business.


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